Hypnotic tv Guru and Hindu Gods in Outerspace…

loook into my eyes…..

hahahaha….psychedelic religious programs…



  1. The publisher, who put the hindu god clips, seems to has a low self esteem and doesn’t respect his/her religion. In frustration, attacking other religions. Should consult a psyceatrician without delay in his/her own interest.

  2. the publisher (yours truly) thanks Sanjeev for kind recommendation- made a visit to “psyceatrician” but all they discovered were rats in my head. Unfortunately I am a robot controlled by a super race of God Mice. As I am a robot I have very little interest in self esteem although I am a little frustrated by the copious rat droppings left by the rats in my cranium. Are the Gods in your head more hygienic than mine? Perhaps I should consider conversion if this is so.

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