The Mad Experiment takes Place Tomorrow: DJ Fadereu and his walking words

Dr Frankenstein is ready.

July 27, 2007

An event is happening in Mumbai tommorrow at Kala Ghoda. It is the unveiling of a mobile phone technology to track your own movement, and a game. Kindly see the event poster, visit the website, and call us for more information.

यह मेल आपको कल मुम्बई में होने वाले एक अनोखे खेल के बारे में सूचित्
करने के लिये भेजी गयी है! हमारा पोस्टर देखिये, वेबसाईट पर जायें, या फिर
अधिक जानकारी के लिये सम्पर्क करें!


For information in Hindi call—>>>DJ Fadereu(a.k.a Rohit Gupta) : 098214 24074
For information in English call—>>> Gabriel Greenberg : 09870181434
or email:


I leave you now with the mad laughter of maniacal mad scientists on the loose…

A Finnish Mad Scientist Laughing competition:

(Post script)

Cellphabet was featured on BBC Radio Five.

The Cellphabet project is
now part of the syllabus at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.
It is being taught in the Department of Aerospace Engineering
at the Beckman Institute. The relevant lecture notes by Tim Bretl
are available as a PDF.


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