World’s largest shirt Made in India

Something about this “I have a bigger “X” than you do” Desi competativeness worries me a little bit. Its like “Hey world” you may have better health care, education, and more money but I have the longest ear hair, longest moustache, longest fingernails- you may have girth but we have length, yaaar. Even our history is longer than yours. In India our Gods used to throw nuclear missiles while yours were trying to invent fire with stones. And now we have a bigger shirt you bastards.” Well you know what they say about men with big shirts? They’re hiding juicy man-breasts and a pot belly. Anyway, yet another Guinness World record has been broken. Another freaking nerdy record.

Here’s the article on it from the Tribune: (I’ll put up a photo when one comes out in the papers)

A tailor-made tribute
by J. Sri Raman

It was on October 2, Gandhi Jayanti, that the giant task was reported to have been accomplished, making it a day to remember for a better reason than a mere birth anniversary. Embarrassing memories of a half-naked fakir receded further, as a shirt of Herculean proportions was given the final stitches on a sprawling ground somewhere in the country’s capital by an army of apparel-makers before the cameras of a popular television channel.

For those who came in late, it was nothing less than the world’s largest ever shirt in the making. Those crawling on it in diligent concentration, like Lilliputians on Gulliver, were carrying out the creative commands of a fashion designer of growing fame. The finished product, it was made known, would celebrate the merger between the avant-garde production unit and an upcoming export house. The designer spelt out the message for the media: “Indian fashion is ready to take on the world.”

Words that would make any Indian chest swell with pride. It can swell all it can, but cannot still equal the chest measurement of the shirt estimated at 170 feet, against a length of 160 feet. The collar is said to be as broad as the doorway of a five-star hotel, which is quite logical considering that the wearer of the shirt is unlikely to go in for any lesser board and lodging. About 5,000 metres of fabric has gone into the making of the product: not since the time of Draupadi, say historians, has so much of material been used to drape a single individual (even if it is only an imaginary one in the present case). And, keep your shirt on, this one has a row of 15 solid-wood buttons, each of a diameter of 35 inches, together making as light an attire as a dining table.

The idea of banishing the memory of Gandhi and backwardness is only secondary. The primary purpose of the event was to enter the Guinness Book of World Records. The country had some catching up to do in this regard. There has, in recent years, been a noticeable decline in the number of Indian achievers like those who grow far-reaching fingernails, who can cover themselves with cockroaches, who can vault to new heights in vada-eating. and so on and so forth. The shirt-makers are clothing the nation with a new dignity.

This is barely the beginning. If the giant shirt comes, can a jumbo sari be far behind? Or the largest ever Lucknavi kurta? These can be produced, to mark other corporate mergers and to claim more mentions in the Guinness that should more than make up for our place in the UNDP’s Human Development Index.

Come October 2, 2004, and it is clear what our fashion industry should create. Yes, the world’s largest loincloth. That will be a fitting answer to frivolous critics of the fantasy shirt.

And, maybe, an exhibition someday of “the emperor’s clothes” of the most extraordinary size?

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  2. there is know picture of the largest shirt this is a rip off

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