“Heartbreaker” – rap music vid we made in Chandigarh with sadhus, wrestling pits, black lipstick, and several lunatics…

“THE MISSION: to create a music video for MC SID in 24 hours.

LOCATIONS: temples, wrestling pits, clothing & vegetable markets of Chandigarh.

WEAPONS: PD170 camera and confused camera man, maggi sauce, black lipstick, red langot, family heirloom diamond necklace, several lunatics, one gunman (Sardool Singh Sanghpuria).

Shot over seven hours with no permission. Improvised in each location with whatever props and strange characters we found hanging around. Had to fight away cops and crowds.

CASUALTIES: Black eye, bruised ribs from the Akharda (wrestling pit). One dead body. (our leading lady was hungry).


SHOT & CUT by – Kabir Chowdhry
MONEYS – Doc SPH:NX (also making a guest appearance in wrestling pit)
STARRING – The Bloodthirsty Bhabhi

special thanks to Elvish groupie and prop mistress: SAACHI”

sutta na mila…

for all you smokers that are getting fucked by the smoking ban in public places all over India…

bhen chod…ma chod…sutta na mila..

Balatkari…the rapist song…

Happy dancing Rakhi and the history of Rakshabandhan

Well here it is again and I find myself scurrying around trying to find lost addresses and envelopes to send off my rakhis- (better late than never :)) My brother-in-law lazily received his this morning as he scratched his head and asked for cornflakes. I managed to nag him and my better half to send flowers to their sisters but (hint hint) no flowers for me- alas. I’ll content myself with his gift a few days ago- a portable plastic joint carrier- (shaped something like a capped test tube- now you can smoke half a joint and hide it in your purse for later on- very cool actually and after all, you can’t smoke flowers can you?

Anyway here’s a little history on the whole Rakhi thing-

A story is told of Alexander’s wife approaching his mighty Hindu adversary Porus and tying Raakhi on his hand, seeking assurance from him for saving the life of her husband on the battlefield. And the great Hindu king, in the true traditional Kshatriya (those who belonged to the brave warrior class) style, responded; and as the legend goes, when Porus raised his hand to deliver a mortal blow to Alexander, he saw the Raakhi on his own hand and restrained from striking.

More poignant instance is the story of the princess of a small Rajput (those who belong to the state of Rajasthan) clan. It glorified the spell that the Raakhi had cast even on people of alien faiths. The princess sent a Raakhi to the Moghul Emperor Humayun to save her honor from the onslaught of the Gujarat Sultan who seized her kingdom. The emperor, then engaged in an expedition against Bengal, turned back and hastened to the rescue of his Raakhi-sister. But, alas, to his utmost sorrow, he found that the kingdom had already been perished by the invador and the princess had committed ‘Jauhaar’, i.e., leaped into the burning flames to save her honor.

The Nobel laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore used the occasion of the Raksha Bandhan as a community festival to spread the nationalist spirit among people from different ethnic backgrounds.

history from link

So there you are- and here’s another Rakhi Sawant dance following in last year’s tradition:

Happy Rakhi Sawant guys!

The item number’s called Dekhta Hai Tu Kya- Krazz4

Natalie Portman- the Sita Squid from the Doordharshan episode of the Ramayan that you missed- Carmensita- by Devendra Banhart

Is it offensive? Is it cute? Uh? My lofty minded cultural theory teacher once told me “if its silly its not orientalism” well that certainly “cleared things up” for me by making them less comprehensible- uh I don’t know and I don’t really care- I think people decide to be offended if its convenient for them to do so- so they have something to bitch about instead of focusing on their pointless, culturally bereft, insignificant existences- so I mean- so if it pissed you off why dont you go and make your own fucking video- as for me- I thought the guy- Devendra (Natalie’s current boytoy) was kind of hairy- I thought the makeup was nice- I thought the chic playing the slutty version of Kali at the end was not nearly a hot as I imagine kali would be in person- I thought Natalie did a really stupid imitation of indian dance- I mean even the extras were better- but I thought the beastiality with the squid was very sexy after the whole Sita sati and added just that missing trope that would have made the original Ramayana that much better. So check it out. And can someone explain the lyrics if you know spanish- cuz I don’t exactly see the relationship between the video and the music. anyway…enjoy-

Invoking the cosmic wonder of his beard and Bollywood, Devendra Banhart’s latest music video is both a love story and a tongue-in-cheek nod to India’s maharajas of yore. In “Carmensita,” the newest single from his latest album, Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon, Devandra and his uber-hot (and unlikely girlfriend) Natalie Portman get down to psychedelic-indie, all while saving the Kindom of Carmensita from the clutches of Lord Rajan the Malevolent. When taunting the Prince (played by Devendra), Lord Rajan bellows, “You think you can defeat me with your rebellious beard?” Later on, Devendra kills Lord Rajan by shooting venomous snakes out of his forehead. This is arguably 2008’s most badass moment in music videos.

from zimbio.com

Snoop Dogg wears a turban- Singh is King!

this song features RDB (Rhythm, Dhol, Bass), Snoop Doggy Dogg, and Akshay Kumar- it’s from the Motion Picture, Singh is King, starring Akshay Kumar. By the way the song is the best part of the film, which is otherwise a piece of excrement.

image from worth1000

Push my Love Rikshaw…

some desi hip hop video about bonking the maid…

Aye Hip-Hopper mujhe pyar to kar
Aye Hip-Hopper
Mere pyar ke rickshaw ko, mere love ke rickshaw ko.
Ek dhakaa do na sir!
Aye Hip-Hopper!