Snoop Dogg wears a turban- Singh is King!

this song features RDB (Rhythm, Dhol, Bass), Snoop Doggy Dogg, and Akshay Kumar- it’s from the Motion Picture, Singh is King, starring Akshay Kumar. By the way the song is the best part of the film, which is otherwise a piece of excrement.

image from worth1000



  1. hey, i kinda made this video, this isnt from the movie, this is a homemade video, i made it with some clips from youtube, you asshole, wanna atleast leave a comment sayin u used my video, takin credit for my work, atleast write my name on the description, you tattu

  2. jesus christ sunny j. Michelangelo I didn’t realize this was the freaking Sistine chapel. Anyway far be it from me to take credit for your magnum opus, dude. I don’t believe I took credit for it in any portion of my post above. Anyway I was just looking for a music sample you owl turd, and btw I am a female you pulsating hemorrhoid, although everyone seems to assume a guy runs this site… so next time call me a cunt, if want to use the correct vernacular….and I shall call you an inflamed colon, swarming with centipedes…anyway enjoy your life in youtube editing…and your two minutes of fame..

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