J.K. Rowling sues Durga Puja organizers for constructing Harry Potter castle. And Dumbledore is GAY!

the word…”cheap” comes to mind. I mean, ok so it isn’t exactly legal for these guys to be building a Harry Potter castle but I somehow don’t think she’s quite getting the point of the occasion. She claims that the organizers will be making a profit off of her castle for Durga puja but asking them for 2 million ruppees is a bit ridiculous. A large majority of people who attend these big festivals are from poor communities who aren’t likely to spend much money and so in a large sense the sets constructed are a public service. And in any case, during these festivals people come up with all kinds of weird themes like ganesh sculptures that look like spiderman. If they had to pay some huge royalty fee every time they came up with a cute idea to make the kids happy things wouldn’t be nearly as fun and interesting. It just seems slightly pathetic for one of the richest women in the world to be getting her panties in a twist because some people in India read her book and got a bit inspired. She should be flattered. But I guess she’s spent too much time in America. Her natural reaction is to press charges.

October 12, 2007

NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court on Friday refused to restrain a Kolkata-based Durga Puja committee from using the statues and images of Harry Potter characters during the nine-day festival.

Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul, however, made it clear that the court’s order would be applicable till October 26, saying, “any (further) use of these characters will be subject to the prior permission of the author of Harry Potter series, J K Rowling.”

The court also directed the Puja Committee to file an undertaking stating that they would not use any character from the book without permission in future.

The lawsuit filed by Rowling had sought a restraint order from the Court against the puja committee at Salt Lake from using Harry Potter characters in the pandal.

Using the characters without taking due permission was a clear cut violation of Rowling’s intellectual property rights, the suit contended.

The pandal has been designed in a manner which resembles Hogwarts Castle described in the book and displays statues of Potter characters like Hagrid and Hedgewig apart from Potter himself, the suit said.

The counsel, appearing for the Committee, Deepak Nag, submitted that it was a non-profit making society and was using the characters only for charitable purpose. from dna

and on a completely different note…DUMBLEDORE IS GAY!


Now it all makes sense! I couldn’t figure out why old Dumby would have been so impressed with that prepubescent fascist, Gellert Grindelwald. But then she didn’t spend much time in the book describing how cute he was, did she?

So camp it up with the Hogwarts Rainbow parade in “Its Ok to be gay”

Now I’m waiting to hear whether Chacha Chaudary and Phantom are out of the closet yet…


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