Vampires and super-beasties of India…for the blood is the life…

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Apart from the vampire creatures of Desi horror flicks do vampires have a history in Indian folklore? Well, yes…in fact, it is rumoured that some of the vampire myths abounding in the West drew their roots from places like India, Tibet, China and Egypt, as tales were carried back and forth along the silk route, passing through the Mediterranean and spreading stories stories out along the Black sea coast to Greece, the Balkans and of course the Carpathian Mountains, including Hungary and Transylvania.

Here are some Desi Vampire cousins of traditional western vampires…


Although the Goddess Kali is clearly not a vampire…she does drink blood, and certainly has a relationship with divine thirst…a nocturnal force of nature, she is also sometimes represented with fangs, and is an avatar of destructive beauty. She wears a wears a garland of corpses or skulls and has four arms. Her temples are located near cremation grounds. She and the goddess Durga battled the demon Raktabija who could reproduce himself from each drop of blood spilled. Kali drank all his blood so none was spilled, thereby winning the battle and killing him. Other names for Kali were Sara or the Black Goddess, by the Gypsies. (excerpt from wikipedia)

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The Baital:

This vampire race was short in stature, only standing one and a half meters tall. But, height was not the only thing that had set this species apart; it seems that the Baital was half man and half bat.

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The Pacu Pati:

The Pacu Pati is another powerful vampire from India. Deemed as the lord of all beings of mischief. It is seen at night in cemeteries and places of execution. The Pisacha, another name for the Pacu Pati were a race of flesh eaters. They are described as evil ghouls that were created by the vices of humankind. Although its attitude is generally not human friendly, it will cure diseases if enticed to do so. Its favorite pass-time is the consumption of human flesh. Also included in this species is the Mmbyu (death), it was considered the chief of all malevolent creatures. They were vampires of a demonic nature who torment their victims through demonic possessions.

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The Rakshasha:

The Rakshasa was a powerful Indian vampire and magician. They like to confuse those around them by appearing either in human form with animal attributes (claws, fangs, slitted eyes, etc.) or as animals with human features (feet, hands, flattened nose, etc.). The animal side is very often a tiger. They are known to eat the victim’s flesh in addition to drinking their blood. The Rakshasa are a shape-shifting species of Hindu mythology that were originally created by the Brahma to protect the sea from those that wanted to steal the elixir of immortality from it. They lived in Lanka (Ceylon) and were ruled by Ravana. Later they became identified as demonic creatures that would often take the shape of a seductive woman and lure men to their deaths. In other accounts these creatures lived in trees and caused vomiting and indigestion to those who strayed to close to its domain. It was said that children would become one of these creatures if they could be induced to eat human brains. The Rakshasa were no longer human but still possessed a physical nature, they loved to prey upon the helpless. Another description of this vampire was a grave wandering, flesh eating, blood-drinking version of elves sporting fangs and drenched in blood. As you can see there are several different versions of this vampire, but they were all accepted as reality by the Hindus who wrote of such a creature in the Vedas. It was possible to destroy this creature by burning, exposing to sunlight or exorcism.

(this is definitely the most bizarre account of Rakshashas I’ve ever come across but maybe folklore took them in another direction…)

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The BrahmarākŞhasa/Brahmaparusha:

In northern India, there is the BrahmarākŞhasa or the Brahmaparusha, were a vampire-like creature with a head encircled by intestines and a skull from which it drank blood. This vampire-like creature was a head encircled by intestines and carried a skull from which it drank blood. It was told in folklore that this evil spirit enjoyed eating humans and it would drink the victims blood through the skull it carried, then eat the victims brains. Afterward it would wrap the intestines of the victim around its body to perform a ritual dance.

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The Churel or (Churail):

is a vicious vengeful ghost-like vampire found in India. It is normally a woman who died while pregnant during the Diwali festival or while unclean at any time. They are said to have vile appearances, possessing pendulant breasts, thick ugly lips, black tongues and unkept hair. They preyed upon young men, keeping them captive and slowly draining their life forces until they become withered old men. She is said to hate life, and keeps all her greatest spite for her relatives.


The Masani:

Is a female vampire of India; she is said to be the spirit of the burial grounds. The Masani is black in appearance and her hunts are conducted at night, starting as she emerges from a funeral pyre. Anyone passing the burial site will be attacked.


Interestingly enough, Vampires have a different life cycle in Hinduism than they do in Christianity. In Christianity they are understood as a form of demon, that is expected to live forever, that is, until judgement day, when they will then (or if they are killed earlier) be forever more burned in the fires of hell like any other demon. Hinduism is less brutal to its beasties. Apparently you may be able to die and be reincarnated in mortal human flesh. And be warned… it is supposed that leading an unholy or immoral life, sin or suicide, will lead the soul to reincarnate into such evil spirits. Excellent news.

The first part of the documentary on Vampire folklore has some stuff on Indian vampires…



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      • Alot of people belong to a growing subculture in many countries called ‘vampires’. This is just a way of identifying oneself and trying to find other people like themselves, a place to fit in. Don’t try to take this stuff so literally, and don’t judge these individuals too harshly. I’m sure that there are several things that you believe to be true in the world, or even about yourself, that these individuals would see as abnormal or strange. Believe it or not, there are individuals who walk among us, who appear to be normal human beings and are actually are not. If medical science can identify genes within the human race as mutations, and therefore, the people who have them as mutations, or mutants, then why can’t a subculture of otherwise healthy people call themselves vampires. Just as long as they don’t try to drink my blood.

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    • So, vampires really exists…..I m really confused about it…..Is there any vampires in India?

      • yes Aisha vampires exist.As far i have researched there are vampires but we need to be really sure.But what Radhika is saying im not sure about her.A vampire wouldnt say out aloud that it is a vampire.Would it?

      • I think vampires exists….. I have researched about them…There are some incidents in past which support the existence of vampires but I dont know where they live in today’s world…. If anyone have any research details then plz do send me (e id: I want to know more about them…..

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    • hi radhika
      the blog you posted on the site was imteresting but do you really think it was right to expose yourself as a vampire here on net
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      i want to ask something that may seems to be senseless after blogging but i will go on:
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  4. Hi…
    I was doing some research about Indian vampires and stumbled upon your blog, which I must say is brilliant!!!
    But a lot of the characters you mentioned, as far as I know, were not really vampires. They were demons. Who are evil as vampires are, I agree. but the traditional romanian definition of a vampire differs from say the rakshasa.
    can you tell me what are your sources bcuz I see you’ve been writing a lot about this.
    Also, is there any way to contact you other than the blog if I’ve questions?

    • hi gypsy ow are you ??
      well this is divyansh here and i was a little in concern on the idea of going thru the research in such an interesting topic : vampires….
      i want to get with you and would like to have a word with you… not on the blog but to my mail box
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    • I agree with u… I m also doing research on vampires… This site its very interesting, but I dont find about the real vampires… There are lots of info about demons but not the stuff which I m searching for… If anyone have any info about real vampires, how they live now a days and all related stuff….do contact me (e id:

  5. i like the priest like indian vampire in the middle..kinda looks like my gradma:=)..

  6. could someone tell me what it was for the web in Twilight, which seek to bella on cold ones?

    • the site had not been posted over the net…it was specially made for the movie

  7. Hi guys.I think you all don have any other work to do. U might have watched some vampire films and U have searched about vampires in google and entered into this website. No vampires exist in this world. I read a comment form Radhika above. She told she is a vampire and she bite many peoples and they do not die or turn to vampires.
    Ha Ha..
    what a great sense of humor it is. I can surely tell that she is not a vampire she is a cannibal. In pre historic age humans eat human U know.
    They were not called as vampires.
    This lady is also of same knid. A human eating another human. Thats all.
    No need to talk about such idiotic vampire things.
    If anyone agreeing or opposing my comments u can mail me at

    • hw cn u say dat vampires does nt exist..???

  8. all u people need to find a hobby or some thing.for gods sake u are childish at theleast and stupid at the most.

    • Nah, they’re just fifteen and bored.

  9. and mis sradhika if uare a vamp why dnt u try cutting your face open,see if it heals.he he…

  10. I probly wont be on this site again most likely but i always have been intrested in vampires today i did some research but still i havent found out if vimpires truely exist i would imagine they do in my opinion but ive never seen one and cant image i would still be alive if i have im sure if they exist they have hidden theyre selfs for many generations and i can say if anyone does know the truth they probly keep it a deep dark secret atleast i would so i guess like all of you people i will never have the experience to know the real truth if their is a greater powerfull mortal or imortal then myself how fucking lame is that (any commets) leave me at 313-758-9245

  11. E muito interessante estas historias de folclore ,que e passado de geraçao em geraçao .Quando somos crianças nossos pais nos contam essas historias e agente acredita.Mas tudo isso sao mitos que na verdade existem na nossa imaginaçao e essa cultura e muito importante porque nos faz crescer com mais temor e mais amor.Quando o pai ou a mae conta uma historia dessas acreditamos que isso existe, pois tudo que eles nos falam pensamos que e verdade,quando nossos pais vao embora deste mundo nos ficamos a recordar o quanto essas mentiras nos faziam bem.Essas culturas nunca devem acabar .Isso nos ajuda ate fazer com que as crianças respeitem mais o pais por exemplo:Se uma criança esta dando trabalho a mae fala: _vou falar para o vampiro te pegar…………..kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  12. hey all this crap that vampires r nt supposd to reveal their identity is bullshit……..yes thry cn keep it a secret if they want to bt theres no rule…i should be knowing as im a vampire…and radhika ….is this the real name ur vampire gaurdians gave u??????id love to meet u….havent been able to meet any vampire around im desprate to meet one of my kind……sooo u have mate rite……and ur female rite?????coz im also female too….

    • yup….. hi im namratha… nice to meet u… i jst wanted 3 knw more abt vampires… nd do u mind telling me coz ur a vampire right ;-)… anyway i’ll b waitin for ur reply..
      u can text me at

      awaiting 4 ur scrap………:-)
      take care,

  13. Nice effort. u got huge response.

  14. Hey…all the Vampires of past ran away from my country on 15 August 1947…..Vamp Lalu, Vamp Arjun, Vamp Maya, Vamp Vishvanathpratap, Vamp. sharad, Vamp Raj……endless list of vampires sucking blood of commen people …& creating matchless horrer stories….all old vampires have ran away …..

  15. This vampire stuff.its really disgusting!!!!!!
    Dont u people hav a work 2 do?????
    well..u knw what when u die u go 2 heaven..frm thr u can ask god if vampires do exist….so wait till the final day of your life…………seriously people they don’t exist they r just myths……….and yeah about radhika..who calls urself as vampire why don’t you cum and see me..not for comfirming that you arer a vampire but for teaching english i can be your excellent

    • yeah shital i agree with u……..i would also like 2 meet radhika



  16. Hey i am Sandeep working at Rohtak (Haryana) Since childhood i am interested in Vampires having a life which only in dreams one can have.I am dying to have a chance of being vampire.. I would like to be the one in the millions and trillions to have this chance….

    I am a open candidate for being Vampire……… My mail id is and my mobile no is 09254168717

    May you long live……….


  17. ITS so cool ! you all guys do really believe in vampires! thats awesome.but only a thing to be noted is that they are not only demons but are also some good spirits out their calling the entire vampire group big monsters is kinda weird at least to me. and to my latest knowledge they really do exists…and how knows some might be near u.
    Gud Luck
    and keep living

  18. if al this s true, hw did they vanish al of a sudden or.. sort of don show up at all.. i havent seen one.. has anyone else…?
    nd am one among the guys who dont believ till provn scientificaly..
    nd i heard al these myths wer spun around sum draconian tyrant king..

  19. Hey, dudes i am ex military special forces(nsg).I’ve seen women who do that shit and try to follow me to scare me but….i fear no man…and my 9mm too and most probably these mutha’s(gangsta word) dont exist…just a bunch of clowners

  20. all you idiots……….vampire were real………………….. but now days there are modern vampire they don’t have any super powers ….but they like to live like a vampire ………..and twilight sucksss…..there are more than 13 vampire bloodlines…………………one of them is from india ……… and you all now that vald dracula was real…so stop commenting that vampires are fake .

    • i agree with u….

    • I don’t know vamps exist or not but i agree with shan….we have evidences for those which we have thought r not real but they r…….so vamps do….


    • do u have more information bout the blood lines? and their main streaming …if yes den plz do reply…


  21. Hey I agree to shan…we modern vampires dont have any powers left just a few like strong sense of smell,intuition ability to seein in dark etc..

