Aghori Sadhus…some Indian wizards…

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Wizards don’t just exist in fairy tales…there are real ones…modern day Merlins who live among us as imperceptibly as the wizarding world lives among muggles in the Harry Potter Series. wizard.jpgYou may believe that what they do is magic or you may not. But from their perspective there are spirits, gods, and complex alchemical energies flowing through the world that only the trained mind can see. They are shamans that travel between the spirit worlds, using marijuana and alcohol as sacraments. Hindu wizards are known as sadhus, and among them possibly the most intriguing bunch that roam the earth these days are the Aghoris. They commune with the dead, living among them and practice rituals with corpses in order to make contact with the divine mother, Kali, to whom they pray. It all sounds very macabre till you read some of their philosophy. For them, nothing and everything is sacred. That is to say, excrement and corpses are as sacred as flowers. They see all things as a divine expression and the idea of matter as being impure, an illusion. There are some books, if you are interested in this subject,by Robert E. Svoboda, called The Aghora Trilogy. They are very readable and full of the tales of one Aghori sadhu, describing his many years of wizarding training, his many strange adventures and his visions of the terrifying and beautiful dark Goddess, Kali maha-kali.jpgand her male counterpart, Shiva. By the way, I’ve always wondered why Shiva always seems to be depicted clean-shaved. shiva.jpgHe was a sadhu like the Aghoris, and would have had dreds and a beard.

I’m posting one punchy little National Geographic clip on Agori Sadhus and then a 6- part British documentary on a young Aghori sadhu in training, narrated by Art Malik. They are visually, very compelling and I enjoy watching these guys and imagining the lives they lead…living their lives in shadow, with one foot in dream and another in death. In part 4 a young Agori sadhu in training is initiated by his guru and he weeps ecstatically as he feels overwhelmed by the presence of the divine mother. You hear about this kind of spiritual ecstasy from the writings of countless mystics across the ages but here you can actually witness it. In part 5 you can witness an exorcism of evil spirits and in Part 6 he goes home to visit his family, which is forbidden to Aghori sadhus. Its really a documentary about a young man’s right of passage, as he begins upon an unusual path. Enjoy!

National Geographic clip:

Aghori Series Part 1:

Aghori Series Part 2:

Aghori Series Part 3:

Aghori Series Part 4:

Aghori Series Part 5:

Aghori Series Part 6:



  1. working on subjects like this is realy admirable, we from digitech studio are like to thanks to your team to present the reality and giving us valuable information

  2. hai muje ye sadnaye kai se karte hai uske bare me janana hai ormai kisi agori tantrik se milna chata hu……….

  3. muje inke bare me bachpan se lagao hai agr ap koi hai to mujje please kuch bheje mai intjar me rhunga

  4. the videos are not available…well atleast dats wat its saying

  5. This might trigger your senses

  6. I saw this video abt a young aghori who u r talking abt and hated the way he was eating human flesh. And I saw another video where aghori was eating dead floating corpse man its rediculus. There should be some international law to prevent people eating peoples body. We need to stop this immediately and lawfully prevent aghoris existence caz its inhumane and disgusting act or ritual.

  7. Its disgusting to see human eating another humon body..

  8. is there any site where i cud get the full information and video clipings of agoris? im much interested in learning about the agoris.plz let me know the web site where i cud chk the video clipings of agoris. tnx

  9. Hi,
    i seen your blog its really very good and i am very interested in Aghori Sadhus information. i want one story of Mohanlal Agarwal’s Aghor Nagara Vage Che. if you have this story then please give this story dear i am very help ful to you dear
    see my blog ;

    Thanks dear
    With Best Regards
    Ketal Parikh

  10. i have heard a lots of similar practice in tibet tantrik and also i have met some of them in my teenage ,and by stand in front of them i can feel how strong their left channel can effective u
    once a lama chanting a mantra in front of me my heart nearly stopped now by seeing in hinduu aghori i think they are soooo much in extremly hard sadhana
    practice why they dont get any disease while eating human flesh and drink dead people’s blood

  11. That’s not human flesh they are eating, to them it is the acceptance of a reality: that”every thing is one thing and this one thing is what makes up everything”…it’s something that physics calls the non divisible particle (or the minutest particle), and religion (and every one of them) call God, that is why nothing is holy or unholy for god is within everything…don’t condemn something just because you do not understand what it is…and leaving all this…even i cant digest eating human (or any animal’s) flesh…but i don’t least they are not killing somebody to eat them up (as is common along western cannibals)..they re eating things that otherwise would pollute some place…if you cant see them as humans..try to ignore they don’t care what we think..and would probably laugh out if they hear your utterance..

