Evil Desi Ghost posseses little girls

image from thehotspotonline.com

July 17, 2007

Yes, a school in a West Bengal village is closed for the last five days, courtesy a “ghost” that resides in a haunted century-old neighborhood house and “possesses” young girl students at will.Toiba High School at Kusumgram – a village in Burdwan district about 150 km from Kolkata – is stalked by the fear of an evil spirit these days after several girl students of the co-educational institution fell unconscious while in class. Headmaster Sheikh Abdul Rashid, who was forced to declare holiday for an unspecified number of days, was uncertain whether classes could be resumed at all as superstition and wild rumors gripped not only the students but also their parents. Trouble started on last Tuesday when Class 11 student Sweety Khatoon started feeling dizzy and fainted during the morning prayer. The same day, Class 12 student Sonali Khatoon fell unconscious in her classroom. The following day, four Class 5 students fell unconscious in their classrooms. By Thursday, 11 girls had fallen sick. All the students who fainted were girls, fuelling the fear that the “ghost” was targeting them.

link from weirdindia.com

Falling “sick” yeah…a likely story…when I was ten I perfected the art of falling sick to get out of classes. I got so good at it that once or twice I actually managed to convince myself! If that’s not the case they should look into whether the headmaster has been putting qualudes in the drinking water (causing the girls to faint) and wandering the halls making spooky noises. Maybe he just needed a vacation and this was the only thing he could think of. But playing the devils advocate in case this bhut actually exists- My question is why they don’t try making friends with the ghost instead of fainting all over the place. Everyone knows evil spirits are lonely and probably just want to play with the little girls’ decapitated heads…but everyone gets so touchy about decapitation…


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