Tis the Season to get Wasted… Sanjay Dutt, Saaki Saaki, Musafir… (hic)

Tis the Season to get Wasted…tra la la la la la la la la
Pour a drink you haven’t tasted….tra la la la la la la la
Old Monk Rum, Bacardi, Brandy… tra la la la la la la
grab whichever bottle’s handy….tra la la la la la la la la

This original composition is coming to you direct from your very own yuletide alcoholic ROTD with compliments from the cyber bar. (a note on interpreting this classic work: the song improves vastly when you sing it after five or six drinks)

and on the subject of sharabis….

Here’s Sanjay Dutt singing “saaki saaki” from Musafir…

for all you drunkards out there: much love! Oh Sharabi! Kya Sharabi!


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  1. Oh lord. Old Monk is what we used as the base for our now-(tiny-time)-famous “Landour Iced Tea”, a 1999-era Mussoorie concoction we cooked up using Canada-provenance flavour crystals, Limca, and a great deal of thirst. Named after the old missionary school at which we were receiving our Hindi training, by gum. God almighty, might as well hit yourself in the head with the bottle and get a head start on the hangover. But, when it was all said and done, it was certainly better than nuthin. So for that, I salute Old Monk. Mabuhay!

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