Savita Bhabhi- finally some Indian Manga porn

If you haven’t seen it yet- you just have to! Its like an online illustrated pornographic answer to “Goodness Gracious Me”. Savita Bhabhi been doing the rounds when it arrived in my Mr.’s inbox from the usual suspects, and perhaps some sense of incredulity that it in fact, actually exists, prevented me from sticking it up- but as all and sundry seem to have seen it by now (that is to say every male in India) I may as well post it-

As usual it has elicited the standard moral uproar – media as corrupting influence upon the youth of our nation etc.-


A new menace is here, an insidious agent of malignancy that creeps silently into your bedrooms (and yes even offices when the boss is not around). Assuming the form of electron streams, it activates pixels on your computer screen with certain poisonous RGB values which, before you know, sap you of your morals, your humanity and also more than a bit of your energy.

As articulated beautifully by an outraged Netizen, a person who suggests the CBI to step in to arrest the content creators of the site.

In my opinion this site is more dangerous than a normal adult site since it targets young Indian audience and degrades women.

I agree. Most normal adult sites do not target younger audiences and depict women as fully-rounded individuals with feelings as opposed to just a composition of attractive body parts.

There appears to be some sort of mystery regarding the hidden identity of the two guys who invented Savita Bhabhi and her website, and suspicious speculation regarding whether or not these guys are from India. It seems like the curiosity surrounding this suggests that for most people a joke cannot stand without clarity about the ethnicity of the comedians. If they are white guys then it may mean that a potentially self-reflexive parody of Saas-Bahu middle class morality combined with fresh wank material- becomes contaminated suddenly by the gaze of two white cyber geeks- for the sensitive patriotic wanker its like the moment when you realize that sexkitten69 is really an old pedophile named Edgar. And the flag goes suddenly to half mast at the thought of yet another diabolical act of cultural appropriation- which invariably brings out the “older brother syndrome” in even the most testosterone poisoned of patriots-
(she may be a toon but she’s still our Bhabhi and only we get to fantacize about her cup size you bloody Caucasian hemorrhoid)

here’s a link to an article on it with Tehelka,

Savita Bhabhi is growing to be a phenomenally popular pornographic comic strip. It has grown solely by word of mouth to 3911 registered users in little over a month since its inception. The lead character has been drawn with every Kserial bahu trapping firmly in place: the dull gleam of a mangalsutra, sindoor forming a bright contrast to long dark hair parted chastely down the middle.

The bhabhi angle is a clever one. It combines an astute reading of the Indian sensibility with the ability to poke it in the eye. Graphic novelist Sarnath Banerjee is writing a book tentatively titled Libido, that will include factofiction tales of sexuality in India. He says, “Writing good pornography, or erotica, needs rigour and an understanding of humanity. You are an anthropologist looking at socio-psychology.” And Indians have a head start at being creative here since, Banerjee says, “You have to be repressed to write good pornography. For me, I was fascinated when I saw these prostitutes in Amsterdam, coming as I did from the usual anal middle class and its protected environment where sexy was Ms Peters, the geography teacher.”

The message boards on the website are rhapsodic in their unanimous approval of this venture by Messrs Deshmukh, Dexstar, and Mad. (Deshmukh writes the scripts while Dexstar and Mad do the artwork and design). One is curious about the identities of this suspiciously anglicised sounding group. From the message boards we glean that the animators are happy to read unsolicited scripts written by fans but that they have to be in English as they don’t understand Hindi. Given that the context within which they are trying to operate is making it hip to be Hindi, this is curious. On the one hand, their work seems meant for mass consumption by people who read bhasha erotica; on the other, it makes fun of the stereotypes those brigades enjoy.

On the subject of repression- Sarnath makes an interesting point- reminds me of a certain friend who used to frenetically draw deranged pornographic pictures as a kid to cope with the monotony of small town living and the occasional erotic encounter with the bearded version of Mrs. Robinson or the fat girl next door. And I think the whole anthropological side of it is definitely there too- if you want to get an insight into another culture- watch their porn first- if Savita Bhabhi gives you a sense of where incest prohibition in a large extended families creates a country full of men who desperately want to gouge their eyes out or screw their cousin sisters (perhaps the later before the former) then Japanese Hentai gives you a sense that rape is pretty much the way romance is imagined, after the chocolate and roses have been put aside- from various accounts through the testosterone grape-vine- Japanese women feel that they are required to scream throughout the experience and cry if possible. charming.


