Hey there…well its been over a year since I started this thing up, mostly as a means of holding onto the few shreds of my sanity that remained while living among the Stepford wives of Chandigarh. Headquarters are now in Bombay. At first there were conspirators…fellow cyber depressives seeking solace from the boredom of living in a glorified retirement village where the “golf club” is the most happening place in town, and where the most interesting thing that happened all week was watching your pet pug try to hump the neighbors dog. All the sweet idealistic crap I’ve written below about “traces of popcultural memory” and shit is just a bad hangover from my degree in cultural theory- ugh- wasn’t the real world a kick in the ass? anyway, can’t help myself- I keep coming back here- finding the odd piece of strange- and really, the weirdness never ceases- life may be a royal pain in the backside- but you can’t really ever call it boring- not unless your head is still up your arse while its being kicked-

Last year’s ROTD manifesto:

A lost chappal, some sandy traces, Old bollywood film clips and posters, bits of music from here and there, uncanny adds, late night beer-guzzling stupidities, bad movies that made you spit out your popcorn and “never again” all-nighters writing pointless essays and/or drinking strange concoctions that make you have strange dreams about evil ponies, snakes with fur and ronald mcdonald babies… The “remains” part “of the desi” is to do with all those little traces, objects, memories and comments that, when we return to them, become a sort of popcultural history through which some of us remember who we were…why we were that way…and what made us laugh for whatever random reason.

Remember this weird Desi McDonald’s add? (looks like the spawn of that evil clown played by Tim Curry in “It”.) it.jpg
Image from weird

But there are just too many of these remains for me to be able to remember them all…and the same goes for some of the guest writers at ROTD….and especially because a lot of the people writing for ROTD have been living in different cities and countries…it sort of turned into a common room to check in, have a laugh (and perhaps a smoke) beedi.jpgand have a quick connect.

Remains of the Desi is where lost letters arrive at their destination. So grab your beverage of choice and open a Category at random. Let us know what you think. We are collectors, writers, chefs, academics, and cyber addicts…and we display our found and produced objects here; remains, remarks, remembered jokes, and other desi debris.

Write to us at remainsofthedesi at gmail dot com



  1. Very interesting site.
    I have been so distanced from my roots (Punjabi) and finally motivated to look around and see where I come from. Got here looking for some desi movie reviews. Very good mix of geek, desi and cultural relativism.

  2. I am a writer with a magazine in Mumbai. I am in the process of writing a story on how FabIndia has changed the way we dress and decorate. I saw your blog on dress divides in Delhi, and thought it was exactly the sort of anecdote I wanted for my story. So it would be fantastic to chat about it.

  3. Ms afreen of greater noida can u plz shut ur mouth and dont dare to bring wrath upon you by irritating the dark powers anger. You are living in a world which is shared by all kinds of persons whether he is vampires or beats or dakini or normal or normal people like you all. Yes we are different from you guys but yes always superiour and more powerful than you fool ignorant normal persons if you really wanna know about us then come to me i will make you feel the world of mine to see and glossed by your own eyes but if you dare to damage the prints of any magical creatures of this earth then i will make your life worse than living just sitting here at my home better stay away from people like us and yes reach me through i will be waiting to solve ur myths

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