Ancient Muslim Dog Tomb


BIDAR: It was a common thing that Muslim rulers raised tombs for themselves and also for their near and dear ones but a tomb for a dog is something many would not have come across.Especially, Bidar is bestowed with many such magnificent tombs belonging to the rulers of the erstwhile Bahmani and Barid Shahi dynasties, and among them lies Kutha Ka Qabr, a small tomb dedicated to a devoted dog, which was killed by its master unknowingly.


A Karnataka Tourism booklet says there is history behind the tomb. The booklet adds that a devoted dog saved the life of its master but was killed by its master under the mistaken impression that it had harmed his friend. Later, learning about the dog’s devotion to him, the Muslim master raised a tomb over its grave.But, the booklet does not mention who was the master of this devoted dog nor when the incident took place.

Kutha Ka Qabr establishes the fact that dogs are man’s best friends and that they share a strong bonding with him.Though it is a small tomb, it speaks big about the nature of an animal having devotion towards its master. story via weird India


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