    • ok, if you r an vampire then come and bite me……..
      i m waiting for you my email id is abhidhn002@

  22. hi .
    so u r a vampire huh??
    hard 2 believe ………………
    i thnk da only vampires dat exist are the make believe ones…………….u noe da kind of ppl hu wished dey wud b vampires n wud do acts 2 imitate dem…………….like drinking blood like countless people in history have done.
    neways dont u thnk dat comparing the rakshasas or “churails” or any of the things dat u hve actually listed above are vampires or even remotely connected to the whole idea??
    vampires are creatures of the night and embody …well more like the thirst for forbidden pleasures….n i m not talkin abt just blood or sex….whrereas all da above creatures are creatures of indian mythology which do not stand for the same thing…these are merely spirits of a dark nature doomed bcoz of their karma……n there z nothing vampiric about Kali Mata for christ’s sake!!! nor does the western civilizations consider her as that ….she z considered more of a goddess even there..a fertility goddess or maybe a dark goddess…shiva’s shakti. all the aspects of her fiery n scary appearance are aesthetically symbolic even the skulls……so can u remove dat bit plzz becoz it onlu shows ur ignorance….n it z really offending. n i cant believe an indian would post dis stuff coz they are supposed 2 noe abt kali……………..

  23. hi radhika……….. r u reallly a vam or r u jst freaking us all out????????……… is really QUEER to think of it also…… i really do lik vams as mentioned in the books!!!!! i would b gald to meet one evr…….. if u r a vam do u know who created u????? do u know more vams??????? r yr frnds also vams?????
    where do u liv in india exactly??????? if u r a vam i do not think so it is a good idea exposing dat!!!!!!!!!!!
    dont u fear dat ppl will run away from u????? or jst not mingle wid u???? u would’nt hav any1 to speak to!!
    by d way r u a friendly vam or a non friendly1????????
    but i m extremly curious to know 1 thingi- wat do u EAT???????? and where do LIVE?????
    plz reply to me-
    my emai-
    plz do replyyyyyy
    i m really vry intrested in yr life!!!!
    plz mention any vam boy u know of d age of a teen 😉

  24. HAI radhika………….so u wanna say dat u r a vampire….. i think u r cookin up some stories frm very few pieces f information dat u hav got on d topic……. nyways gettin huge response …….carry on with ur vamp life……….


  25. hey just one more thing radhika………………….pls dnt think all r fools k?????

  26. hey, dis is aashi from lucknow.
    i do believe in vampires but as a friend plez tell me d truth u could believe me.
    u could mail me at my e-mail ld if u r a vampire then
    also v could b friends

  27. If really anybody is a vampire here then come and bite me. my contact no. is 07739502736…or mail me on
    i too wanna be a vampire……..

  28. sorry my adress is

  29. Listen you all… this is very true…. drink al’il amount ur own blood continously in winter season and u’ll find something very differern in you….

  30. must watch u’ll like it

  31. I’m on here because I’m following a lead from one of my most treasured novels. It’s called The Last Vampire by Christopher Pike. The main character is called Sita and she was believed to be the Last Vampire. She was born in India and in her time met Krishna and Radha. She was born in India but was from a Viking decent so she has blond hair and blue eyes.

    She was taken against her will from her husband Rama by a demon that was born for a dead women. This Demon was a Yakshini later named Yaksha he became the first Vampire. He took Sita from Rama and maked her his wife.

    Yaksha made an army of vampires that journeyed east over the lands killing. Until he heard about Kishna who was one of the ten avatars of Vishnu.
    Yaksha tryed to kill Kishna, but failed.

    The story is set around Sita’s life in the 1994’s and onward. I can on here interested to hear what your culture and myths were for vampires. Your site have helped thank you. If you have anything that would help me with my search please reply and let me know.

    The reason I’m so interested in this book, is to me Sita is a lot like myself not in just appearance but in nature. Also Christopher Pike books have made more of deference in my way of thinking but also how I look at the world than any other books I have read. All of his stories have wonderful hidden truths and morals.

    (The Last Vampire was around long before Twilight -shakes head- and is a amazing story. So if you have not read it I recommend you do.)

    • is it like trying to rewrite the ancient indian epic “ramayana” ??.
      sorry,i hvnt heard of the book,but Sita wasnt a vampire at all ,she was the incarnation if goddess laxmi,vishnu’s wife n she was born from the earth..i didnt get this thing completely!!

    • Hey Marie u know ur knowledge is very very poor. The mystic story which u have posted is a big scrap totally wrong nd u know this type of things really hurts. Maa (mother) Sita is re-birth of goddess Laxmi. And she was married to Lord Rama he is God Vishnu (the care taker of earth’s living being). And the Demon who took her away was Ravan and his mother was’nt a dead women, she was a Rakshasi nd she was married to a saint. And the most important part Ravan never made Sita his wife, he was’nt able to do that and died in the end at the hand’s of Lord Rama.

      So Marie pls improve your knowledge and do a serious reasearch before u type anything on INTERNET. Good luck………………………………………

    • Hi marie , well sorry to say that what ever book you were reading and what ever research you have done is rubbish, sita was a goddess ok and krishna and radha were in a different yug, please read bhagwat gita and ramayana. ok dear you will b able to aquire lots of knowledge, but plz stop calling sita a vamp.

      And about vamps everything exist in the world but it is not necessary to know about them, let them as they are hidden,

  32. So you are a vampire.
    Just don’t jump of a building trying to fly!!!


  34. hi guys ..after reading some comments i had to post this…i live in new york and trust me there r lots of vampires living here (including me)well imma vampgoth.. now don’t tell me dat im advertising cuz..if a Indian says “Im Indian” that doesn’t mean she/’he is advertising..just letting others kno..i dont hide cuz im not embarrassed for who i am..i wasn’t born like dis…i have chosen to b one..and no, we dont kill or harm people….thats extremely illegal..there are a lot of blood banks here i cud just purchase em.. or i cud get it 4rm my partner/donor and we drink human blood for fun…also it gives us energy for lots of things…but other than drinking blood ,we dont fly or fast walk or burn in the sunlight..dats just movies…we just like the night..and wear a lot of black or dark clothes..and of course we r human beings with vampire like whatever u see in the movies those r just .exaggerated for the audience.. well i do have my fangs..(implant). cuz of course i like em..but u dont need them 2 b a vamp…last but not least…i dont think wanting to drink blood is a very human whoever is out there if u think that if i put a glass of blood in front of u.,.u’d drink it without giving it a 2nd thought, you are a vampire my darling and dont worry about wht others think of u.they might think ur real or fake..but dont let ur soul brave and positive…there’s nothin wrong 2 b different….if u r out there and reading this..then u kno what im talkin about..and cheers on that 🙂

    • Hi,
      I am in India and want to be turned.
      Can you tell me how to go aboujt it please.
      I have not met/do not know any real Vampire.
      Help me with this please.

    • hahaha bite mehhhhhhhh….

    • can i have your e mail id…i want to discuss a lot of things regarding what all you wrote …if possible thn you only send me request on my id..its.. i’ will b waiting for ur reply..


      • Save your breath. They’re not going to listen to you.

    • if ur a vamp plzz do mail me at ( all the thingss wich u like or which u dnt like… wad else u have in ur diet other dan blood… nd hw u bcame a vamp… m totally crazy fo vampires… so plzz help me out of diss… nd if any 1 other knwzz nyting bout vampiress or if ny1 does have ny proof of derr existance… nd all the crazy fanzz of vampires like mee… do mail mee on ma ID or if u guyzz want we can b frndzz on FB… plzz guyzz i wnt to knw bout themm… plzz….

    • R u a real vampire . so plz reply me if u get my msg
      can u run so fast
      do u have some extra ordinary powers
      and what special qualities
      plz reply
      can i be a vamp like in movie twilight

  35. lolxxx..
    carzy …
    if any1 need psychiatrist help plz contact me ..

    • hahahaha… i need to be treated after readin all dis i guess..


  36. Ill never belive in one unless ive seen it!

  37. radhika, sabko pagal bana rhi h bas… vampire jesa kuch nahi hota sab fake h.. agar tum vampire ho to jaake underworld or mafia ko khatam kyu nahi karte,…??? aam insaan ko marne me maza aata h kya tum jeso ko? marna hi h to mafia ko maro… hai guts?????? u r just a FATTU CANNIBLE…!

    • @ sultaan_mirza:juz loved ur comment….deres nothing called vampire in this world…dey r juz stories…i guess one day ppl will start saying dat dey are voldemort or spiderman..lolz…cm on ppl “grow up” one is a fool to believe such things…dere are many ppl who eat human kidneys and liver as weve heard a lot in news r they vampire too?? wat a kiddo story dear gothgirl

  38. hello suckers who the hell is claiming to be vampire ?

  39. so all of human kind i guess wanna be vampire have fun all eternity and fuck & suck rest of time, is this wht u suckers wanted !

  40. I want to be turned in to one.

  41. I am a Vampire in real life…

    • gud joke…..evrybody says d same thing….n ur 1 of thm……

  42. have been researching on vampires since a long while. Dunno why but the word has an effect on me every time i hear it. I am deeply influenced by what i read. It’s not mere blood that has a toll, but their very way of living, the legends and all the mythical stories seems very fascinating to me. If you are one please do get back to me. mail me at

    • hie…evn i keep thinking about d vampires…do dey really exist…? or its jst d stories only….

    • heyaa eve i have the same feelingzz fo vampires … 🙂


  44. its nt the light but the darkness which will teach u to believe in d end… time has come..

  45. Hi. what is this HH humans don`t have place to live and you are saying that vampires live. its some sought of joke. And if ever i encounter any one i will fuck him/her royaly. its just a rumer and nothing else. if you wanna know more about these romurs then send a mail to me at I live in India and we don`t have such sought of things out here………. ok ……… byeeeeeeeeeee…….. don`t believe in such peoples at all.

    • vampires r so irresistable….

      • f***k that statement………….why everyone so intrested in this can`t have a better job to do…… its 21century and these f***king story you Guy still believe…….. its all fake……….yaha they do have existens but not in our Dimensions…. they might be in other dimensions…….these all who claim to be vam all are just fake……………

      • abhishek..if u dont like vampires,then dont bother visiting n commenting on this page..just leave..u dont believe in vampires,thats ur problem,but dont try to impose ur ideas on someone coz we are not here to convince you either

    • whtevr…..i dint askd 4 yo openion abt vamps….by d way y u always seem to b so frustrated abt dis vamp thng ….whts yo prblm dude….????

      • now a day vam are sleeping…… Hmm……..

    • so u hav a prblm in tht evn….ur seriously a psycho…..

      • not really but just checking that you are not biting anyone….. Miss vamp…… 🙂 …..

    • lstn Mr. Psycho..i nvr said m a vamp… ya m searchin 4 d 1…..n u btr mind yo own business ……….

      • That is what i am doing checking that miss vam is not bitting some one……….. now a days my business is that miss Vamp……….

    • oh plzzzzzzzzzzz………..shut yo mouth mr. psycho………..

  46. do really this vampires exists i dont thk so……..

  47. i wanna meet a vampire, a real vampire. I love them.

  48. if anyone know about the existence of vampires and know them personaly then please help. I’m crazy and desperately waiting to meet a vam,

    • Nayana, I think I can help you out. I have been living with vampires for about a decade. And lately I am seeing some vampire symptoms within myself . May be shall we meet?

  49. u all should enjoy to b’s precious to hav life on ur own right.everything physical exists on the astral plane,vampire too.but vamp have different astral menifestation.thy don’t have proper channel to supply d life energy.they hav human body coz born from a human womb.all astral formation too take place there n determine tht.this is like astral hollow tend to get filled by life energy from other sources.he takes that out even’s all survivig instict.widout tht vamp will get invreasingly energyless n can’t everythig has tht energy so there are many sources for a vampire to take tht.boold is the most condenced form of energy, mainly of pulse this is always preffered for purpose.also vamps take that wid care of their donner.taking blood is batter than to suck other’s life energy by other means.

    • the astral plane is another dimension.psi vamps use the astral plane as their preying ground..psi vampires need to balance their energy,so they feel the desire to suck in the life energy of others..its not that they wont survive without it,but v feel depressed irritated tired n sometimes they show lack of immunity to simple flu attacks..
      unlike sanguinarians,psi vamps hv a definite awakening period..they are born psi,but their behavior as a psi vamp depends on the awakening.some may remain dormant throughout.

    • if psi vamps dont feed on energy,they sometimes unknowingly draw it from people around n it is harmful to both the donor n the fr sanguinarians,the feel the thirst just the same.It can be compared to a drug addiction where the addict craves for the drug and without it shows weird withdrawal syndrome.
      anybody n everybody cnt b a donor..coz donor n vamp share the same astral link.

      • plz do reply me can i be turned into a vamp.
        how do they look what r the changes in them

  50. so u r a vampire…….
    lets c. cum meet me once n dhen wl c whos i vampire. im vaiting to meeet someone like _____. fill dat bland for me n reply to me (id). do u kno more people lik ur self.waitin for ur reply. tell me evsrythig. waitin for ur reply. bye take care………..

    • Rose
      plz continue, this thread is a good place to share.i will tell u what u want to know.anyway my id is dear one thing funny nowhr i indicated myself like that.
      take care

    • Things may seem funny but it isn’t….

  51. i really want to know whether vampires exist in this world or not??!!!
    if yes what are the types and are any found in india or not??
    are vampires just myths,legends or truths?

    • yes vampires exist in this world, 5 years back i met. but they are not belong for here means India………..

