A British Guy in Gujarat Discovers he is a Reincarnated Hindu Goddess

12 April 2007

I had to read it to believe it. The guy apparently had his divine revelation in a British shop when he happened to look at a picture of the Goddess Bahuchar Mata. In a temple in Gujarat he is being worshiped as her living reincarnation. And I have to say I’m impressed that Xenophobia isn’t a visible factor here…He doesn’t speak Hindi or Gujurati and no one is allowed to address him in English so he’s basically blessing people with monosyllables….wearing a sari…and living in Gujurat now on the same basis that other Indian hijras do…by taking food that is offered to him by devotees that he meets at the temple. His visa is expiring in six months and he doesn’t want to leave. I wonder if the immigration authorities would have the balls to deport a reincarnated goddess in the body of a British man named Stephen Cooper! link to article


  1. ya, i left india before my tourist visa expired and re-entered on a extendable x-type vedic purpose visa which was subsequencely terminated on date of expiry by Dehli immagration.

    • i have read many things about you and goddess bahuchara but i couldn’t get much information on goddess can you give some more information on it.

  2. This is so totally confusing! Can someone please explain??

  3. Hi. If you are indeed Pema, aka Stephen Cooper, I would like to interview you, if I may. I run a website called Androgyne Online at http://androgyne.0catch.com and have a page which collocates about you at http://androgyne.0catch.com/c/prema.htm

    As a non-binary gender variant myself, I am much interested in your experiences among the third gender peoples of India and as an avatar of the goddess of the hijras.

  4. I love vampires.

  5. harika

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