Barack Obama sings “chori chori chupke chupke”

The World’s Oldest Man Dies in Rajasthan (another Indian world record lol…)

I found this strangely moving…I mean…perhaps it is a question of mind over matter? I mean, I think most of us assume we’re going to kick the bucket a lot earlier than this guy…but if you knew your body was going to be your home for that long…well personally it might encourage me to take better care of it…well I don’t mean to get all senti and stuff…but perhaps myths of immortality were just parables about longevity which defies logic…and maybe its the logic that kills you? I shall experiment. I’ll let you know in 70 years…stay tuned…

image and story from the telegraph

20 Aug 2008
Habib Miyan the world’s ‘oldest man’ dies in India

Habib Miyan played the clarinet in a maharajah’s orchestra before retiring 70 years ago.

However, there is much dispute over his actual age. Although he said he was 138 years old, his pension book showed him to be a mere stripling at 129 – and the Guinness Book of Records has been unable to verify his age at all.

Miyan, who lived in Jaipur in western India, had no birth certificate but has collected a state pension for decades. He once worked in the court of the king of Jaipur – Raja Man Singh, where he played in the wind section of the orchestra.

A crowd of thousands attended Miyan’s funeral – demonstrating the fame to which he had risen in the state of Rajasthan. He died after suffering fever and dysentery, his niece Munni told reporters.

Miyan sprang to the attention of the world in 1998, when a bank clerk called Rajesh Nagpal decided to look up the records of the venerable old man who had been collecting his pension for as long as anyone could remember.

Six years later he became one of the oldest people to make the pilgrimage to Mecca – a lifelong goal for the devout Muslim.

The visit was exceptional: Miyan, who had been blind for more than 50 years and suffered limited mobility, spent most of his time at home praying and telling stories to his enormous extended family of 140 people.

“If you treat your body well, the body will treat you well,” Miyan always said, according to a relative.

Natalie Portman- the Sita Squid from the Doordharshan episode of the Ramayan that you missed- Carmensita- by Devendra Banhart

Is it offensive? Is it cute? Uh? My lofty minded cultural theory teacher once told me “if its silly its not orientalism” well that certainly “cleared things up” for me by making them less comprehensible- uh I don’t know and I don’t really care- I think people decide to be offended if its convenient for them to do so- so they have something to bitch about instead of focusing on their pointless, culturally bereft, insignificant existences- so I mean- so if it pissed you off why dont you go and make your own fucking video- as for me- I thought the guy- Devendra (Natalie’s current boytoy) was kind of hairy- I thought the makeup was nice- I thought the chic playing the slutty version of Kali at the end was not nearly a hot as I imagine kali would be in person- I thought Natalie did a really stupid imitation of indian dance- I mean even the extras were better- but I thought the beastiality with the squid was very sexy after the whole Sita sati and added just that missing trope that would have made the original Ramayana that much better. So check it out. And can someone explain the lyrics if you know spanish- cuz I don’t exactly see the relationship between the video and the music. anyway…enjoy-

Invoking the cosmic wonder of his beard and Bollywood, Devendra Banhart’s latest music video is both a love story and a tongue-in-cheek nod to India’s maharajas of yore. In “Carmensita,” the newest single from his latest album, Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon, Devandra and his uber-hot (and unlikely girlfriend) Natalie Portman get down to psychedelic-indie, all while saving the Kindom of Carmensita from the clutches of Lord Rajan the Malevolent. When taunting the Prince (played by Devendra), Lord Rajan bellows, “You think you can defeat me with your rebellious beard?” Later on, Devendra kills Lord Rajan by shooting venomous snakes out of his forehead. This is arguably 2008’s most badass moment in music videos.


Adorable Desi Werewolf Boy

It takes a lot to bring out my own maternal instincts but this little wolverine kid slays me! Makes me want to howl at the moon and bear a litter of wolf cubs. Of course the poor kid’s going to grow up with doctors and other idiots calling him “diseased” instead of completely adorable… and his mother? She has to ask “God” why he did this to her? Someone should feed that woman cyanide and have her ovaries set aflame.

Hypertrichosis, also known as Werewolf Syndrome, is a rare genetic condition that has been plaguing Pruthviraj Patil since birth. Believed to be one of a mere 50 people in the world with the condition, Pruthviraj and his family have tried numerous treatments, but have had little luck. From homeopathy, to traditional Indian Ayurvedic remedies and even laser surgery, the Patil family has tried a lot, but the hair just keeps coming back. They are desperate to find a cure.

Pruthviraj says, “I would like to get the hair removed but even after laser treatment it grows back. The doctors don’t have any answers.” The hair is thick, matted and covers the boy’s face resulting in a lifetime of being stared at, bullied and harassed. “It is difficult when I venture outside of my hometown or where people don’t know me,” says the boy. “Why did God do this to us?” asks his mother. “He looks so odd and wherever we go people throng to see him.” When he was born some villagers regarded him as a God, while other saw him as a supernatural creature or a bad omen.

Despite his appearance, Pruthviraj is a popular student at his school. “When I first went to school I used to get bullied and other children would laugh at me,” he says, “but now they treat me like normal. We all play cricket together and the hair doesn’t stop me running or catching the ball, so it is not a big problem.”

Vinay Saoji, a plastic surgeon, says the boy suffers from one of the rarest genetic conditions. “Hair nevus, where a person has patches of excess hair growth or hirsutism, is not uncommon. But hair persisting all over the body is very rare,” he explains. “Though I have seen such cases documented I have never come across anyone suffering from the condition until now.”

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Skeletor’s maternal instincts

very cute..the christmas special… “I don’t like to feel good. I like to feel evil!” reminds me of someone I know… hmmm…

“Child Beer”…grab me a cold one…

mmm…fermented child…oh wait that’s child BEAR…oh wait that’s kind of gross…is this like fermented placenta? anyways…


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Weird, Extreme and Random Desi Stunts and Performances…

lol…excellent…where there’s a will to be weird…there’s a way…

of course we don’t approve of the snake biting…that dude clearly has some serious oedipal issues with his father and he needs to stop taking it out on those sweet garden snakes…