Chakde ! India! Happy Independence Day…

Ok so I was more or less dragged to see this film but I have to tell you that if you that if you want to do something fun this Independence day- go see this film. It was the feel good film of the year- and even a crusty old cynic like me got sentimental during bits of it. Ok ok so I’m a softy. But go see it- by commercial standards its seriously well acted- Shah Rukh Khan actually manages to get through the film with minimal tears. Its a film about a hockey coach for the national girl’s hockey team, and how they whip out a can of whoop-ass at the world cup. It was a film that also managed to touch on a number of sensitive issues without getting disgustingly sentimental… for instance you don’t often see films that give you a sense of muslim Indian patriotism (Khan plays a muslim who is suspected of being a traitor by helping the pakistani team beat the Indian team). And the girls on the hockey team are awesom- really well acted. There’s like this bad ass sardharni chick, and this midget Haryanvi chick- and when the Manipuri chick and another northeastern girl sign up the guy at the desk says “welcome.” They scowl at him. He says “why are you unhappy?” They’re like “would you be happy if someone told you you were welcome in your own country”…so the film kind of touches on a number of general racial discriminations that you’re kind of aware of in every day life but that films don’t seem to have mentioned before. Plus the fact that Indian girls (like the girl from Manipur) who have slightly oriental features always get hit on…jerks calling out to them “hey baby”…etc. So there’s this awesome scene where the whole team of girls attack these pervs at McDonalds and kick some *#(%(%#…So my advice to you…see it. Chakde!

Also, apparently the girls who act in the film trained so well as hockey players that the actual national girl’s hockey team is planning to play a game against them, in real life.


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