The World’s Oldest Man Dies in Rajasthan (another Indian world record lol…)

I found this strangely moving…I mean…perhaps it is a question of mind over matter? I mean, I think most of us assume we’re going to kick the bucket a lot earlier than this guy…but if you knew your body was going to be your home for that long…well personally it might encourage me to take better care of it…well I don’t mean to get all senti and stuff…but perhaps myths of immortality were just parables about longevity which defies logic…and maybe its the logic that kills you? I shall experiment. I’ll let you know in 70 years…stay tuned…

image and story from the telegraph

20 Aug 2008
Habib Miyan the world’s ‘oldest man’ dies in India

Habib Miyan played the clarinet in a maharajah’s orchestra before retiring 70 years ago.

However, there is much dispute over his actual age. Although he said he was 138 years old, his pension book showed him to be a mere stripling at 129 – and the Guinness Book of Records has been unable to verify his age at all.

Miyan, who lived in Jaipur in western India, had no birth certificate but has collected a state pension for decades. He once worked in the court of the king of Jaipur – Raja Man Singh, where he played in the wind section of the orchestra.

A crowd of thousands attended Miyan’s funeral – demonstrating the fame to which he had risen in the state of Rajasthan. He died after suffering fever and dysentery, his niece Munni told reporters.

Miyan sprang to the attention of the world in 1998, when a bank clerk called Rajesh Nagpal decided to look up the records of the venerable old man who had been collecting his pension for as long as anyone could remember.

Six years later he became one of the oldest people to make the pilgrimage to Mecca – a lifelong goal for the devout Muslim.

The visit was exceptional: Miyan, who had been blind for more than 50 years and suffered limited mobility, spent most of his time at home praying and telling stories to his enormous extended family of 140 people.

“If you treat your body well, the body will treat you well,” Miyan always said, according to a relative.


Drag Queen HARISH: The Rajasthani Maharani of the Desert

When her majesty Queen Harish graced ROTD with her presence in an earlier comment…we felt compelled to invite her to dance…I give you Queen Harish “the whirling dancing desert drag queen”:

Queen Harish is my alter ego – drag is in my blood, and while I am dressed as her I can let loose all my greatest passions, flirtations and wild behavior! I come from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, the Indian desert, land of colorful men with beautiful moustaches, women with traditional jewelery and children with mystical eyes. I am a professional dancer and performer. Since 1997, i have been touring, dancing in thousands of shows, performances, parties, dance workshops and acting in films worldwide and at home in Rajasthan. I master Rajasthani traditional dances and Bollywood , i also workout bellydancing, flamenco and pantomime. I used to tour with Rajasthani music groups Musafir, Maharaja and you can see me in the film called “Gypsy Caravan”. Since 2003 i freelance as a solo performer and joined several stage projects. I am currently developing a show based on Moghul courtisanship and the traditions of Mujra. Visit my blog :

p.s. here are Queen Harish’s tour dates for this year if you happen to be in the area:

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and an old soul stepped out of the desert lands…and he brought with him a small forked metal instrument that was the whole of the desert…and time got distracted by his playing and made the universe stand still for a moment…and it sounded something like this… (only obviously much much cooler in person)


the fadereu:

Darbar Morchang Party: Rajasthan Desert Festival Evora 2007:

ALL HAIL…The Infinite Powers of…MOUSTACHE

images from world jat raja rohit gupta

In this increasingly sanitized media landscape of clean-shaven men…we have forgotten the old ways…Remains of the Desi is here to remind you of…the powers of…moustache…Salvador Dali…talented man-yes- but did you ever see him paint WITHOUT his moustache? dali-moustache.jpg…Frida Kahlo…also a great artist…and she never painted herself ONCE WITHOUT a moustache….frida-moustache.jpgAlbert Einstein-genius physicist-yes-but have you ever seen him think WITHOUT his moustache?albert-einstein-imagination-2.jpg…What about Neitszche? neitszche.jpgFreddy Mercury….freddy-mercury.jpgSantana…carlos-santana-2.jpgHendrix…jimi_hendrix.jpgever hear them play WITHOUT moustaches… Charlie Chaplin…charlie-chaplin.jpgGroucho Marx..groucho-marx-2.jpgfunny guys….ever hear them tell a joke WITHOUT the moustache? Hercule Poirot…clever detective…never solved a case WITHOUT his moustache and of course his moustache wax….hercule_poirot_david_suchet-2.jpgAsterix and Obelix…comic book heros…drank the magic potion-yes-but never WITHOUT their moustaches….even little Dogmatix has a tache!


And in India the moustache has as many styles and histories as there are dialects and shifting geographies….of course the Rajasthani moustache has a unique reputation…and there are regular moustache competitions…
But in Bollywood the tache is getting shaved and wiped off except for a few brave men…who dare to grow hair…among them are…Amir Khan…who put on his tache for Mangal Pande and never took it off…amir-khan.jpg Makrand Deshpande…one of the great character actors in the business makrand-deshpande.jpgand Anil Kapur…the Burt Reynolds of Bollywood…anil-kapur.jpg

So before you remove the fuzzy fur from your upper lip…ladies..gents..lets all take a moment of silence to give respect…to…the MOUSTACHE…….

A tache with telekinetic power…just one flick…and KAZAAAM!

By the powers of grayskull (Jai Channakeshava)….I have the POWER…and I flick my moustache to prove it!

I leave you with this final thought for the day….ladies…before you tell your man to shave that dirty caterpillar off his upper lip….watch the following educational video… and perhaps you too will DARE TO GROW HAIR…all hail the tache!