  52. d one who is a vamp shall know me….

    • y? who r u? the vampire prince? lol..kiddin 🙂

      • ur e-mail id please !!!

    • u want my id? its

    • i didnt yet get ur mail,rohak..why do u think that a vampire shud know u?

  53. vamp also read ur this comment,s so i request u all not to make fun on them and because of bat bitin no one turn into vamp

    • u r right but fun’s for fun sake dear!

  54. hi everyone..
    i just wana share sumthin here….with due respect to everyone else’s views, fancies n whatever of course, Vampires… well…they do exist but not like you all are potraying them…we’r not a bloodthirsty breed u know…’stead we feed on energy… we are’nt immortal…though it is said that we live longer than the rest n look younger than our years.. we dont look like Greek Gods…but u’ll surely get attracted to a vampire if u hang in there with him/her for just a while… we do not have any superhuman powers except dat of intuition…we show immense changes in our behaviour according to our energy demands… for instance….i may interact with you when i am in need of energy…but if that aint the case u’l find me lost in my own world… this makes it very difficult for us to deal with our personal relationships… the latest flicks may potray us to be very attractive and content…but let me tell you…its really taxing at times to be one of us…nothing cool about it…another myth is about a vampire being burnt in sunlight… well we do show photosensitivity…. in fact its a pain going out in the sunlight… you get all sorts of sun burns even when the sunlight feels barely warm to others n people ask u about them…n then they laugh at you if u tell them its photosensitivity… my eyesight has gone weak coz of the damage that the sun causes to my eyes…n u guys are bloody talkin of getting converted ito vampires!!!! hell no…. stay happy the way you are… coz even if u dont…. there is no way in which u can get converted…i still am not aware of what exactly makes us what we are… but i think its just pure genetics… another thing… we have invertes circadian rhythms… that is… we like to stay up in the night n rest during the day….probably sleep isnt something we need in abundance…. there are many other such things that i’v found in us…but trust me…nothing makes us superior… so plz stop attaching so much awe to “vampires”… its weird to see that and experience the discomfort at the same time! and of course…. my real name is not verona…so dont bother finding me.
    peace out…

    • verona it seems u feed on psychic way.

      • hey folks…the discussion is quite complicated….i jus t wana know that vampires really exist..i mean can the be experienced in daily life?…

      • yes ur ryt..i do feed in the psychic way….though it has taken quite a toll on me..and i have never ever come across a sanguinarine so i dont believe that they exist anymore..

    • hey verona or who evr u are…jst wntd to ask u 1 question..actually i see a persn ..a boy in my college…i dnt knw y but i feel ,may b he’s a vampire….is there any way to confirm…??? .i wnt to be his friend… plz help me….will b waiting for ur reply….

      • u can call me verona for the time being…iv already mentioned quite a few characteristics that can be seen in us so if u have a keen eye u can always catch him shying away from the sun….walkin in the shadows,…n he mite be so used to it that even at night he’l prefer to stay outa’ bright light..try finding the aforementioned characteristics in him…though if he knows what he actually is(as many psy-vampires never find out about their true identity and end up wondering why they never fit in)..he’ll camourflage himself very well for anybody to raise an eyebrow bout his identity….we are not unfriendly in any way….so if he happens to be one he might seem lost in his world,might even act stand offish at first but he’ll surely come around if u talk to him..
        n ya…a word of warning just in case he is actually a vampire….
        plz think before you get too emotional about him… we tend to be very unstable…rarely anything is more important to us than our energy needs…and thats wat takes up most of our time and mental space…also we frequenly change our “hosts”….like i said before…personal relationships are difficult for us…very hard to handle and even harder to balance…

      • u kidding there’s no such things like it……….they r just nominal man so just chill out…..

      • hi email me at;i wud luv to kno more about this thanks.

    • thnks for d reply verona….hope it helps me sum way………
      actually i evn wntd to tok to u personally if its possible for you……i wont bother u much……hope to see ur reply soon….

      • well if u wana talk to me leave ur e mail id… i’ll mail u…

    • hey..ur online…????
      my id is,,

      • hi ..add me on msn..i want to talk to u about this stuff .thanks.

    • will wait for ur reply verona…do mail me or msg me….

    • verona or whoevr u r..u r really a vampire… 🙂

    • this all information seems to be fake. why r u making people fool by watching movies. like twilight. why dont continue it. its not good. do reply me dear verona or who ever u r. m also intrested to know about vampires but not fake. how can any people believe u. ………………………………………………………………………….. do reply

      • hi… Meeta
        well i cannot come and meet you to make you believe me…and neither am i here to convince anyone… it is totally your personal preference to believe me or brush it off.. all i can do is answer your questions in to the best of my ability…and so…just in case u choose to believe me and want to ask anything plz leave your email id. good day.

    • my Id My original id plz reply
      —by MEETA

    • hey.. hi verone or whtever ur name is! m rilli wanna more about vamps.
      do they rilli exits?i rilli wanna noe about dem. how can one noe about their presence or their existence in the world.

      • HI Preeti, you will come to know all that you proably wana knw from my previous comments….but if u still wana know somethin plz leave ur email id n i’ll get back to

    • Verona… I am sooooo relieved to your comment. I’m so messed up with all this being a vampire thing. I dont know what’s happening to me. I wont like to talk about it here ’cause they don’t believe it and make fun of it, and I’m already done with people making fun of me. My parents are irritated and I am really unbalanced right now. :((
      I would be really REALLY grateful to you if you could just help me out with this mess, trust me I wont bother you beyond it. All I need is Help. Please help me.
      My email id is
      I hope you’d reply.
      Take care.

    • Err
      Lil doubts.. If u could js mail me it’d b great..
      My email –

  55. Anyone who claims to be an vampire can show up. u know the venue…runway. This goes to u too “verona”.

    • rohak,r u a psychic or sanguinarian?

    • Hi rohak , so still intrested in vamps , ?

  56. i cudnt understand a thing …………………………………………… i nwanna noe if they really exist.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i bstil havent gt ny ans stupid sight………………………

    • u dint got any answer it bcoz ther is no xact answer for this question….according to the research and theories its very clear that vampires dosnt exist….its jst d vampire novels and movies,because of which people r going crazy …..

      but if u ask me,i wud say any thng is possible…if spirits exist thn ther is no doubt tht vampire may also exist…

      hope u r now clear with ur question …….

      • if some fact hasnt been backed up with logic till now,doesnt mean it will never be proved.Its just higher science..partly metaphysics,which we haven’t yet discovered..
        vampires do exist,but the form which has been portrayed by movies,doesnt exist actually..

    • Yes they exist. Even 2-3 years back i see one of the. but only once, not after that i see again…………………………..

      and i did not know where they go………………

      • well,i dnt believe u Mr. Nikhil…………u sounding so fake…….

      • Dear vampire girl,
        i am not say that believe on me, i just tell me that what happen with me, even some times i also not believe that i see vampire, but its true…….

      • can u elaborate??

      • but how u came to know that it was a vampire……………..

  57. oh my gosh omg omg omg i’m a vampire those are not real vampires

  58. i have researching on vampires for quite a few years now..u can check out this website for some useful info.I have also been to some of the so called vampire hotspots and they exist,but not like edward of twilight.They dont need to bite you with sharp fangs too..vampire fans maybe dissapointed but vampires are more like us humans.They have psychic powers to attract but that doesnt mean they have to be pretty or for sanguinarian vampires,caffeine is a good substitute of blood..not all vamps feed on blood,many feed on energy too..they r psychic vamps n they r potentially more powerful than sanguinarians.

  59. and u guys know whats the biggest crap of all ?? .. vampires are believed to be demons….
    vampires r called so,just because of their mode of nutrition,..they are not another religion or clan.satanists and vampires are completely different.

    • u r informative n pure ur way of research.

  60. still anyything cant’ exist without reasonZor it can be?wht do u think?

    • thnx n u r right..everything in this universe is backed up by some sort of logic.Some of them we have already found out and we call it science,but some of it,which hasnt been discovered yet,..we call it paranormal..
      Ancient people associated thunderstorms,epidemics,volcanoes n fire with the paranormal.Do u know why?because they weren’t aware of the logic that backed these phenomena.
      it is the same case here.We associate vampires with myths,exaggerate their charcteristics just because we havent found out the reason yet.

    • btw,simi r u a sanguinarian? i m asking ,coz i just saw that u were asking for a donor

  61. when i was researching,i had considered both the mythical and scientific aspect.The mythical aspect is useless,but the scientific aspects gives boundaries to our thoughts and since we humans understand the language of science,its better this way..

  62. hey…ur ryt…what ppl dont understand is that vampires aren’t “made”,”created” or “transformed”…they are born the way they are… its all in their genes….and well that doesnt imply that their parent/children will be vampires too…. its just a matter of chance when recessive genes from both the parents culminate in a “different” trait in the offspring….and its almost impossible to chalk down the lineage this way…. th ppl here are lookin for marble skinned super powerful immortal vampires that they’ve seen in movie flicks and will be disappointed to know the truth im sure….

    • hehe..yeah…poor guys lol

      • lili..tht was my severe craving (crises)for energy,when little n brocken doze of psychic or any other way of feeding cuoldn’t help.n dear..r u sure if logic makes things normal?

    • Yes, I’m sure they would soooo be disappointed to see that Vampires look just like others… You cant even make out if the person sitting next to you in the bus is Vampire or not. And about what Radhika says (Vampires are SEXIER than normal people), I think its a pure BULLSHIT nd nothing else. She’s just trying to kill some time. And verona you, I seriously need you to drop a mail on
      I NEED TO TALK, Please mail me. Take care.

  63. yes,to a certain extent.Atleast it shows us a way of dealing with it..just like when u know what the illness is,you know what medicine will doesnt remain a mystery n even if it is not normal,it is not paranormal either 🙂

    • normal, i’d say is just the average of everything thats abnormal….so lets not make a fuss about the term….but yes i agree that once you understand the condition and its cause it becomes much easier to deal with it… for quite sometym i kept denying all of this to myself… everytime i wud go out in the sun and say to myself…everyone else can face it so i too will… but i would always end up with skin and eye allergies that even medications couldnt treat…i forced myself to sleep early and all i could do was stare at the ceiling till late in the night…and many such innumerable things…. but now as i have accepted the facts its much easier…i know exactly what am i supposed to protect myself from and exacly what i have to protect others around me from… i know where im stronger than an average human and where am i weaker….im still learning to avoid conflicts between my energy needs and my personal relationships…but that too has become easier after undersanding and accepting what i really am.

      • how did u became a vampire. i would like to be your frnd would accept my frndship. plz reply dear

    • and yes…lili… plz do leave ur email id….your knowledge seems to be authentic i guess i’d like to stay in touch…n i guess simi shall share the same views… am i right simi?

  64. hey do vamp. really exist……………..ahh i really wanna meet them…………verona who r u plz i want 2 talk 2 u personally because i m really craze about vamp. i saw movies,serials based on it n reserched a little about it…can u help me more……….ill wait 4 ur reply:-)

    • Khushi you might find Vampires interesting coz of the way they are potrayed in movies and tv series….read my previous commens and your interest will surely decline…if even after that you are interested in real vampires then leave ur email address.

      • thanks for replying . My e-mail Id is
        sorry if u felt bad but i have soo intrest in vamps that i just love to know abt them , as every one say they dont even exist so my mind is in a confusion so plz reply.
        R u a real vampire . so plz reply me if u get my msg
        can u run so fast
        do u have some extra ordinary powers
        and what special qualities
        plz reply
        can i be a vamp like in movie twilight.
        plz reply

      • by mistakely i typed choudhary but it is chaudhary ok

    • khushi,verona is right…dnt gt obsessed with this topic…be happy with what u r 🙂

      • u know what,i m addicted to vampire movies n novels n i find them entertaining too.Thats what made me research about this topic..n btw my id is 🙂

      • ur e-mail id please

  65. Hi all, i dont know whether vampires are real or not, never came across one, I wouldnt have made this comment if it wasnt for the image of Godess kali.I assure u that there are things and creatures beyond wat human mind can comprehend, I Know a few such creatures.U know why ancient Indians gave so much importance to blood lines.In this world there are a few blood lines that still survive, descending directly from the pure Agnivanshi and Suryavanshi Kshatriyas(for those who do not understand hindi..descending from ancient warrior clans, clans who inherited the blood of the elemental Gods).A few blood lines of the Nagavanshis still survive( a clan descending from the Shape shifting snakes of ancient india).I know all of this will sound to the readers as bull shit(i dont even want to proove anythng,,,writing this just caz i wanna let out).I am a true blood agnivanshi, still preserving the genes in their purest form and hence can do certain things that humans cant.If something like a vampire was real, i could kick his ass blind folded.We never go to the hospital and never in any case let anybody take our blood samples.We are instructed by our elders never to use our gifts to help general public, but some of us end up doing that and then idiotic people go on and say they just saw a ghost.Coming to the original point, Godess Kali is not a vampire , she is far beyond being a mere vampire(if vampires existed).Nags can shapeshift and normally live among us just like humans.Chandravanshi clan has no surviving true bloods.Agnivanhis and Suryavanshis have a few surviving trueblood lines(my khaap or family line being one) that intermarry.My great grandfather had a Vanar friend, descendents of the Vanaras, a parallel branch of humanoid intelligent apes, though i have never met one.Very rare survive in the Himalayas.I am friends with a Nagvanshi and i must say, he is a bit stronger than me.

