Willy Power…Naga Sadhus and Shaolin Monks

image from bbc

Perhaps you remember, that, during the Maha Kumbh Mela 2001, which happens every 114 years, Naga Sadhus (a Shivite sect of powerful holy men known as “warrior ascetics”) performed some rather daring feats of brawn…using nothing more than their willies. The Naga Sadhus claim to have reached the highest form of tapasya (penance) in their abandonment of the material world, and this includes severe spiritual practices that include tying stones to their willies to desensitize them and remove carnal desire.


During the Mela, at least one Naga Sadhu tied his Johnson to the District Commissioner’s car and towed it while the Commissioner sat solemnly inside with his wife and children.Alas. If only I had a clip of that to show you. But these are perhaps just as good, and goes to show that the idea of genital torture is a spiritually universal one. A Kung Fu grandmaster ties a rope to his willy and tows a truck with it (imagine the Naga Sadhu doing it with his shaggy dreds and all these nice middle class families watching with their hands in their pockets) Click here But this is really something. This Shaolin monk has another monk actually HANG suspended from his manhood! It just looks terribly painful to me but I suppose spiritual strength comes in many different…packages. Definitely worth the click. And for the grand finale…” Qigong Grandmaster Tu Jin Sheng Demonstrating Iron Crotch pulling an Air Plane.” AN AIR PLANE!

Ouch! And… on that, rather bizarre note…now for something completely different by Monty Python in praise of yogis and kung fu masters everywhere and their extraordinary talents…sung by Eric Idle.

“But do not take it out in public or they will stick you in the dock and you wont come back…” or so we thought…

sadhu images from adolphus


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