Lucky Lips “hai rama rama”…NRI schoolgirls dancing in Moscow

Don’t know if you ever saw this film “Lucky no Time for Love” 2006, but it was probably the first of these “Lolita” inspired films to come out with the idea that jail-bait romances make for good box office success. This film did pretty well, and starred Salman Khan as this older guy who ends up looking after a nubile young NRI schoolgirl living in Moscow. They suddenly find themselves trapped alone during some sort of terrorist attack and fall in love, etc. But basically they never really kiss or actually do anything too controversial. The controversial bit was that the girl who plays Salman Khan’s love interest is an Aishwarya Rai clone and when this film came out there was all sorts of gossip flying about regarding how Salman Khan was making threatening phone calls to his ex girlfriend’s (Aishwarya) new boyfriend (then Vivek Oberoi). Anyway I just like this catchy tune from the film “Hai Rama Rama”. Recently I came across footage on my dv camera of me, my husband and a friend of ours getting slightly smashed on russian vodka and dancing to this song like maniacal bears pretending to be schoolgirls…so whenever I hear this tune it cracks me up…The video is basically four NRI schoolgirls flirting with the Russian navy and singing a song about having “lucky lips” that are going to be kissed someday. Its cute in a sort of slightly kinky schoolgirl tease kind of way.


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