Uncanny clips:Tarantino’s “Crazy 88” and 1966 Bollywood dance clip from Ghost World

Ok…so this is uncanny…this is the dance number that Enid is watching in the beginning of Terry Zwiggoff ‘s cult film, Ghost World, adaptated from Daniel Clowes’ graphic novel. Check these guys out…

and then check out Tarantino’s fight scene from Kill Bill where “the bride” (wearing Bruce Lee’s yellow track suit from “Enter the Dragon” ) fights the “crazy 88” (who are all wearing Bruce Lee “Kato”masks from “The Green Hornet”)…or so I thought…till I saw this clip from the 1966 Indian film Gumnaam. …and they’re wearing similar masks…and the leading lady is also in yellow… And if you check out the band playing at the beginning of “The Show down at the House of Fallen Leaves” where the bride fights the 88, there is a Japanese retro band called “the 5,6,7,8’s” playing 60’s sufer’s songs, with hair and dresses quite similar to what the girls are wearing in the tamil vid ……there’s just something very…uncanny about it because both clips here were duplicating the clothes, music, atmosphere and genre of late 1960’s/early 1970’s Hollywood Film…and even though the Bollywood clip is actually from 1966…its funny to think that if all of the Hollywood film archives were suddenly wiped out…there would be a doppelganger record of almost all of them in Bolly-fried version…Bollywood is what happens when Hollywood enters…The Twilight Zone…

I guess, in a very real way, because Hollywood has been copied and reinvented for Indian audience’s since the very beginning of Bollywood, in a very real way Desi culture can lay a claim to Hollywood cult and popular mainstream culture as “ours” as well…

Playing with LACAN: comics, pop art, and pleasure

image from entropic-empire

I really dig comics and pop artifacts that do theory the right way…cuz not everyone into theory is into “high” culture. And there’s nothing more irritating than a pompous idiot who thinks that Lacan is only for “professional” Lacanians. The reason why Lacan’s work is interesting is because it is talking about the conflict between how people imagine their lives and how they live them- as well as how the conscious mind spends most its time trying to cover up this discrepancy.

When he was speaking and writing he was addressing a mostly French and insular audience but that doesn’t mean that we have to mystify his ideas with dry academic ramblings. Bruce Fink’s writings on Lacan are a significant step in the right direction. And “Introducing Lacan” by Darian Leader and Judy Groves is an excellent example of how psychoanalysis can be communicated in comic-book format and still retain clarity without too many theoretical sacrifices.

lacan-2.jpg lacan-3.jpg
click on the images to read the text…from “Introducing Lacan” by Darian Leader and Judy Groves, 2000

In my brief encounters with academia I have gotten the impression that there is an unwritten rule: If you are enjoying yourself too much then your thinking must not be very good. After all thought is “serious.” Perhaps this is why Zizek had such a hard time getting his Phd thesis certified…anyway…even he seems to have realized that people become far more open to philosophy if you gift-wrap it in a joke with popular references like Hitchcock. He gets annoyed by the fact that even some of his closest colleagues sometimes think he is just mucking about…but he realizes that he would fall under censure far more frequently if he made some of his radical propositions without a touch of irony. In fact, I do not think Zizek is very frequently ironic at all. He just pretends to be ironic so that the fluttering hearts of sentimental liberals can be soothed with the question “he wasn’t being REALLY serious, was he?”

image from zeitgeistfilms

Anyway, those of us who have felt the lacerating whip of academia probably realize that, when you are very far down the totem pole of academic hierarchy…it is difficult to get away with making the kinds of jokes that Zizek does. But, regardless, I’ve gotten tired of the dour-faced self-flagellation that most older academics seem to expect in British academia. Come on! Somebody tell a joke! Well perhaps they really are enjoying themselves and there’s a secret trap door in the teacher’s lounge that leads to a torture dungeon with whips and paddles but I’ve not yet been invited.

I digress…

So the point being…academia seems to bring with it instructions for HOW TO approach theory and it usually frowns upon enjoyment.

The point is…if you like theory…you shouldn’t be barred from enjoying it just because you aren’t into whips……and if you enjoy comics…then mix it up. Here is some graphic art along those lines…

Kid A IN ALPHABET LAND (trading card set)

(An Abecedarian Roller Coaster Ride Through The Phallocentric Obscurantism Of Jacques Lacan)


text from above image:

Kid A In Alphabet Land Jumps Another Juicy ‘Jaculator – That Jerk-Off, Jouissance!

You Displease Me, And You Think I Gain Pleasure From That! Heh! You Must Take Me For Some Masochistic Francophile! And You’re The Substance I’m Paid With By My Lack Of Substance? You’re Impossible! I’m Coming To Get You! – Fuck You, Jouissance!

Check out the whole KID A deck at KID A

and for more Lacanian artwork and other avant garde weirdness check out Perfume