Tulsi leaves grow out of Desi Boy’s Ears!

I’ve heard of someone being green behind the ears but this is just ridiculous.

DOCTORS ARE predictably baffled by what would appear to be a medical mystery. Over the last three days, assorted plant leaves and seeds have been continuously popping out from one of the ears of Aman Deep, a 12-year old boy in Faridabad. The sixth standard student has been equally stunned – his ear has “delivered” more than hundred leaves.

He was rushed to ENT specialist Dr. Praveen Chawla, who was shocked to see assorted pieces of leaves of the plant species such as ashoka, pipal, paan, tulsi and even banana and seeds of vinca rosea plant coming out of Aman’s ear.

read the rest of the story at yahoonews.com

well perhaps this is the beginning. the planet is beginning its revenge. about time. And I don’t really mind if I turn into a plant. I look good in green. And I’d like to be able to drink water through my feet and eat sunlight through my brains…like swamp thing… anyways…

now for some random entertainment by Ozan Sokmen…a spooky little film called “The Day a Leaf Came out of My ears”…..


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  1. Thanks for sharing very useful.

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