Horny Hippies go “Hare Raama Hare Krishna”

The 1971 Dev Anand film that gave white chicks and hippies in India a bad name for decades to come…. enjoy “Hare Raama Hare Krishna” with Zeenat Aman as the naughty Desi girl who has fallen in with the evil hedonistic ways of the west including smoking pot and wearing short skirts. dirty dirty dirty! 🙂


Tulsi leaves grow out of Desi Boy’s Ears!

I’ve heard of someone being green behind the ears but this is just ridiculous.

DOCTORS ARE predictably baffled by what would appear to be a medical mystery. Over the last three days, assorted plant leaves and seeds have been continuously popping out from one of the ears of Aman Deep, a 12-year old boy in Faridabad. The sixth standard student has been equally stunned – his ear has “delivered” more than hundred leaves.

He was rushed to ENT specialist Dr. Praveen Chawla, who was shocked to see assorted pieces of leaves of the plant species such as ashoka, pipal, paan, tulsi and even banana and seeds of vinca rosea plant coming out of Aman’s ear.

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well perhaps this is the beginning. the planet is beginning its revenge. about time. And I don’t really mind if I turn into a plant. I look good in green. And I’d like to be able to drink water through my feet and eat sunlight through my brains…like swamp thing… anyways…

now for some random entertainment by Ozan Sokmen…a spooky little film called “The Day a Leaf Came out of My ears”…..

Cheating Desi Husband Caught LIVE on a radio show: I KNEW HE WAS A SNAKE

Check out how “Raj” gets duped into telling a talk show host about his girlfriend “Nykki” who has shown him the “ways of American love”…who is his favorite “Buddha call” …then his wife gets on the line…check it out…lol.

Support Burmese Democracy on SMC


image from nytimes.com

Listen guys, right now lets pool our efforts and help spread information about what is happening right now in Burma. The Indian government is acting slimy and is more concerned right now about protecting its oil interests in Burma than about all the people protesting peacefully in the streets who are getting murdered because they were inspired by how Indians won their independence. They’re our neighbors and they are screwed. We need to spread the word. They have shut down the Burmese internet connection so we need to do all we can to make sure information is spreading about these human atrocities. Go to Sacredmediacow, the Southasian media collective based out of SOAS, University of London, where updates are being pooled and posted. Please send any new information and links to angad dot chowdhry @ gmail dot com

A revolution is happening. Those who actually give a shit should get involved.

Here’s a bit of BBC footage of the beginning of the protest:

This is the BBC footage as of Sept 26, 2007

CNN Footage:

There’s Something about “Julie”

I guess there’s something about the name “Julie” that inspires B-wood.

The 1975 flick about an anglo-Indian chic and her tragic romaaaance….Julieeeee…..ahahhahahhhhhhhhhhhhh……I love you….. check out the little seamy little seduction routine, those were the days where you expressed your lust by emphatically rubbing your collar bone and paging through underwear catalogues. go figure.

And here’s a juicy little number where Mithun Chakraborty swing dances to trumpets in “julie julie” from the 1988 Jeete Hain Shaan Se…….soooo……julie julie…humko mary nahi maangta…humko lilly nahi maangta…humko sandra from bandra nahi maangta….(to kaun maangta)….hey julie julie…..johnny ka dil tumpe aaya julie

now if you want to creep yourself out, while you are listening to these songs follow this link to sacredmediacow and click the link to wikimapia to read where an x marks the spot and someone has written ominously “julie die here (pramod)”….lol…wonder if its true?

Sadhu gets buzzed “om” ishtyle

Barso Re… Rain Rain go Away…one last rain dance with Aishwarya.

image from ladygator.com
well as the last trickle of rains falls down in Bombay, we are enjoying the annoying house guests of the season; mosquitos. Some people are coming down with Dengue fever…or “Dengu” as our cook back home likes to call it. I guess too much of a good thing can get a bit pissing off. Having missed out on the Bombay rains for two years I was completely taken in with the sound of the tides of water falling off the window shutters in this lumbering old house of ours. I would sit back and play classical music and get all misty-eyed and write bad poetry. But rain is, I guess, a lot like a favorite house guest. When they first arrive you can’t get enough of them. But after a while their irritating habits start getting to you…with rain…I guess its that contrary to what water should bring to mind…it brings forth tides of filth. Instead of wiping things clean it makes the sewers overflow and when you’re walking in the street your toenails get filled with the grime of mud mixed together in all probability with spit and piss and what have you….In most homes in the city water becomes a scarcity, a rare commodity and a thing to bicker about. So most showers I’ve been taking have been under a very narrow trickle of luke warm water, which just about manages to saturate my hair for long enough so that it gets out the shampoo. In the unlucky parts of the city, it makes it impossible for people living in slums to get clean drinking water and everyone comes down with serious illnesses. The humidity makes people more prone to skin infections and mold grows on all leather and organic materials overnight. Generally everyone comes down with disgusting flu viruses and then passes them around so that every other person is shivering through fever sweats and developing whooping cough. But it should be over soon.

Looking back at the soul-scorching summer heat that inspired some of my former posts on welcome monsoons, I thought I’d put up one last “Rain Dance” song, if for no other reason than just to annoy myself, watching Aishwarya Rai aish.jpgpretend to be an innocent village belle, gyrating her hips on a rural rock and singing “rain rain clouds clouds” with her irritatingly adorable expressions. She kind of reminds me of the “world’s cutest kitten”, Nermal,nermal.jpg that Garfield is always trying to do away with…maybe its her great big eyes…or maybe its her fluffy tail…or maybe its that, like Nermal, I’d like to chain her to a scratching post, rub her belly and feed her sewer rats…anyway…here’s “Barso Re” from “Guru”.