Who runs the blog?

the voices in my head are still arguing that point….


but let’s play twenty questions anyway:

am I male?
nope. not particularly.

am I single?
nope. definitely multiple.

what is my favorite sound?
I like the way the word “apple” sounds. Also “somnambulate”.

have I ever been institutionalized?
well yes I did go to college once…but all they found were rats in my head.

why do I blog?
well I used to chase rabbits…

ah well…ran out of energy for twenty questions…back to the strangeness of this peopled petri dish we call a city…

If you have ideas for the site and stuff you’d like to put up- get in touch with me at remainsofthedesi at gmail dot com


  1. wow!! So glad I found your Blog, its so cool and interesting!!!

    Hows Mumbai??? 😉

  2. Hey Thanks! I’m in Lunavla for a few days before hitting the city…will put up mumbai madness posts soon!

  3. What remains of the desi?

  4. that remains to be seen.

  5. 🙂

  6. Not a desi myself, but nevertheless, I’m enjoying this site immensely. 🙂 Thanks for the blood, sweat, and tears.

  7. 🙂 🙂 Thanks. 🙂 🙂

  8. Stumbled upon your blog and methinks, thou art prolific… great sense of humour… keep going girl !

  9. Many thanks…I just keep stumbling on the weirdness of the world and I gots to put it somewhere.

  10. May I know your contact details. I am interested to know more about past life regression therapy.

  11. Hi
    Is your Mao art a poster that is for sale? I thought that was interesting art. Thanks.

  12. You should add the video that eveyone is talking about this week on wweb sites like ONeInddia of the newely discovered uncensored footage of shahrukh khan naked butt kissing from an old movie. See it on you tube now at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GeJsWJ4aw0 Add the video before youtube makes them remove it.

  13. who rurns the blog?? i need an E-mail to discuss something about maybe using the picture above for a webstie i am creating for a proyect at school..please contact me

  14. hi juliana. the picture is by Nina Paley. check out her website at http://blog.ninapaley.com/
    she has some great stuff. apparently this image brought out a lot of criticism from more fundamental elements who saw it as a demeaning depiction of the goddess kali. I heard somewhere that nina’s retort was that she actually saw it as a self portrait. My take on it is that if god/dess doesn’t have a sense of humor about shit like this then life is a joke with a shitty punchline. Clearly, from the weirdness that marinates humanity, the divine is not without a sense of humor and it worries me when people who claim to be spiritual, do so by by acting like complete assholes in the name of their respective deity. so anyway, I’m sure you can use the image. just credit Nina Paley or I guess write to her asking for permission. take care.

  15. No im actually talking about the picture above that one. The picture of the skeleton, because my webstie is going to be related to supernaturalism so i was wondering if i could use it…WRITE ME BACK..THANKS

  16. I’m not sure where I got it actually- its just been on my comp for a while- I doubt it would make a difference if you used it- regardless of where it came from- i don’t think some guy is going to come after you and say “stop using my bones” – in any case I’m not going to do that- go ahead- cheers- and give me your link to your site when its up- I’m very into supernaturalism-

  17. please send me the photo of worlds largest shirt…. and also send me contact of that tailor……

  18. I read some of the posts and I think it is a great place! I want make the best use of my modest menu Nice joke! What did one cloned sheep say to the other? I am ewe.

  19. dear,

    u had posted some videos of agori sadhus eating corpse, but it was removed from you tube i would like to know much more about agori sadhus, so pls kindly, forward me those videos, i ll really glad to have it.



  20. Agora Sadhus! are they cannibals prabha

  21. sir while iam in google search for miskin baba dargah address this site i found get me address of jamshedpur kallu bhajan dargah i want to post a letter pls pls pls

  22. I findin this site through my searching on googol. I like it. Is nice.

  23. i love vaimpires……………..

  24. i love vaimpires<3

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