THERAPY for the PROBLEMS of PAST LIVES- A hypnotherapist explains…Vikramjeet Sinha

Have you ever considered therapy? For how many life-times? If you subscribe to the adage “don’t live in the past” perhaps you should reconsider whether the PAST is living through you…

Remains of the Desi Brings you another unusual Desi…Vikramjeet Sinha, who has worked in a number of capacities;

1) As an art based therapist and social worker for various NGOs across India over the past ten years…working with juvenile delinquent street kids, and other disenfranchised communities that have required creative group therapies to work through issues of alienation and aggression.

2) As a past life regression therapist and hypnotherapist with individual clients. He has often used these healing techniques in his creative work as a social worker with larger groups. These techniques include the therapeutic use of art and drama.

3) As a subtle madman…a modern day shaman…with a penchant for the dramatic and really one of my closest friends…its hard to tear him away from his hectic life but here he is with a brief introduction to what he does…and we look forward to more of his writing on subjects related to his therapeutic practice. He will be answering any questions regarding his practice and if you would prefer not to post your query as a comment then you may write anonymously to remainsofthedesi at gmail dot com

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Hi my name is Vikramjeet Sinha. I have done a year and a half certificate course from the Californian School of Hypnosis.I have been practicing hypnotherapy and past life regression therapy both in Delhi and in Bombay. There has been remarkable healing .In my opinion regression happens only for the clients when the right time arrives. The subconscious guides in a way which makes it easy for all of us and therefore is not frightening or scary. The guide as the therapist would gently allow the integration and the release to take place smoothly.

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In order to understand what past life therapy is one has to move into the framework of the theory of reincarnation.The theory of reincarnation is firmly embedded in the ancient Hindu and Buddhist belief system. It comes with this understanding that we are not the body and the mind but we are souls having previous existences other than the present one.The previous life times’ impressions are embedded in our subconscious.These impressions in ancient Hindu and Buddhist texts are called Samskaras.

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Past life regression is the procedure of hypnosis where through controlled progressive relaxation one is regressed into a state where one visits those impressions caused by previous births. These, if they are negative, would have left their imprints on the subconscious mind. This would, in turn, disturb the body or mind of the client either through illnesses, thereby effecting relationships.

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The therapy part comes in when the client is regressed into a previous life experience and then the present life personality is transposed onto the emotions and images of previous lives where those negative experiences are being displayed by the subconscious mind –sometimes baffling the conscious mind. Then through a method of internally releasing and placing a positive experience on the negative experiences, the release and the understanding of those negative experiences takes place.Therapy occurs by increasing understanding and allowing negative experiences from the subconscious mind to be released.

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The effort of this endeavor may bring up all that is suppressed to the hilt and then allow that which is suppressed to be released and as a result make the client be rid of the ailments and phobias which have been plaguing them for years. However, progress is gradual and not rushed or instantaneous. Past life therapy is about lightness in being and about awareness and helping the consciousness to be expansive which brings about joy in daily life.

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  1. I would like to have the contact details of Mr. Vikramjeet Sinha .I am interested in Past Life regression therapy.I would also like to the optimum no. of sessions required and his charges.


    Anurag Singh

    • Contact Ms. Geeta. i got my regression done by her n she was extremly good.

      Contact # 9821380040

  2. I’ll pass on your details Anurag. Best Wishes, ROTD

  3. kindly let me know ur number where i can contact u ,also tell me ur schedule when u are in delhi ,in this month or coming month

  4. is there any postive things in my life

  5. Could you please provide me also Vikramjeet Sinha’s contact information?


  6. Hi,

    I am interested in Past Life Regression Therapy. Can i please get the contact details of Mr. vikramjeet Sinha.


  7. i ahve seen my 3 past life i wants to know aal of them becaoz it effects to my this lfe how can i see clear visoin

    • pls call on 09350085722 , astrology ,, vaastu , reiki , tarot , past life regressions

  8. Hi,

    I am interested in Past Life Regression Therapy.Can i please get the contact details of Mr Vikramjeet sinha on my mobile no which is 9810341170.


  9. I am keen to take a successful session in this therapy. Kindly help by providing details about your charges.

    Mousree Guha
    New Delhi
    Call: 9891560086

  10. i need your help… me as soon as u can!!

  11. help me as soon as u can…

  12. i need some response…..please e mail me

  13. Hi,

    I want to undergo Past Life Regression Therapy. Can i please get the contact details of Mr. vikramjeet Sinha.


  14. hi,

    i would like to undergo the past life regression therapy . can i get mr.vikramjeet sinha’s contact number and if you could pls tel me how much this session would cost. pls help me .. and earliest reply would be appreciated .

    jaspreet .

  15. Tell me whether you visit chennai. If yes , schedule/month, contact address,phone no.

    Thankx in advance

  16. I want to learn Past Life Therapy. I reside in Mumbai… please contact me on 9004033828

  17. Hi

    I want to go for past life regression therapy.can i get Mr Vikramjeet’s contact no. and his fees per session.and how many sessions are required?


  18. Hi

    My Date Of Birth – 12/12/1967-13:30hrs
    I want to know – Why my relation with my brother is not cordial

    atul pal

    PLS reply as soon as possible

  19. Hi,

    We are surely interested in this therapy. Could you kindly guide us a way to proceed.


  20. Hi,

    I am interested in Past Life Regression Session. PL provide me Mr. Mr Vikramjeet’s contact no. and his fees per session.and how many sessions are required?


  21. I need help, and wants to go for past life regression therepy. Can i have Mr. Vikramjeet Sinha mobile contact..


  22. Hi ,

    i would like to know about my past life which may help my future,

    could i get any help

    pls provide information regarding


  23. i would like to have names and contact nos of hypnotherapist in south mumbai.

  24. Do you know of any hypnotherapists of past lives int the Charlotte, NC area?

    Kim C.

  25. Hi,

    I am interested in Past Life Regression Session. PL provide me Mr. Mr Vikramjeet’s contact no. and his fees per session.and how many sessions are required?


  26. Contact Ms. Geeta. i got my regression done by her n she was extremly good. fantastic therapist

    Contact # 9821380040

  27. Hi

    I would like to know where i can get regression therapy sessions from Mr. Sinha in delhi, how many sessions are normally required and what is his consultation fees.


  28. Hi Vikram,

    This is Matthew, we met in 2005 working for an NGO in Delhi, remember?
    I’d love to hear from you.

    Best wishes,

  29. I am interested in past life regression of my daughter. Please tell me the contact details of Mr. Vikramjeet Sinha. I would also like to the optimum no. of sessions required and his charges with availability in Delhi.

    My contact details

  30. please can i get mr. vikramjeet’s contact no….

    mail me on

  31. would like to learn past life regression therapy.

    is there any institute in delhi?

  32. I wish to learn abt past life therspy

  33. I would like to go for past life regression therapy, for many personality and mental problems i suffer from. Please give me the contact number of a Therapist in or near Delhi.

  34. Hi,

    my sister is IN depression from last 10 years.Went through my pshycatric traetments from south to north but nothing happened.entire family is very much unhappy due to her illness.pls guys help me and provide me the contact no and address of dr. vikramjeet that i can see hapiness and hope in my sisters eyes.she completely lost her hope at all.

  35. Hello Vikram sir,
    This is Samarth from the Heritage School. I lost your number, but i urgently need your help on something. Contact me on 9810102750 if you see this.

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