Gay Indian Prince on Oprah

Manvendra Singh Gohil is a prince from Rajpipla, India who came out as gay and was subsequently disowned by his family.His story attracted international media attention.

Manvendra came out to his family in 2002, but it was only when he talked publicly about his homosexuality in 2006 that his family took action and accused him of bringing dishonor to the unofficial dynasty. The disowning, however, is likely to remain a symbolic act rather than a legally enforceable disinheriting, given India’s modern inheritance laws. He has been reunited with his father and his titles have been restored.

Manvendra is now chairman of the Lakshya Trust, a group dedicated to HIV/AIDS education and prevention. Following Indian convention for putative royals, he is referred to by his given name, Manvendra, not his surnames, Singh Gohil. Although India is a republic and does not recognize the royal status that was conferred prior to 1947, it is still common in India to speak informally of royalty, princes and princesses.[citation needed]

Gohil appeared as a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show on October 24, 2007. Gohil was one of three persons featured in the show entitled ‘Gay Around the World’. He expressed that he has no regrets about coming out, and that he believes the people of his state respect him for his leadership in preventing and educating on HIV/AIDS. info from wiki.

Guju Rappers get all Sentimental and stuff…awwww

One of my best friends is a Guju so I’m allowed to make fun of Gujarati sentimentalism. Cho chweeeeeeeeeeet!!! Trust Gujaratis to turn a rap song into a “Kyunki Saas bhi kabhi Bahu Thi” video melodrama about family loyalty, money, and the evil west with its beckoning hot-tub orgies. (this has English subtitles and the refrain is in English)

A British Guy in Gujarat Discovers he is a Reincarnated Hindu Goddess

12 April 2007

I had to read it to believe it. The guy apparently had his divine revelation in a British shop when he happened to look at a picture of the Goddess Bahuchar Mata. In a temple in Gujarat he is being worshiped as her living reincarnation. And I have to say I’m impressed that Xenophobia isn’t a visible factor here…He doesn’t speak Hindi or Gujurati and no one is allowed to address him in English so he’s basically blessing people with monosyllables….wearing a sari…and living in Gujurat now on the same basis that other Indian hijras do…by taking food that is offered to him by devotees that he meets at the temple. His visa is expiring in six months and he doesn’t want to leave. I wonder if the immigration authorities would have the balls to deport a reincarnated goddess in the body of a British man named Stephen Cooper! link to article


Its Gujurati against Punjabi in a battle that settles the QUESTION once and for all…Who has the biggest dunda? GUJU or PUNJU?..and these boys get really serious with their weapons….its bhangra against “dandia-ras” stick dance…PAAN SPITS….CHUPLE HITS….For all you gaming nerds out there….MORTAL COMBAAAAT! The owners of the vid clip do not allow embedding so please click here: