Can I make friendship to u?


So ummm…of the many holidays that seem to creep up and sort of poke me on the side of the head, “Friendship Day” day (first Sunday of every August) is among them, and quite happily, I didn’t receive a single happy friendship day wish- which means two things 1) I have no creepy male friends on the internet who “want to make freeeendship” to me….
and 2) my friends know if they sent me one of these “our friendship is like box of chocolates” cards I’d probably vomit on it and send it back to them with the words added to the card saying “yeah. and these were the chocolates.”
But hey I guess it would probably be a really GOOD day to dump your boyfriend/girlfriend or file for divorce with flowers and a nice card. I leave you with Cake’s song “friend is a four letter word” a good soundtrack to another holiday designed and manufactured by greeting card and cell phone companies to earn money and clutter our lives with sentimental exctreta.


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