Uncanny clips:Tarantino’s “Crazy 88” and 1966 Bollywood dance clip from Ghost World

Ok…so this is uncanny…this is the dance number that Enid is watching in the beginning of Terry Zwiggoff ‘s cult film, Ghost World, adaptated from Daniel Clowes’ graphic novel. Check these guys out…

and then check out Tarantino’s fight scene from Kill Bill where “the bride” (wearing Bruce Lee’s yellow track suit from “Enter the Dragon” ) fights the “crazy 88” (who are all wearing Bruce Lee “Kato”masks from “The Green Hornet”)…or so I thought…till I saw this clip from the 1966 Indian film Gumnaam. …and they’re wearing similar masks…and the leading lady is also in yellow… And if you check out the band playing at the beginning of “The Show down at the House of Fallen Leaves” where the bride fights the 88, there is a Japanese retro band called “the 5,6,7,8’s” playing 60’s sufer’s songs, with hair and dresses quite similar to what the girls are wearing in the tamil vid ……there’s just something very…uncanny about it because both clips here were duplicating the clothes, music, atmosphere and genre of late 1960’s/early 1970’s Hollywood Film…and even though the Bollywood clip is actually from 1966…its funny to think that if all of the Hollywood film archives were suddenly wiped out…there would be a doppelganger record of almost all of them in Bolly-fried version…Bollywood is what happens when Hollywood enters…The Twilight Zone…

I guess, in a very real way, because Hollywood has been copied and reinvented for Indian audience’s since the very beginning of Bollywood, in a very real way Desi culture can lay a claim to Hollywood cult and popular mainstream culture as “ours” as well…


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  1. ROTFL LMAO>>>>>>>>>thats quite funny. and also true.

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