Another Gratuitous Raunchy Rain Dance

Well its that time of the year again- rain beating down against my windows relentlessly- creating the right kind of gothic atmosphere for some ritual baby sacrifices or perhaps just a torrid Bollywood love affair. I tend to search out some decent monsoon ragas and rain songs to go along with the season so click on the “Rain Songs” tab to the left for last year’s stash. Of course it is also necessarily that time of year to watch some of the lurid rain dances on youtube- most of them are bad dancers who don’t do the whole drenched femme fatale bit very well but probably shagged some b-grade director for a bit part- all except for this one– Nida chaudhry-who has probably the sleaziest latkas-jaktkas I’ve ever seen and is my personal favorite- I found one of her last year which remains a truck driver classic but I think this year’s performance far surpasses last years find. enjoy.

Click on the “Rain Songs” tab to hear some monsoon songs