    • Hi Agnivanshi…really interesting what you wrote. The only post in this whole blog worth reading actually. Would love to know more about these lineages you speak of. Please post some more. thanks

      • Hi Anjali, thank you for taking interest, Well I would like to share more , but not in the forum, just let me know ur email id and post your questions, I will mail you.

    • HI agnivanshi…..realy want to know more abt the bloodline….please mail me…

      • well i dont know your email id….lemme know ur mail id and I will mail u

    • I’m actually pretty interested in this bloodline thing. If you’d be willing to talk more about it, contact me through my account: id is Enaka. We can exchange email addresses if you PM me there.

      The only reason I’m going through another site is because I don’t want everyone else knowing my email.

    • Frankly, among other bloggers..urs seemed more Genuine.. THe facts that u hav laid is really interesting…. Glad to knw u.

    • hi agnivanshi , can we talk on email my id is i hv sm matters to talk ..plzz.

    • hi agnivanshi i read in u r blog dat their are no decendants of chandravanshi but wen i put my name on wikipedia it says smthing else.i wud really appreciate if u cud talk to me on email plz contact me at thnks

  66. vampires really dnt exit they r just a part fairytale or myth or smething like that well i was used to believe in such things but now no more they r just fake….. iz anybody hjaving any prove that they exist????????

    • nada,vampires exist..but in reality they are more like humans..they are humans,with a little different appetite,u cn say..there r proofs,bt due to pre conceived concepts of the society,they keep their identity hidden..imagine,if we knew that an alien has landed on earth,cn u imagine what our science-freaks will do with that poor creature? vampires dnt want to become an experimental guinea-pig,to satisfy the logic hungry humans..
      can u see god? u cnt..then dont u pray before him everyday?do u demand proof before you pray to god?
      ,vampires exist,but they dnt want humans to know about their whereabouts,they dont want to be quizzed, pestered, isolated or loked down by others as a disgusting creature…

      • hey you seem to be very close to them. isnt it have u seen them. u take a good favour of their existance.

  67. woh woh stop that stupid stories that they exist……..everybody says the same thing about them that they exist and that because of us they keep their identity hidden……..its all folks
    can u say that fairies aliens mermaids werewolves etc etc etc do exist if u believe in these man made creatures too then i will really suggest u to consult a doctor………..

    • nada dear,u r nvr forced to believe something…n no one here wud want to convince u that vampires exist..u dnt believe in their existence,thats ur way of thinking..n some believe in their existence,thats their way of thinking…the least thing u cn do is respect others ideas n keep ur logics to urself..
      n one more thing..if u dnt believe in vamps n stuff,then first of all y r u here on this site?? r u here to enlighten the world about the non existence of vamps?
      bt frm ur first ques,it seemed that u r urself confused about their existence..

    • n one more thing,if u r talking of edward or damon or stefan like vampires,who cn run like lightning,whose body sparkles n all that,then you cn say that they dnt exist.vampires of real world r like humans,they hv intense senses,including 6th sense,they r sensitive to light,they gt allergies or tan rapidly when in the sun.they cnt sleep at night..insomniac types bt get sleepy in the day..n they require to drink blood..they dnt hv big sharp fangs n they dnt ‘bite’ humans to drink blood..
      aftr reading this,u must b thinking,”then in what way r they vampires?” bt this is how they r n they hv defective aura..about which i dnt want to elaborate,coz u may nt knw about astral plane,aura n vital life force

      • how do u knw soooooo much about them…………….and for your kind information as i said before i was used to believe in these things …… some months before i was researching on vampires and then i came across an article in which they were given about do vampires really exist?????? a man who was used to write horror stories used the word VAMPIRE for the first time…………………..

      • vampires existed even before man started creating myths..n i hv been researching about them for 3 yrs i knw quite some info..I cn also suggest some websites,which give real info,instead of tell tales.
        As for vamipe chat sites..i have their addresses too,but only one i hv found is authentic..i got to knw a really nice vampire ovr there.if u wanna try out..i cn giv u the address.

      • what ! a address of a good vampire give me plz

      • dear r they dangerous . please reply me

  68. i wanna tak vit uuuuuuuuuuuuu

  69. i want to tak with a real vampire

    • u will never get a real vampire

  70. lili
    y r u mistakin the defference wid defect

    • i dnt wanna elaborate on it..diff n deffect r two seperate things..i knw..
      bt its too complex to explain..i juz wanna emphasize on the general term vampire

      • dear lili
        defect dont make it a difference,or diff is not caused by the deffect.v should accept diff in a plane way.

      • bt simi, isnt it the defect that makes the difference..i read it that a vampire tries to balance its energy defect..with some substitute like blood or life energy..isnt it what makes them different from normal humans?

      • well…i think the terms defect and difference shall be iter-changeable here…the differenece is arising coz of what u may call the “defect”(though i wudnt like to really consider it that ) i guess all simi is tryna say is that in whatever way we may differ from others…we should be accepted as we are….

      • yes of course…i get it..i shudnt say defect..its a difference offence meant 🙂

      • my id do reply.


    • i see yr blog in human vampires how to meet u or how to see u u have any contact to meet or talk to personally i m relay interested person to know u reply mee on my e- mail id i wait 4 yr ans

    • you didn’t reply me

    • I went vampire any one can help me
      +919732755829 this is my mobile no please help me.

  72. every creature is given different type of hunger n different ways to satisfy.creatures are given different type of body, metabolism,an every thg according to their need of energy.vampires have defferent type of hunger with deffernt way of feeding.

  73. is der ny vampire?
    Then u can contact me……..

  74. as like ours vampires do have their life and its their job to feed on blood as like its our job to eat non-veg food like chicken ,fish or mutton n yes even we may be vampires to these chickens as we eat them n feed on their flesh so we r also vampires in true sense.

  75. i just wanna knoe that der are vampires really alive in india?????

    • yes,there r

      • how r u so sure

    • for that we’ll hve to do some good research…..we will try

    • “vampires r nt real”

      Legends about vampires, so popular among gothic-style fans, have a real base. People that fear daylight, have yellow fang-like teeth, animal-looking nails and are allergic to garlic do exist, not to mention those who merely wear black, gothic jewelry, gets fang implants and bites innocent old ladies while high. By the way, the fact that old ladies are bitten isn’t a myth; in the Kaliningrad region a teenager killed 2 pensioners for a special vampire ceremony. The cruelest accident happened in Great Britain 4 years ago. Then a 17-year teenager slaughtered his female neighbor, teared out her heart and sucked out blood to gain immortality.

      Almost each nation has legends about vampires that hunt people at night and drink their blood. In these legends vampires are cruel, heartless, half-decayed creatures. For example, Slavic mythology has a belief that a vampire won’t get out of grave if you throw some corn inside. The vampire will count corns all night long. But the image of a vampire has changed. Today it is an enigmatic sexy superstar that kept its peculiar traits: love of blood, hate for garlic, and fear for the sun. In the Middle Ages the legend about vampires was complemented with the information that they fear cross and Holy Water. That remained a myth until 1963, when a British doctor Li Illis made a stunning announcement: vampire-werewolf is nothing more than a victim of a genetic pathology – porphyria.

      This is a rare disease – only 1 in 20000 people suffers from it. The body doesn’t produce red corpuscles and thus a person’s blood lacks oxygen and iron and this leads to hemoglobin breakdown under the sunshine. Soon blisters and ulcers pop up; a person starts to have sun energy and can even die. This disease can also cause nose, ears and cartilages deformation. His fingers start to convolve; the skin around mouth gets dry and reveals gums, which turn yellowish because of porphyrine deposition on the teeth. Garlic that stimulates red corpuscles emission in the body of healthy person causes the exacerbation of symptoms among the ill people. This goes hand in hand with harsh pain, so these people also often suffer from mental disability.

      If you sum up all the symptoms of this disease, you get the exact same picture of a vampire shown on TV. In France only in the 17th century 30 thousand people were declared werewolves according to the signs described by Illis. All of them were hanged. The Czech archeologists found the burying that dates back to the 11th century. There were 13 people lying with tied hands, chopped off heads and stakes in the chest.

      Porphyria is not infective – it is an inherited disease. If one of the parents suffers from it, the child is 25 percent probable to inherit it. The reason for it can be hepatitis C, incest and excessive alcohol drinking.

      They say that in the Middle Ages people that had porphyria were cured by blood, though it’s pointless as it doesn’t stanch pain. Today patients get blood-based injections. This disease though is neither examined nor cured.

      Russian scientists don’t pay attention to this problem. In distinction from the West, we have neither qualified specialists, nor equipped medical centers to deal with this disease.

      • yes its true….i trust u r right vicky….probably

  76. i just wanna know that there are vampires really alive in india ?????

  77. this site sucksssssssssssssssssssss.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. i am a 168 year old vampire i have killed thousands of humans over the years and im just here to say all you people on here talking about sanguarian vampires etc are liers you dont know what the life of a real vampire is you are nothing but wanabe losers.



    • hi dear sir its nice to see that you live a very long and prosperous life sir i want to become a real vampire plz help meto become a vampire i am sonu kumar a 20year old young boy from india having email id please reply me soon sir

      • gud luck for ur wish………..
        well ,ur wish is quite horrible…..
        gud luck again…………

      • well i understand ur inosense, so take a nice bite from vampire & R.I.P(rest in peace)

    • hello lucipher is it really ok to expose urself.when were u changed and who did it………haha we really dont believe that ur a vampire………..haha……… plz tell me about a vampire life…… sure it will help many crazy people here who wanna be a vampire…………..i believe in vampires and we r not wanabe losers

    • r u really a vampire ?
      why do u kill people?
      who gave u this right to kill innoent people?
      Hey do u ever fall in love.?

      plz reply

    • hi i wanna talk to u so plz mail me on
      plz reply i request

      • i hope u recieved my mail

    • thank u 168 yrs OLD VAMPIRE but ur word r also too old to tell these words. might u have losen ur memory or having a mental break down.well have a nice day loser.



    • your post is a good joke.I can very well say that you are anything but a vampire..well,lets see,u can b a vampire freak,a psycho serial killer or a mad man in dire need of medical help or perhaps a troll?? u fuckin dnt knw whats a vampire,dont b a poser

    • This site is just LITTERED with trolls. Delicious.

  79. Hi all, i dont know whether vampires are real or not, never came across one, I wouldnt have made this comment if it wasnt for the image of Godess kali.I assure u that there are things and creatures beyond wat human mind can comprehend, I Know a few such creatures.U know why ancient Indians gave so much importance to blood lines.In this world there are a few blood lines that still survive, descending directly from the pure Agnivanshi and Suryavanshi Kshatriyas(for those who do not understand hindi..descending from ancient warrior clans, clans who inherited the blood of the elemental Gods).A few blood lines of the Nagavanshis still survive( a clan descending from the Shape shifting snakes of ancient india).I know all of this will sound to the readers as bull shit(i dont even want to proove anythng,,,writing this just caz i wanna let out).I am a true blood agnivanshi, still preserving the genes in their purest form and hence can do certain things that humans cant.If something like a vampire was real, i could kick his ass blind folded.We never go to the hospital and never in any case let anybody take our blood samples.We are instructed by our elders never to use our gifts to help general public, but some of us end up doing that and then idiotic people go on and say they just saw a ghost.Coming to the original point, Godess Kali is not a vampire , she is far beyond being a mere vampire(if vampires existed).Nags can shapeshift and normally live among us just like humans.Chandravanshi clan has no surviving true bloods.Agnivanhis and Suryavanshis have a few surviving trueblood lines(my khaap or family line being one) that intermarry.My great grandfather had a Vanar friend, descendents of the Vanaras, a parallel branch of humanoid intelligent apes, though i have never met one.Very rare survive in the Himalayas.I am friends with a Nagvanshi and i must say, he is a bit stronger than me.

    • well,ur word’s r quite interesting……………
      i want to know more ,can u plz tell me , if u don’t mind.
      plz ……….

    • hello…plz reply fast as u can ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      I M WAITING……..

    • hey………..
      wats up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Hi, sorry for my late reply…but i was quite busy these days…..well depends what do u want to know…if i can answer i will gladly do that 🙂

    • well…. who so ever you are i dont understand ur prejudice for vampires…. y r u considering us to be evil beings…. just that v differ slightly from humans doesnt make us inhuman….or probably i cannot blame it on you…coz you dont even know what are we all about…like most other ppl. as for mentioning Godess Kali..i am quite spiritual myself…..of course she wasn’t a vampire….but i guess the author just wanted to relate an incidence of blood consumption in our scriptures so that the readers stop seeing it in “evil” light. like you have bloodlines so do we… but due to mixing up of the bloodlines with humans…or, other humans, as i’d like to say… it has become very difficult to trace them…in fact now the recessive trait is expressed only if one child happens to recieve a recessive gene from both the parents…which…yet again, is rare.

      • I dont have any prejudices against vampires….Infact i made it very clear in my post i have never come across one so i dont even know how strong they are or what are the feats they can perform..i made the statement”That if vampires are like the one they show in the movies, with those kind of powers,i could have easily defeated one”,,,,in reality i dont even know how strong they are or whether they exist or not….If i have hurt u my apologies :)…BTW vampire gals are hot for sure(if they exist)

      • well, somebody who doesn’t even know me can never “hurt” me u know…im not d emotional variety….but anyway…thank you fr the courtesy…as for defeating one of us…well u might just, coz we dont have super powers like u claim u do… just a few sharp senses n mystical powers…dat too of varying degrees. bye.

      • hate to know how people misunderstand us. the only real vamp appears to be you here. those bloody wanna-be(s) gonna spoil our name for sure. claiming to be vampyres and talking all stupid shit about us. i’m sorry for such harsh words but, i’m just concerned about our community. we are already forced to hide and survive and these people are gonna make it worse for us.

        by the way, verona’s a good name (though not real) 😛


  80. hi! i would really appericiate if any real vampire can help me turn , in return i allowed let u feed for sometime…………..

  81. *i will allow ^



      • hi…err… Samridhi…was it? yea… well i’m not here to prove anythin to you…so u may believe wat u wana…im just here to interact wid ppl who’v got their facts in place… not to quench ur skepticism or deisire to pick up arguments wid every person on the page. have a gud day.

      • * desire

      • wat happened? i was lookin forward to another fight-picking scenario at your end !


  83. @Tulsi Hi, sorry for my late reply…but i was quite busy these days…..well depends what do u want to know…if i can answer i will gladly do that

    • thankxxxxx……firstly i want 2 know ur name and
      frm were u belong

      • Well, just call me agnivanshi, ofcourse i belong to India. :). to be more precise north India.What about u?


    • can i get ur id in orkut or facebook???????????

      • hahaha…. well that will mean blowing up my cover so soon. Seriously no. But i can make a fake id if u wnt to chat in real time.

      • give me ur id on Yahoo messenger. I will add you. 🙂

    • well mere yahoo me id he nahi hai………

    • hey,,,,,so aapne id bna le????????

    • hey,,dude wats up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • ok…make an id on yahoo…and then download yahoo messenger and add me, my id is

      WATS UP…………………

      • I just gave u my yahoo id….its, what is ur yahoo id? and BTW i am doing good 🙂

    • my id is


  84. what is vampaire

    • he lol
      bat+man=vampire or bat man
      spider+man=spider man
      anything else?
      well this prove that they r all man made creatures……

  85. radhika…u jst wnt 2 grab attention its very clear in the story…u only want mens attention.if so there are many other ways to y a blundr like this??vmpires do n did they never revel themself in the society.wel i dnt beliv in your story…its a fake 1..and u should really improve ur grammar.

    • OOOOOOOOOOOOO MISS paddaku grammar freak, it’s up to u to take the vampires existence, so please take a bite from vampire and have fun. byeeeeeeeeeeee

  86. rely..i cmpltly agree wid Rupali Debnath…..nw itz vry obvious dat Radhika hs gt no wrk 2 do nd is crntly enjnn readin evry1s stts hre… a lot of fn flwng, eh radhika/ d mst freakin nd idiotic vmpre evr hrd of…!

  87. first of all i m very cusious about vampires and want to know much about them….hey guys i don’t know whether radhika is a vampire or not but if anybody knows any book or websites which can open this mysterious loops of vampires then plzz help me out….

    • well miss preamlata apke is pream sabto se mera dil garden garden ho gaya so without wasting ur curiosity i should tell that “vampires never do exists”

  88. hey guys.. umm cn u help me to turn into a vampire…! please..!

    • well thats really difficult question-“you should stay in forest for about 24 hrs and see whether vampires come or not . if he didn’t some animal would just gona strike u with my 100% garunte………..

  89. oooy it’s just hindu mythology or the rumors that were pass out by western following “halowen”.So please take ur seat, have a seat belt and enjoy ur life.


    • he lol
      bat+man=vampire or bat man
      spider+man=spider man
      anything else?
      well this prove that they r all man made creatures….

  90. Any vampire is there then come and shake hand

  91. I will be there for u with always

  92. My no +91-9350177197 call me ,if u need help dear vampire friends

  93. m shreya ma mail id is . if ur a real vampires radhika den do temme more bout d vampires tcreee

  94. if any1 is a vampire do temme bout dem m keen to knoww . 🙂 tcree

  95. heyy radhikaaa i wanna know bout vampsss pllss replyyy if ur really a vampireee okiee il b waiting for ur reply .

  96. just stop sayin all dis crap u fool

  97. der was only one ” Lord Vlad Tepes” the impaler he was the only vampire and ders no other vampirs alive . he was prince of romania . his wife died coze of his killing people . u pple are fken wanna bezz man get a life and be happy that u are a human . dnt ever think that u will be one . der is a club in easternn europe where they say that only vampires are allowed in that club bt they all are psycho fks soo dnt jt fk up with ur life and move on with this fact . vampires dnt not exist.they use to bt no more nw

  98. radikha instead of alll this sht get a bf man and be happy with hm …. u think u are the biggest fan . i hve written “lord Vlad tepes” on ma fore arms . i regret nw . why did i get one i cant remove it nw . may god bless u radikha .

  99. hi plz i want some more info about it would u plz mail me on m from delhi

  100. I think everybody knows tht animals r not able to see colors. Lyk tht I THINK god has given us, human beings a limited power of vision and oder sensual activities. And I also believe tht the creator is muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh more brilliant, imaginative, creative than all of us…. he has already created everything which we can imagine…. Coz we lyk to believe tht we r educated(evenif our education is limited to books written by a few oder Human beings, not the creator himself) nd modern people we lyk to believe things which r presented to us wid proved logic, again d logic is given and approved by a few more human beings. There r infinite things which are beyond any books or logic….. So I think not only vampires, we r surrounded by millions of mysterious positive and negative creatures……..

  101. If any one really know about vampire then contact me kkk …….i m waiting this is my email address

  102. first of all, it’s supposed to be vampyres and not vampires.

    secondly, it makes me laugh how some of you just pretend to be something that you actually are not…just some wanna-be(s).

    you think being a vampyre is so cool eh.. if you really are a vampire, as some of you claim to be, you know that it’s mostly a curse.

    agreed that we (vampyres) have got some powers which a normal being doesn’t possess but there’s more to it. how would you feel if you have to live your whole life feeding on someone else’s life energy? how would you feel if you have to live your whole life feeding on someone else’s blood? and how would you feel if you have to live your whole life feeding on sex?

    well, the last part seems fun.. but hey, it’s not! because the hunger is never-ending. we get weak if we don’t feed even for a single day.

    for me, i’m a psy-vampyre.. I’m Indian. i have to feed everyday on people’s life-energy and survive on sex. i would probably die if you lock me up in a room without any living form of life!

    all you know about us if from those fucked up movies and novels. they’re pretty good read but not complete fact. we are not immortals, sun doesn’t harm us (at least not in a manner they say). we just prefer night because we are more powerful during the dark. we do not kill humans, we just feed on them. and being a true vampyre is not to be evil but to accept the darkness in you. we do not to feed on them forcefully but we have donors for us.

    and hey, to those who are speaking it out loud that they are vampyres… you are clearly violating The Black Veil (which you should be well aware of, if you are a real vamp)
    and this, our community can’t allow. we will look into it. and if you are just a human wanna-be a vamp, you are safe. but if we find out that you are a real vamp and in any manner your act could harm other vamps, we have to deal with you! until then, you’re safe.

    i’m speaking on behalf of the safety of our community. this is not my real name or identity. you have to understand our dilemma. there are certain people trying to kill us. we cannot reveal ourselves in public like this. we can share our secret with only those who truly believes in us and doesn’t mean no harm to our kind.

    • Hiiiiiiiii……….well, why u telling all this ………. may be there is someone who is against u or as u say the people who r trying to kill u…………

      • As I said, I’m speaking in behalf of our community’s safety. The foolish act of some vampyres could attract undesired attention and bring danger upon us.
        I’m the only second member left of my clan. Other have been, well… killed. Few bad vamps make everyone believe that we are all evil. Nobody understands. And that’s why we have to be careful. Some of them are not even aware of what danger they are putting themselves in.
        We reveal our identity only to few human kinds, who are willing to understand us and help us.

        These movies and novels have made us appear so cool and all. But all we really have is a never-ending thirst for blood and sex. Agreed we do have some special powers but they are limited to certain extent.

    • frm were r u??????? means place………

      • Can’t really tell here. You have to understand. Sorry for that.
        But why are you so much interested in us?

    • because i believe that there r other living beings or u can say that the lost species in world except human beings , they affected by our work………… and there r many places which r not even touched by human beings…….and i have some search in this……… i m interested………..

    • well………..
      what kinds of power u have???????????

      • our powers varies from one vamp type to the other.

        as i said, i’m a psy-vamp. and my kind of vamps are more advanced in mental powers or psych powers. we can read your feelings, your intentions. we can make you feel weak or strong without even touching you. we can read your minds but that consumes a lot of our energy. the most “evil” power you can say, is that we can manipulate your thinking according to us. we can make you do what we want and you will think that you’re doing it by your choice.

        we do have certain underdeveloped physical powers as well. like we are stronger than any normal human being.. even though we look pretty lean. i, specifically do not have a very masculine look. it won’t take any effort to kill a human, no matter how strong he is. and that is what i’m scared of. i avoid fights as much as possible. because when i do, it’s very hard for me not to kill that person.

        about feeding, we feed on life energy (from humans, animals, plants or any living creature in this world), sex, blood. i avoid blood. it’s addictive.

    • Kyle…u got it mostly right except for the fact that we can not reveal our identity to any human.. irrespective of the belief n trust….n Vampire or Vampyre…is only a matter of personal choice..anyway…plz leave ur email id…there are other,easier,safer ways of feeding….but for that u need to be a wee bit more powerful…i guess i’ll be able to help u..n tell u about

      • hey verona, how ya doing?

        i’m sorry, no offense against you but this is how we live. i’m doing as suggested by the elders and i think this prevents the massive harm cause to the human race by some vamps. we must have donors who understand us and are ready to donate their life energy, sexual energy or blood on their own. and that is why we need to tell certain people. and obviously, we do not make mistakes in choosing the right ones. we are psy-vamps. we know if the person means harm to us.

        i guess you belong to the sanguines or the hunter community. i understand, your way of living is different from us. we are mostly crazy of lust, you are crazy of blood 😛

        i had a friend from your community. good guy.

        and honey, i don’t need more power. i’m actually trying my best to reduce it. but thanks. you’re very sweet.

        do e-mail me though. i would love to talk to you.
        my e-mail id is

    • hey reply dude……….

    • Could u plz mail me
      Hve some questions
      Email –

  103. hey verona, how ya doing?
    i’m sorry, no offense against you but this is how we live. i’m doing as suggested by the elders and i think this prevents the massive harm cause to the human race by some vamps. we must have donors who understand us and are ready to donate their life energy, sexual energy or blood on their own. and that is why we need to tell certain people. and obviously, we do not make mistakes in choosing the right ones. we are psy-vamps. we know if the person means harm to us.
    i guess you belong to the sanguines or the hunter community. i understand, your way of living is different from us. we are mostly crazy of lust, you are crazy of blood 😛

    i had a friend from your community. good guy.

    and honey, i don’t need more power. i’m actually trying my best to reduce it. but thanks. you’re very sweet.

    do e-mail me though. i would love to talk to you.

    my e-mail id is

  104. u r mistaken i’m a psy…. will get back to u wid dis on thru mail…n as for the powerful part… well i offered u help for alternative ways of feeding…that too coz i rmmbr u had written somewhere “how wud it feel feeding on someone else’s life energy…etc”…not for becoming more powerful…as who knows maybe u r already more powerful than i am….as for the donor part…well especially for contact feeding permission sounds ethical…but then u must’ve heard of group feeding….feeding from another psy….from plants…n well other sources too… contact feeding n feeding on blood are the easiest ways of feeding…n they give u energy instantly….its just like the difference in calorific value of pure glucose in ur body…n that of proteins…u do get instant energy but it doesn’t last for long…plus as u hav mentioned b4…its addictive….anyway..i’ll send u my email add ryt away…c ya there.

    • hey its ma id add me on facebook pls i really wana see u and knw more bout u


      • dear verona is making fool of every one ok. n there are no vampires. ok

      • leave ur e mail id here Prachi.

  105. he lol
    bat+man=vampire or bat man
    spider+man=spider man
    anything else?
    well this prove that they r all man made creatures..

  106. hi guyss………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! check out wat i say!!!!

  107. Oh God I have wasted lot of time reading this all bakwaas (craps),
    damn, man i could not believe that there are such people’s, I don’t want to give their names few peoples who have posted above, how beautifully they have wrote and advertised that they are vampires nd described about their feelings, hw they feel, pls guys stop being such a polite and true liars, I strongly believe that their no vampires and no special powered human beings (AGNIVANSHI) all are fake (THIS IS FOR ALL THE READERS) Guys u r learned people pls don’t believe and read this kind of craps this will affect ur mental thinking nd might affect ur daily deeds. Be safe from this kind of advertisement and logics……………………

    God Bless u All

    • absolutely right

      • agreed…

  108. I love vampires…………………………………………….

  109. hi i also want to say something i am passionate about vampires and i want to be one of them, can anyone help

    • he lol
      bat+man=vampire or bat man
      spider+man=spider man
      anything else?
      well this prove that they r all man made creatures..
      man u r crack?how could u believe in such things?

  110. hey saw ur blog well im quite intrested in knowing more bout vampire well i dont knw wthr ur reallly a vampire or not bt wanna knw do they exist?? whr r they found n do they have tredition of their own if u knw smthn yhen email me at

  111. hey ,wht’s up?hey my docter told me 2 buy blood,if u sale blood plz let me knw,and plz dnt kill people for blood if u want blood contact me my number 9773023383

  112. mai ek bat sai kuch ho ki vampire ka is duniya sai koi kass link nahi hai kyun ki insan matlab kai layai ek dusarai kaa khun karnai ko tayar hoo jatai hai mai is baat sai bhauht dukhi ho is layai mai vampire banana chata hoo. ok

  113. hello everyone m drisha roy….
    i just wanna say that there are some secrets in another world we should try not to know more about these things or those who know about these things should not reveal them………….


    an opinion from……………..

    • other world means?

  114. after reading all this stuff ….. hmmmmmmm…. I THINK ALL THIS IS JUST A CRAP AND NOTHING……Everybody here jzzz making their own fake stories and no one knows the reality……..

  115. u know what i think you are right no one knows the reality …….

    if u know good for you
    better u dont reveal them……………….

  116. `hahaha, aftr watchng twilight… girls(even women) started liking vampires….they wana be one of them so they can get that attention whch they nvr got till date….funny chicksss

  117. wanna meet me little vampy. i really helpful for u. u just try this out.

  118. i love vampires but i hate twiilight ….it sucks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    that sucking movie is making fun of vampires………..
    HATE IT..

    • lol man u seriously think that these craetures r real ?u mad crack u r worst than vampires……

  119. yeah if u think like that ……
    good for you because m really mad person
    and m worst then anyone else in this whole world…………..

    • yeah seems so…… u wanna meet a real vampire eh ?come here i will show u one……not vampire but ghosts lol………no…. iam talking in real here, ghosts , devils do exist but not vampires and all those stuffs..

  120. fun facts…..
    vamps not that great idea.
    life’s more like boredom,feelings gone,loved one’s too
    sex,killing,attraction,life no words
    simple u r dead inside,get over it…
    n no vamps gonna make u one so crying is not gonna help
    get a life n live it,as long u have it..

    and no m not a vamp……………..

  121. does any of u guyz knw english or what???losers

    • well,i guess u dnt knw english either..
      “does any of u guyz knw english or what???”

    • f**** u

  122. now thats what i call an answer!!!! good job!! hahahahahahahahah.

  123. Hi all, i dont know whether vampires are real or not, never came across one, I wouldnt have made this comment if it wasnt for the image of Godess kali.I assure u that there are things and creatures beyond wat human mind can comprehend, I Know a few such creatures.U know why ancient Indians gave so much importance to blood lines.In this world there are a few blood lines that still survive, descending directly from the pure Agnivanshi and Suryavanshi Kshatriyas(for those who do not understand hindi..descending from ancient warrior clans, clans who inherited the blood of the elemental Gods).A few blood lines of the Nagavanshis still survive( a clan descending from the Shape shifting snakes of ancient india).I know all of this will sound to the readers as bull shit(i dont even want to proove anythng,,,writing this just caz i wanna let out).I am a true blood agnivanshi, still preserving the genes in their purest form and hence can do certain things that humans cant.If something like a vampire was real, i could kick his ass blind folded.We never go to the hospital and never in any case let anybody take our blood samples.We are instructed by our elders never to use our gifts to help general public, but some of us end up doing that and then idiotic people go on and say they just saw a ghost.Coming to the original point, Godess Kali is not a vampire , she is far beyond being a mere vampire(if vampires existed).Nags can shapeshift and normally live among us just like humans.Chandravanshi clan has no surviving true bloods.Agnivanhis and Suryavanshis have a few surviving trueblood lines(my khaap or family line being one) that intermarry.My great grandfather had a Vanar friend, descendents of the Vanaras, a parallel branch of humanoid intelligent apes, though i have never met one.Very rare survive in the Himalayas.I am friends with a Nagvanshi and i must say, he is a bit stronger than me.


      • Hey tulsi, guess I like sharing my secrets. I am bugged up of not letting anyone know. And no one knows me on the internet 🙂

  124. don’t know that vampires exist or not but whatever is mentioned in this site is just idiotic…………………..!!!!

  125. U must believe them , if You have believe in god …. Every coin has two sides …… So if god is there then there must other creatures also ……. I believe in them ….. I am ready to become vampire …..this is my ID …… If there is any one real vampire ……..plz make me like you……

  126. hey guys,
    i dont understand some of u ppl said de dont beleive in vampires den y do u guys keep postin here..if u really dont believe in dem u shudnt hav been searhin dis pages n commentin.. its so funny…wel kyle n verona i wud lyk 2 talk to u guys…my id is:

    • hahaha lol we just post comment here to tell u guys the fact……that they just don’t exist such types of things suits in fairytale and folklore’s but in reality so just chill out man……..and live the life….

  127. Hi

    it took nearly 1hr to read what everyone’s view was….i have been searching like the rest of you….its easy to say lion while watching t.v but when he is really in front of you all you have is a wet pant….while searching i found many things….one of which is that in india some brahmins who are high level tantriks….drink blood and eat flesh in orders to become strong and they do it on full moon night….the process and worship is called aghori….if you ask from your elders you’ll know that its true not everyone can tell and even if they could they can’t describe its purpose,procedure and true reason and now before sitting and running your mouth find something? what you are telling are your opinions spoken in such a way that because of you this earth is running you know everything…tell me something you wasn’t born when SAI BABA was there but can you say a no to his existence his work was for the good of humanity so he is still being worshiped but in vampire case think both as a helper and destroyer…..i bet neither you can destroy because you have a good heart and nor you wanna help them in arrangment of blood and if such threads are there and something is being discussed….than why not try to know something that we don’t this over speaking mouth and ego is responsible for the failure of majority….my email id is ….anyone wants to know something that up till now i have found is welcome and also those who know some can just help me reach the answer… me i hate to sit and speak….i prefer watching whille walking….


    • Hello,

      May I know exactly what are you researching on?
      Is it ok if we ask, what have you found till now?

  128. Man u guys r nuts …….there is no such thing as vampire

    • leave them they all r psych………lol

  129. Nd ya there is no such thing as vampirs…..radhika nd others who claim to be vampires just tell me one thing y cnt u guys just cme in public or on tv or smthing nd prove ur vampire…..if u r so called predator y u so fucking afraid of normal ppl……nd ya agnivanshee or who ever u r dude forget abt whipping vampires ass……nd stop being childeish…..if u culd just save ur own ass 4rm bunch of ppl getting kicked would be great thing if smthing like that ever happens….use ur commonsence if vampire or ne supernatural thing ever existed first thing y would they hide? Being so powerful nd blessed with abilities….its just folklore nthing more than that…..dumbass ppl like radhika nd others try to act like buch of wannabe’s to shw they r different 4 others…….stupid attention seekers

    • sector-10 dwarka metro……come at 8……msg back so that i know through mail…….disscussed with others and time was set…..come with all the fools you can gather….

  130. hay i want to becom aaaaaaannnnnnnnnn vampire hoe i will beocme a vampair plz tell

    • oh yeah let me bite ur neck lol

    • really?? become a vampire???
      this life is that painful or boring???

  131. hey i want 2 become an vampire ………i can do anythig
    mah contact num is – +919999275446
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  132. HaI I m a half vampire any ladies interestd reply me i await

  133. Females who r interestd in vampire fantasy reply me i await to tel u the secrets.

    • Secret?? why only Females?


  135. Just contact me vamp girls!!!!!!

  136. r vampier r really if they r really then i really really luv them

  137. Never seen one.So I guess they are in some remote places.

    • Hundreds of them blogged in here. Expressed their opinions & views on existence of VAMPIRES. Surprisingly some of them even claimed to be VAMPIRES.
      People who claimed to be vampires missed on one small thing. Guess what??
      I won’t probably be blogging here again.
      Bye !!!

      • evn if u wont b cumin here agn thn whts d need of writin i probably wont b here blogging agn..tryin to confune people tht may b ur 1 on thm..may b a vampire…lol.. people here r crazy.. :/

      • yes when you dont wanna come back here…..Why comment at all???!!!

      • yea,thts dats d prblm here..people jst need attention..if u wont b cumin agn whts d need to tell people…

  138. pooh !

  139. If vampire Is study this comments so plz reply..
    I want a power any how………… so any body help


    NICE JOKES..!!!!

  141. Hey vampire… Do u really exit ????

    Is U are a Vampire and stay in BANGALORE ?????? , Just let me know the place i wil be there to meet U…

    Just mail me so that i can give my contact details….

    let me see Does any mail pop’s up in my INBOX now…

    • Oops!! forgot to give u my mail id its

      • What if the vampire who comes to meet you is not a good one and tries to harm you?
        And I thought Vampires (if they exist) will not be in a busy city like bangalore.

      • I don’t give them a chance to hurt me!!! and anyway to hurt i really don’t think they exit and dare to come meet Ppl like me..

      • I totally agree with you that they never come in front of any one, even some time its sit with you or in front of you but you are not able to recognize him/her. until they did not want……

        But they exist this thing i know very well.

      • I really feel those things really dont exist if they do too , then there must be the werewolves too rite??

      • we all are think that vamp life is very interesting. but actual thing is that vam life just curse nothing else, and i did not want that curse.

        and as much as i understand him, he did not want generate any other vam. He did not want that some one fell that pain.

  142. u think vampires are cool?
    they r like some kinda superhero?
    huh!!! well lemme clear one thing AGAIN!! vampires are not for liking or loving! they r one of the most dangerous and horrible creatures of this world!

    “no one would understand the pain except those who have suffered”


    • I am totally Agree with you. this is the face which is journal people avoid.
      But i must say ‘every coin have two Face One is good and other is Bad’.
      Now The point is this which face In-front of you.

    • Have u experienced the pain???

      how could u feel the pain of others suffering??

      • i did not feel that pain because i am not a vam. But i see that pain so i can understand.

        and just like some one cry then you understand that next person have pain or any problem.

        same like that when if you have chance,some vam share that feeling with you then you can understand.

      • Wow , LOL !!

        U mean to say u have a Vampire friend its interesting, i am really very keen to know , Did he never every too a chance to make you a vamp like him????

      • god all here
        there r no vamps. so plz dont feel any pain

  143. duh! i have seen both sides!
    the good one is the best and the bad one is the worst!
    u cant even imagine how bad that pain might be!

    all i can say is – stay away and be safe!

    • dear there r no vamps. its just fooling people
      n dont waste ur time on that

      • Yup!! there r no vamps or any fantasy creatures in this world..

        Ppl pretend to be vamps or their friends to create popularity and drive attraction towards which is **** ****……

        Only dum ppl belive those things…

  144. plz do listen to what DRISHA is saying ……. do not call trouble to ur door!!!!

    • yes we do not want trouble but it would have been interesting to meet one, if a vampire or a werewolf really existed.
      It is fascinating to think tat there are something like that in our world.

  145. if u meet one trouble comes automatically!!!! xD xD..!!

    • Trouble comes Only if we meet one rite???

      I love getting into trouble is there any vamp to trouble me!!!!!!!!

    • Yes you are right!! but I do not want to meet one but just want to know if they exist or not!!

    • 1. Vampires, defined as a humanoid being that MUST consume blood or energy to survive do not exist. Cut and paste time, as it is too much work to type this out over and over and I “recycle” my own answers instead of retyping them so here goes. A brief discussion of the human digestive system and then the probable vampire population given an exponential growth rate should explain why vampires are not possible.

      2. The human body is not designed to process large amounts of blood for nutrition. There is not enough protein, carbohydrates, and fats present in blood to maintain a complex creature such as Homo Sapiens or any theorized offshoot mutations. When a human ingests food it is first broken up into a bolus by chewing, then churned up in the stomach with digestive juices to form a mass called chyme. It then passes through the pylorus into the duodenum, part of the small intestine where it mixes with bile salts and secretions from the pancreas and liver which continue breaking it down on a molecular basis, mostly affecting fats at this point. The broken down nutrients pass through the wall of the intestines and into the bloodstream where they are carried to each cell or stored for later use. Indigestible bulk continues through the intestines, turning a dark brown from the bile. Water is absorbed from this mass in the large intestine depending on the needs of the body – a well-hydrated person will usually have a softer stool than a dehydrated person will. Water also enters the bloodstream, and this is what helps to maintain blood pressure. The pressure tends to balance itself in a healthy person because the bloodstream goes through a formation in the kidney called the Loop of Henle, where the narrowing blood vessel forces excess water and cellular waste such as urea out through the cellular wall into the kidneys, where it is excreted through the ureters into the bladder, and then out of the body via the urethral passageway.

      3. IMPORTANT – A person physically unable to process his own food for nutrition therefore also could not process blood – it’s the same process. Ingested blood does not transmit directly to the veins anyway – it would be chemically broken down by the digestive system.

      4. Theoretical ingestion of blood to supply these nutrients would therefore have to occur at least once a day, and would require the ingestion of the entire blood supply which could not happen as the stomach is far too small to hold that much liquid volume. Hold up your clenched fist – under normal conditions your stomach is about that size. Furthermore, such a mass would be difficult to pass thru the intestines as it has no fibrous bulk, would create an intestinal impaction, causing massive vomiting from the large concentration of iron present, and any “real” vampire would have to eventually expel the waste, which would come out as a black, tarry, smelly goo, just as stool does when blood is present from a upper GI bleed.

      5. These humans that affect the whole “vampiric lifestyle” are NOT vampires. They are simply humans playing their own little game, in their own little fantasy world, usually pandering to their own little sexual fetish, which may or may not actually be sexual. I too, play my own little game, in the SCA, but mine is a game where the deeds that I do are determined by the strength of my arm and sword – I am a warrior, with just as much skill and ability as any warrior of ancient times. The difference is that I am claiming to be something physically possible: a warrior, and I prove it everytime I strap on my armor and walk onto a SCA battlefield. The so-called “vampires” are claiming to be something physically impossible: a walking corpse, and all they prove is that black Victorian clothing, a pair of false fangs, and a little makeup make for a good Halloween costume – it does not make you a vampire.

      6. Even if a vampire feeds once a week, and his victim also becomes a vampire, that is exponential growth, with four iterations a month. First iteration: One makes one, total two. Second iteration: Two make two, total four. Third iteration: Four make four, total eight. Fourth iteration: Eight make eight, total sixteen. 16 vampires at the end of one month, 256 at the end of the second month, 4096 by the end of the third month, 65,536 by the end of the fourth month, 1,048,476 at the end of the fifth, and 33,572,832 vampires at the end of half a year! By way of comparison, there are currently approximately 33 million people who have HIV/AIDS and the disease is a world-wide epidemic. I see people every day in the hospital with AIDS, but never has there been one documented case of a vampire attack. Do the math – vampires are a mathematical impossibility.
      As for the idea that vampires existed “a long time ago” consider the estimated global population 5,000 years ago – using the above mathematical rationale, a single vampire could have converted every human on the globe in less than six months. This falls therefore, under the logic of Occam’s Razor – which states that when you have removed every impossible answer, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. Since there is no “vampiric plague” swarming the earth, the logical deduction is that they don’t exist.

      7. Point of clarification about “vampire” bats: vampire is simply the name we have given them because they do drink blood, same as a flea, mosquito, leech, or spider. Are these creatures vampires? No. They are living creatures, not legendary monsters. They can subsist on blood because of their smaller size and proportionately larger stomach volume. Drinking blood does not make you a vampire anymore than eating raw meat makes you a werewolf, although it might make you a mosquito.

      8.The humans who profess to be vampires are victims of an all-encompassing self induced delusion. They are as human as you or I, regardless of their claims, and if they ingest HIV tainted blood they can most certainly contract the disease, esp. if they have any cuts, sores, or lesions in and or around their mouth. It is a very dangerous delusion to be laboring under. Note that there is absolutely no scientific or medical proof that these people derive any benefit at all from the ingestion of blood, and even worse are the so-called “psychic” vampires, because their delusion is one that they cannot substantiate with any concrete evidence at all.

      9. There is no “vampire” gene. People are not “born” as vampires. When a woman goes to the hospital for prenatal care there are many tests done on mother and child, even while still in the womb, to check for many things, including genetic anomalies that result in deformities and birth defects. If such a gene existed, in today’s world with today’s technology it would have been found – we have already completely sequenced the human genome. It would also have to follow Mendel’s law of dominant/recessive gene theory. Again, the odds on that many “vampires” all escaping the notice of the medical/scientific community are so low as to be almost nonexistent. The idea that there is a global “vampire community” engaging in controlled breeding to keep the “bloodline pure” is delusional in the extreme.

      10. There is no “vampire virus” – as I have already pointed out, HIV is a virus, and look at how fast it has spread – virtually everyone knows someone with the affliction. According to the “vampire websites” there are “thousands” of vampires running around. If that was so then at least one of them has ended up in a hospital for bloodwork when they became pregnant, had a bloodborne infection, was injured in a car wreck, etc, etc, ad nauseum. The anomaly would have been detected and medical science would have isolated it, studied it, applied for research grants on it, published papers on it, and turned it into the talk of the medical and scientific community, as well as making its “discoverers” celebrities and rich beyond their dreams. A virus cannot alter your DNA in such a radical fashion without killing you.
      No matter what people tell you, so-called “vampires” cannot drain you psychically, cannot gain supernatural nourishment from blood, and are not in any way shape or form “energy deficient”. Humans do not give off prana, chi, the Force, or anything else that so-called “psy vamps” say they feed on. These are lies of the “vampire community” with absolutely no evidence to back them up, and are used in order to give their fantasies pseudo-legitimacy to people who are gullible enough to swallow this tripe hook, line, and sinker.

      ANYONE who tells you such things are “real” is either living in a fantasy, lying through their teeth, has mistaken autonomic biofeedback adrenaline/endorphin release for “draining”, or are caught up in a delusion bordering on mental illness.

      Drinking blood is a behavior of choice, not one of physiological necessity.

      I’m a Nurse, real education, real experience.

      • Wow!!!:)

      • nice explation……………

  146. Namskaar,
    mera naam shiv nath. PISACH (VAMPIRE) Banne ki chah rakhne wale bahut h humare desh me.
    maine PISACH banne ka tarika humare hindu darm vidhi me dekha h. Wo tarika m aap ko bata sakta hu magar usse pahle aap ye janiye ki pisach hota kya h?

    pisach ki rooh nahi hoti ye 1 bina rooh ka shapit jiv hota h agar aap is shap ko apnate h to aap pisach ban sakte h.

    agar aap janna chahte h pisach banne ki vidhi to mujhe MAIL kare.


    meri age 22saal h parntu 9 saal maine tantrik vidya sakhi h or 4 saal pisach ki jankari me lagayi h.

    100% sure

    • so you are a vampire?? really???

  147. mujhe english nahi aati.

    m vampire nahi par kale jadoo ko m janta hu . Unse hone wali dahsat ko janta hu.

    Or jo log kahte h ki PISACH nahi hote unhe bata du ki jo ek baar dharti par jiya h wo ant tak jiyega.

    • tho apko english nahi aathi tho english me kaise type kar sakthehe?

      Jab aap PISACH ke bareme janthe ho tho aap Pisach bane kyun?

  148. English nahi aati matlab english ke sabdo ko samjhne me muskil hoti h.
    m to hindi hi likh raha hu.
    or agar aap ye puchhna chahte ho ki m pisach kyo nahi ban jata. To aap ye sochiye ki hume manav roop kitne hi janmo ke baad milta h. Ise khatm kar jeena mujhe pasnd nahi.
    pisach ka shapit jivan yahi nahi us upar wale ke ghar me bhi jagah nahi milti .

    aisa jivan jine se fayada hi kya.?

    • correct point!!:)

  149. Namskar pandit ji ,

    kya aap bata sakte h ki vampire kaise bante h or Kya-2 karna hoga iske liye ?

    Plz rpl me fast……!

  150. Namskar kapil ji ,
    sabse pahle apko ye bata du ki m plz mujhe pandit ji kahkar sambodhit na kare Mera naam mere ghar walo ne bade pyar se shiv nath rakha h mujhe ahankari mat banaiye apki badi krpa hogi.

    Or jaha tak vampire banne ka saval h to iske 2 tarike h
    1. apko pisach sidhi mantro ko sidhi kar kamna purti ko prapt karna iske liye apko ek pisach sidhi mantro ki book lani hogi jise vidhivat apko purna karna hoga.

    2. Apko apne jaisi pisach banane ki kwahis rakhne wale logo ka ek sangh banana hoga . 4 Aise log jo kale jadu me mahart hasil kiye ho Jo guru bankar apke parivartan me aham bhumika nibhayenge parntu inme se 1 vyakti aisa hona chahiye jo shapit bhumi ka jankar ho . Jo dharti me davan sabhi shapo ko pahchanta ho . Yahi vyakti apke parivartan ko purna karega or bache 3 vyakti apne mantr ucharan se uske mastiksh ko bal pradan karte h.

    no.-2 ki vidhi adhik kargar h agar aap apna sake to.

    kapil ji jab aap inmese kisi bhi vidhi ka kriyanvan kare to mujhse sampark jarur kar lena apko meri ID to malum h hi.

    • Sir,
      main un logo ko kaha par dund sakta hu jo vampire banna chahte h or kya aap hume vampire banane me madat kar sakte h ?
      kya aap mere guru banenge or hume vampire banane me sahyog de sakte h ?

      it’s a request to you

    • Jab aap manthe ho ti insaan ka jeevan anmool hey tho aap kisi kho Vampire (Pisach) banane me madath kyun karthe ho?

      • Aap pahle mujhe ye bataiye ki ye naye – naye rog kaha se aate h ?

      • rog manee disease?
        Savaal samaj nahi aaya:(

  151. i cant believe this . i really cant believe this!!!
    m frustrated!!! do u guyz even know wat a vampire (pisach) is????
    i have spent mah precious bloody sulky years on this topic VAMPIRE(pisach) !!!!!

    ” i want to be a vampire”
    ” plz tell me how can i be a vampire”
    “i want to meet a vampire”
    “plz tell me the meathod”

    u guyzz still dunno wat are u asking for??

    (ps- dont call trouble ! be happy wid wat u have or wat u are!!!!!)

    • I never asked for any of these Drisha.It is a curiosity to know the secrets in nature(If there is).

      • secrets of nature!!!! duh!!! well u’ll surely get some!!!!

      • I am just Curious about them:) thats all

      • aare shreeman . aap hume kripya ye bataiye aap ye pisach ban kar kya karengey . ?
        logo ka khoon peyengey ? wo toh aap waise he pee rahe hai aapne lame lame comments daal kar. dekho bhai aagar aapko ek pisach yaani vampire banna hai toh aap humare pass humari sharan mai aayi hai . aapko hum Robert pattinson banyengey .aap miliye toh sahi,

      • hahaha!! sahi bolna @ venky!! u need a group na ajao ajao we have a damn big group!! n agar nai banaya na tab!! dekhiyo!!……. 😛

      • are you all gays just joke the vampire life is not good so plzzz dont become a vampire

    • right ! being a vampire is a punishment …….. truely if u ask vampires …… they will wish to be humans …….

  152. yea! yea! -_- !!!! can understand!!! -_-……….

  153. Agar koi b muze vampire bna sakta h to plz help me ?
    m iske liye kuch b kar sakta hu.

    shiv nath ji aap koi jatn bataye taki mhum vampire ban sake humara 14jan ka group h….! Mera number-8955965905 plz call me .

    • only if u agree to payback for your sins.

  154. “@BG” now thats wat irritates me!! -_-

    • I can understand:)

  155. Lalith ji aap kya mujhe bata sakte h ki aap vempire kyo banna chahte h ?

  156. wtf!!! yaar i still cant believe this!!! -_- ……….. @ BG m tired now dude u take this ahead!! -_- ………… lol

  157. @SHIV NATH .. lol Epic ! who the f*** are you ? .. Good way of gettin’ publicity .. LOL ..

    @Drisha @BG .. Why didn’t we get this idea . We’d get some crap fans too o.O

  158. atleast @ akriti m inspired now ! . lol

    • Seriously 😛

      • :):)

  159. i want

  160. log on to vampire scene

    • wat is this about?

  161. haahahaha all those comments make me laugh. so many ppl wanna be vampire. you all need a psychiatrist. vampire doesnt exist, its all myth. try to be a good human being instead of being a moron

  162. hey guys em adhi my age is 15 i am being model everyone says im different frm others i dont know how but i always know whats gonna happen next in my life help me…………

    • dear adhi i can help you in every means i am also a watcher of my life alongwith the others you have a very powerful spell of magic which we called atmajagran mantra if you can modify that power according to you then your every wish comes true you can see past future present and many other things in India 2416 watcher are present and headed by Mr Sonu Singh
      you can reach me at

  163. can any1 vampire make me vampire..m reva,,nd m frm india…bt plzz dnt kill me…!

    • i second that statement!!!!!!!! I believe vampirizim could be a beautiful and wonder thing. Its would make sence in the grand food chain..

      • vernova u kindly mail me i need to talk to u

  164. guys i have seen many serials about vampires interested to know are they real and if they are real then whats the proof?

  165. you can mail me about it but if u have a thro proof i dont like u doing it for a timepass sake my email id

  166. I don’t wanna be that thing …………. but I wanna be a vampire BUSTER !!!!!!! So that, I am real hero !

  167. in love with a vampire……

  168. Hey friends … u know that u can find VAmpires in Uttarakhand……by the way IAm frm Delhi…and in my garhwal village i have seen Vampires

  169. Hey its nice to read d stories n real truths of vampires bt tht dsnt means tht u all guys start sayng tht u all r vampires………….vamy”s r nt a joke!
    may b they exists or may b not…………… if they exists y r we so mch concernd abt thm?let thm hv a cool n peaceful lyf…………bcs they arnt causing ne harm to us…………………..

    • Shiv nath ji aap hi kuch btae hume, ap kaha gayab ho gaye hai, apki baato me ek sachai nazar ati hai humko, hum mante hai ki pisach hote hai, aur ye bhi mante hai ki wo kabhi is tarah se saamne aake apne ap ka pradarshan nahi karenge, is duniya me ese lakho jeevit jantu hai jinke baare me hum jante bhi nahi hai, pisach hi kya ho sakta hai ese ese jeev jantu bhi ho jinke bare me humne kabhi na suna ho

      • Aap pahle kisi shudh khoon wale insaan ko mere samne leke aaiye ..

  170. can any1 vampire make me vampire..m sunit,,nd m frm india…bt plzz dnt kill me…!myemail is inside plz call me


    • all wish to be vampire???? but you know any one not able to see vampire anyone have no courage… cos all wish to live!

      i was interested to know about the unique power from nature and mysterious things,. but what i found no-one believes and if i wish to show proof no-one ready to see in direct,. but now lam also afraid because i also need to accept some reality.

      i dont know you all knows about the reality,.

  172. dz gal jzt wnt 2 gt a little attention dtz y she is lying…no vampyr will be so social…and reveal his or her secret so easily….well i believe in vampyrz and i wish a vampyr to come in my life…..but i can find 1000z of” wanna b vampyrz” on net…u ol liers need to accept d truth dt u r simple human beings….i wish i cud fynd a real one …<3<3<3

  173. iam from kerala (india) the grandpa of mine and the father of my grandpa was know about vampire and i was living in our traditional home before thir was some pooja and prays,.

    iam sure here no1 is vampire but its real and i know about it from some grandha. i got from the secret room of my grandpa home. but it was hard to read what they wrote. so i belive in vampire .

    thir are two kind of vampire 1- who drinking blood which are scary.
    2- whom are never drink blood but they can chainge mind ,specially affecting young girls and womans ., it will not make any scare but its can change like that girl gloomy and always wish to be alone and always thinking n dreaming.

    • Hello Vyga,
      Ur s story does seem interesting…… the 2nd kind of Vamps don need blood but they will fedd on the gals emotions or something???
      and any Idea where will they be…..I mean like in remote places or cities also??

  174. 🙂

  175. This all stories are fake……no1 has evr seen a vampire!
    y will the vampire”s b so formal wd ne1??humans nly donot wnts to share there secrt n u all thnk tht a vampire gonna tell u the truth oh his lyf on net n on social networking site?????plz go n check ur brains……n plzz visit a mental doc!

    n those who r telng they r vampire plz gve sum proof so tht i cn blv tht u r a vampire………………………………!!

  176. well the facts are all right…. but this site dose not have the full info. let the diamond decade come, everything would be relieved.

  177. well james whts this diamond decade????????????

  178. Hi everyone. I think vampires do excist. But i dont thinkt we will ever seen them. Why would an vampire says that he is an vampire. They dont. People who say there are an vampire, i dont think you guys speak the truth. I dont think any vampire will expose it self.
    But still like i said. I believe vampires excist, deep in the darkness places on earth. Maby there still live, maby they already gone. Till we never have proof, eyewitchness dont count ass proof, we will never know.

  179. i want to be foreever a vampire

  180. PLZ…..

  181. PLZ…..

  182. hey vamps !!!!! meet me up ..if u r reading this

  183. I’m usually to blogging and i actually respect your content. The article has really peaks my interest. I’m going to bookmark your web site and hold checking for new information.

  184. Hey guyz….!!!!
    I don’t think any vamp do exist….. so plz stop all these stupid things…
    N yes if any vamp do exist then plz come n make me see u…
    B’coz i don’t believe anything untill i see it by myself….
    M Afreen n lives in Gr. Noida…
    so plz come…. M waiting to see you…..

    • why u want to see vamps .. may thy kill u …. u dont want to live

    • Ms afreen of greater noida can you please shut your mouth and dont dare to bring wrath upon you by irritating the dark powers anger. You are living in a world which is shared by all kinds of persons whether he is vampires or beats or dakini or normal or normal people like you all. Yes we are different from you guys but yes always superiour and more powerful than you fool ignorant normal persons if you really wanna know about us then come to me i will make you feel the world of mine to see and glossed by your own eyes but if you dare to damage the prints of any magical creatures of this earth then i will make your life worse than living just sitting here at my home better stay away from people like us and yes reach me through i will be waiting to sollve your myths

  185. Many thanks for writing this blog and sharing it with the world. I would like to know the best way to go for examining your rss blog. Please let me know if possible.

  186. Ami really want to be a cold blooded faster vampair

  187. here some sounded reasonable, some are crazy people who r mad for meeting a vamp, becoming a vamp! as i told in my 1st comment i believe in vamps as not i hv seen some vamps movies and novels bt i hv seen vamps, hv talked to thm! some r my friends! AND THY R LIKE US ONLY, EXCPT SOME ANOTHER QUALITES THY HV! dont expect frm me to tell those vamps address or names! as i hv been told not to reveal their identity! guys leave the thought of becoming a vamp ! god has made u a human! dont go against nature! BYE

    • Yes we get the Idea of becoming a vamp is weird.But, its just that we also want to know if they really existed or its just a myth.Tats all!!! Curiosity !!

    • Thanks man. I am kinda finding some sensible humans here after such a long time. And thank you Vamp friends too. They have done a good job by making you understand the importance of our secrecy. I’m impressed. Good job.

  188. […] Vampires and super-beasties of India…for the blood is the life… ( […]

  189. […] Vampires and super-beasties of India…for the blood is the life…( […]

  190. Frndz u hvnt seen a vampire so plz dnt wish 2 c dem to sae dat plz make uh a vampire i m telng uh human lyf is d bst lyf so love ur lyf!

    • yes that i agree !!! this is the best life 🙂

    • Well said. A sensible human after all. Keep it up 🙂

  191. u guys seem interested in vampires. trust me its not a good life unless you’re sure want it from the core of your heart. the first few monthes are painful. and sun is no more that harmful to us now. we’re used to sun now though it feels like a burning sensation when we go out in harsh sun. cloudy is fine. i’m 5’9. still of growing age. my eyes change colour between light brown and red(when i’m angry or thirsty).we do sleep.
    if you wana know more, add me in facebook “Soupal Michael”.
    contact +918609010921

    • How did you become one??
      and why do u hate India?

    • Are you out of your fucking mind?! Giving off your contact detail like that? I don’t know which clan you belong to but I’ll make sure your Elders keep you in check. You are putting our kind in danger.

  192. An impressive share, I simply given this onto a colleague who was doing a little analysis on this. And he in actual fact bought me breakfast as a result of I discovered it for him.. smile. So let me reword that: Thnx for the treat! But yeah Thnkx for spending the time to discuss this, I really feel strongly about it and love studying more on this topic. If possible, as you develop into expertise, would you thoughts updating your weblog with more details? It is highly helpful for me. Big thumb up for this blog publish!

  193. Fuck u all man
    Vampires? I am a vampire age 115
    Anyone wanna turn into a vampire? Let me bite u
    Between i’ve not had ma meal from a long time!

  194. hey!!!!!!!!!! is dis just d way of tym paas or do nybdy realy a vamp ovr here……… ? if nybdy is dn we need to tok……..
    nly vamps r alowd to rply… thanku….

    • Hii I am subhash please call me 8740063184……8432598575 …. So please help…. Vimpayar

  195. Meet me on my email~
    1.i feed on blood
    2.i hate garlic b’coz i burn me.
    3.i m very cold as ice or in human dieseas name u cn say that i m suffering from hypothermia from last 105 years.,,,..,.,,.
    Wnt 2 know more.,,,.

    • Whoever you are, stop this nonsense right now! People like you create a mess for us. It’s already too hard for us to live hiding in the dark and you are making it worse. Never spread such nonsense about us ever again, or there will be consequences. Consider it a fair warning.

  196. “Soupal Michael”.&.
    mr.Drake I want to meet you guys… i want to see u face to face ok,dont mind or dont get angry i just wanna know more about you guys…. coz i really wanna be a pure vampire,did you guys help me to transform me as real pure vampire ??? cont. me in my email

  197. No rply … nobody here !!!

  198. Vampire real hai kya

    • Look sweetheart, real or not, I would advice you to leave this subject. Some things are better in the unknown. You are too innocent for such reality. You take care. And forget about Vampires.

      • dear kyle just keep your advice in you bag….who give you authority to judge someone’s innocency ….if you know something just spill it

    • agar tumhe janna hai toh himachal aana padega soumya
      kyonki khud maine vampire ko dekha hai
      pata hai mujh pe koi vishwash nahi karega
      par mai is pe vishwash karne laga hoon
      kuch toh ase bolte hai ki main koi film dekh ke koi kahani bana raha hu .
      per ye such hai mane vampire ko dekha hai .
      baaki maanana n manana apki marzi
      agar apko or jaankari chaiye tho plis call me.8263849485

  199. May I simply just say what a relief to find somebody
    that actually knows what they are talking about over the internet.
    You certainly realize how to bring a problem to light and make it important.
    More people need to look at this and understand this side of the story.
    It’s surprising you aren’t more popular because you definitely have the gift.

  200. i rly loves vampire nd mai unke bare mai srch krna chahte hu unke histry ke bare mai nd sare vampire ak jase nhi hote hai wo apne atma khone ke bad bhi pyr kr skte hai apne sth hmare drd bhi smjh skte hai hr vampire khusi se ye nhi bne the unhe mjburi mai bnna para hai or kbhi apne or logo ne ye socha hai ki unke andr bhi dil ho skta hai unhe bhi drd ho skta hai but wo bechare apne tklef kisi se nhi bata skte hai apne drd ko hmesa andr hi rkhte hai mai unse milna chahte hu ak wse vampire se jo tklef mai ho jisse kisi ki jrurt ho plzzz koi mere hlp kro nd india mai hai ya tha koi vampire to uss tk pahuchugi or kosis krugi ki mera srch cmplet ho

    • who are you

    • Some things are better in the unknown, hidden. Please try to understand that. This for your own good, and ours as well. Thank you.

  201. agr koi bhi profcesr ya koi studnt jisne kisi vamp ko mehsus kiya hai ya unke bre mai know rkhta hai so plz cntct me this 9693146224 nd plz aap ise mjak mai mt lena its vry sirius mai janna chahte hu ki india mai koi ase jgh hai jaha wo ho skte hai ya hote the plzzz frnd ise sirius lena nd ise koi bhi dekhe to or kuch janta ho to mujhe cl kre m eva nd m a studnt

  202. agr koi bhi profcesr ya koi studnt jisne kisi vamp ko mehsus kiya hai ya unke bre mai know rkhta hai so plz cntct me this 9693176224 nd plz aap ise mjak mai mt lena its vry sirius mai janna chahte hu ki india mai koi ase jgh hai jaha wo ho skte hai ya hote the plzzz frnd ise sirius lena nd ise koi bhi dekhe to or kuch janta ho to mujhe cl kre m eva nd m a studnt

    • i have something to share, and i tried calling you but your number was switched off.

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  205. Listen Guys, don’t interfere in Vampirism. Stay Away.

  206. Main vampire banna chahta hoon

  207. can please someone help me with myself. I have been dragging myself. My social life has reduced to zero. I am even afraid to go near my parents. My hunger is getting the best of my effort. if someone can help me please contact me 9872761084.

  208. Ms afreen of greater noida can you please shut your mouth and dont dare to bring wrath upon you by irritating the dark powers anger. You are living in a world which is shared by all kinds of persons whether he is vampires or beats or dakini or normal or normal people like you all. Yes we are different from you guys but yes always superiour and more powerful than you fool ignorant normal persons if you really wanna know about us then come to me i will make you feel the world of mine to see and glossed by your own eyes but if you dare to damage the prints of any magical creatures of this earth then i will make your life worse than living just sitting here at my home better stay away from people like us and yes reach me through i will be waiting to sollve your myths

  209. bad

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  212. i hv feelings that a vampire in my past life was my love and now its searching for me so whatever the consequences may be i just want to meet him.

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    • Tell me pleas

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