Popular Misconceptions of Hypnosis- Vikramjeet Sinha

Our hypnotherapist columnist Vikramjeet Sinha returns with his second installment on hypnosis…regarding popular perceptions/misconceptions of hypnosis.


Hypnosis is a dream like state. In this state the person’s mind becomes quiet or passive. The hypnotist introduces suggestion into the powerful subconscious mind.

Lets briefly take a technical look at how the brain operates. The brain operates on measurable frequency cycles. These frequencies correspond to certain kinds of activity.

The frequencies fall under four brain waves; Delta ,Theta ,Alpha and Beta.

1)To briefly explain Delta: it is that range of activity which is totally unconscious.

2)Theta is that frequency which is in a range of frequency where hypnosis takes place, emotional experiences are recorded, and doors open where psychic phenomenon takes place.

3)Alpha is where day dreaming takes place, and is also among the subconscious range of frequencies (although sometimes it dips into Theta.) Psychic experience takes place in Alpha as well which makes this frequency very important for hypnosis.

4)Beta is where the conscious mind begins and most of what we might regard as our “wakeful self” is in the Beta stage.

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Whenever I have introduced myself as a hypnotherapist I have often heard said:

“Do not look into my eyes!” …. “I do not want to turn into a clucking chicken.”…. “I cannot be hypnotized as my mind is too strong”…. “I am not a weak person”…. “I’m afraid i can get stuck in hypnosis”

And after undergoing hypnotherapy some clients have said:

“While under i did not feel hypnotized ,i could hea everything and recall everything and was aware…deep hypnosis is necessary for good results.”

All the above statements are not true .

A hypnotherapist is different from a hypnotist and does not have any magical powers. That a person can be hypnotized and made to do things against his or her wish is totally false. No person can be hypnotized against his or her will. The subject has to be 100 % cooperative. Secondly, no one under hypnosis will do anything without their free will. During hypnosis the subject is free to choose or not to choose anything and to reject whatever suggestion they do not like. Intelligent people can be hypnotized far easier and its nothing to do with weakness. In fact- deranged minds can’t be hypnotized.

A hypnotized person is not in a trance or unconscious, but fully alert and in an acute state. The hypnotized subject has to merely focus his attention where the hypnotherapist directs. Nobody can get stuck in hypnoses. Even if the hypnotherapist dies during a session the subject would come out of hypnosis easily. The subject would either slip into a brief sleep and then awaken normally or open his/her eyes when the hypnotherapist’s voice has not been heard for some time. The idea that deep hypnosis is necessary for good results is not true- any level of hypnosis from light to very deep can bring good results. (reference: William w Hewitt)

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THERAPY for the PROBLEMS of PAST LIVES- A hypnotherapist explains…Vikramjeet Sinha

Have you ever considered therapy? For how many life-times? If you subscribe to the adage “don’t live in the past” perhaps you should reconsider whether the PAST is living through you…

Remains of the Desi Brings you another unusual Desi…Vikramjeet Sinha, who has worked in a number of capacities;

1) As an art based therapist and social worker for various NGOs across India over the past ten years…working with juvenile delinquent street kids, and other disenfranchised communities that have required creative group therapies to work through issues of alienation and aggression.

2) As a past life regression therapist and hypnotherapist with individual clients. He has often used these healing techniques in his creative work as a social worker with larger groups. These techniques include the therapeutic use of art and drama.

3) As a subtle madman…a modern day shaman…with a penchant for the dramatic and really one of my closest friends…its hard to tear him away from his hectic life but here he is with a brief introduction to what he does…and we look forward to more of his writing on subjects related to his therapeutic practice. He will be answering any questions regarding his practice and if you would prefer not to post your query as a comment then you may write anonymously to remainsofthedesi at gmail dot com

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Hi my name is Vikramjeet Sinha. I have done a year and a half certificate course from the Californian School of Hypnosis.I have been practicing hypnotherapy and past life regression therapy both in Delhi and in Bombay. There has been remarkable healing .In my opinion regression happens only for the clients when the right time arrives. The subconscious guides in a way which makes it easy for all of us and therefore is not frightening or scary. The guide as the therapist would gently allow the integration and the release to take place smoothly.

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In order to understand what past life therapy is one has to move into the framework of the theory of reincarnation.The theory of reincarnation is firmly embedded in the ancient Hindu and Buddhist belief system. It comes with this understanding that we are not the body and the mind but we are souls having previous existences other than the present one.The previous life times’ impressions are embedded in our subconscious.These impressions in ancient Hindu and Buddhist texts are called Samskaras.

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Past life regression is the procedure of hypnosis where through controlled progressive relaxation one is regressed into a state where one visits those impressions caused by previous births. These, if they are negative, would have left their imprints on the subconscious mind. This would, in turn, disturb the body or mind of the client either through illnesses, thereby effecting relationships.

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The therapy part comes in when the client is regressed into a previous life experience and then the present life personality is transposed onto the emotions and images of previous lives where those negative experiences are being displayed by the subconscious mind –sometimes baffling the conscious mind. Then through a method of internally releasing and placing a positive experience on the negative experiences, the release and the understanding of those negative experiences takes place.Therapy occurs by increasing understanding and allowing negative experiences from the subconscious mind to be released.

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The effort of this endeavor may bring up all that is suppressed to the hilt and then allow that which is suppressed to be released and as a result make the client be rid of the ailments and phobias which have been plaguing them for years. However, progress is gradual and not rushed or instantaneous. Past life therapy is about lightness in being and about awareness and helping the consciousness to be expansive which brings about joy in daily life.

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