  12. Most common perceptions about Aghora and Aghories are—-Aghori’s are supposed to Be One of The Most Powerful and Dangerous Saint’s In Indian Mythology. They Never Wear Any Clothes And Don’t Come Out Generally In Day Time. They Worship Human Dead Bodies And Drink And Eat Water And Food In Human Skull. They Don’t Speak To Anyone And Are So Powerful That Just With Their Eyes They Can Do Anything.**
    I would like to clear (with my 15 years research and study) that Aghora OR Aghori is not concerned with particular kind of Religion OR dress code OR eating code. Most of the Research scholars say that—Aghora is related with Hindu religion, but it is not true. Aghora is symbolically represented by Lord Shiva, because it is believed that –*The Lord Shiva is the Creator & Destructor of this whole universe*. Father of modified form of Aghora is Baba Keenaram (Born in 1601 AD). According to devotees and scholars -*Baba Keenaram is incarnation of Lord Shiva himself *. The Place BABA KEENARAM STHAL- KRIM KUND, Varanasi -U.P., INDIA, is the Pilgrim and center of Aghora across world . You can visit this place and can check that there is no dress-code or eating habits visible.
    According to World fame one of the greatest Saints , of 20th century, Aghoreshwer Bhagwan Ram alias Avadhoot Bhagwan Ram alias Sarkar Babab — **Most of SO-CALLED SAINTS having human skulls, eating daed human flesh , drinking wine and showing magic (Like magicians) are not Aghories. They are just diverted follower after attaining some kind of spiritual power. He has described that *A true Aghori never show His/her spiritual power openly, but uses it very secretly towards human welfare in a very simple method*. Bhagwan Ram said that **Aghori is not the name of danger but the name of purification and having the nature of most kind human being with all powers of this Universe**.
    Aghori is not found everywhere but once in billions. An Aghori having all powers of this whole universe (Regarding creation or destruction). He or She is the supreme authority of this whole universe. Today, Head of Aghora, across world, is 39 Years old Baba Siddharth Gautam Ram (present Chief / Abbot , since 1978, of Baba Keenaram Sthal , Krim-Kund and main disciple of Aghoreshwer Bhagwan Ram ) . According to devotees and scholars -*Baba Siddharth Gautam Ram is reincarnation of Baba Keenaram himself *.
    After all – Aghora is the highest stage of spirituality and only once in a billion can achieve the stage of become an Aghori.

    • Thnks 4 the article brother.whatever u mentioned is 100% correct.but dirty media exposing aghoris are cannbals for their horror programmes. and some foreighners attracted to bad practicioners and they beleive they r the real aghoris.n they make videos on that kind of psychos n they put on websites.nobody can find real aghori sadhus in public places 24 hrs 365 days they meditate lord shiva n they doesnt show any kind of magics to also visited so many sadhus some of them r gud n some r psychos.n after that i visited kinaram baba ashram thn i known about real aghori sadhus.and once again thanks for ur realistic article.

  13. these aghoris r disgusting thy say thy r sadhus n do such an act…v shud raise voice against dis cz dis cannot b entertained more such acts shud b stopped as soon as possibl….

  14. hi i just read all theses comments as well as the information … i dont know much about the aghoris but would want to meet or atleast see them in person.. as i have been always wanted to do so.. i have been always fasinated and interested to learn about the real aghoris but havnt been able to do so… could you please help me and tell me where can i find them..

  15. I need to to thank you for this great read!

    ! I certainly enjoyed every little bit of it. I’ve got you book marked to look at new things you post…

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