BLACKBERRY’s Indian BIG Brother

image from bbgeeks

Oye- I’ve been wanting to buy me one of those little gremlins- not so sure anymore- oh well- I guess its just as bad as anyone holding an American passport- do you know they have little tracking devices in those things these days? You can smash it with a hammer if you like. Anyway, here’s the find on why Blackberries piss of the Indian secret service:

The reason you may not be able to get a BlackBerry in the very near future in India is that the Indian government is not comfortable that it can’t lawfully snoop on its citizens’ e-mails, since there are no BlackBerry servers owned by Research In Motion (RIM) that handle the e-mail inside the country. TechGadgets is reporting that the revelation came from Tata Services, which had requested to offer BlackBerry handhelds in India, but was denied that request due to the security concerns of the government.

I’d understand if Indian officials said they were uncomfortable with the notion of government officials using the device, since the e-mail servers processing the information were not in India; but that’s not what it is saying, according to the TechGadget’s article. It is saying the BlackBerry can’t be offered because the content of those handhelds can’t be monitored. That’s breathtaking.

Talk about Big Brother. If I was a citizen of India, then I’m not sure I would want a BlackBerry based on the revelation. Heck, now that I think of it, I wouldn’t want any push e-mail service offered in India. After all, in order to clear the Indian government’s approval process it would of had to provide a way to monitor the e-mail.

I won’t be surprised if RIM offers a solution to address India’s concern. After all, RIM wants its BlackBerry handhelds in India. At the end of the day, I suppose if you have nothing to hide perhaps you wouldn’t mind picking one up if they are offered. Just be prepared to have all of your e-mails from the device monitored and accessible, though.

from by Brian Osborne