The Mad Inventor at Work in his Lair…DJ Fadereu prepares for the unveiling

I just returned from the dark catacombs of Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory…a mad inventor of strange futuristic monsters welcomed me and my better half in a white cotton kurta, in the dim shadows of his house. While we sat and spoke of plans and pasts, projects and premonitions, he fed us mutton pulav and phirni of an intense flavor that caused extreme delight. Our voices, slurred by concoctions of rum and other beverages served in haphazard glasses, echoed sullenly in a house which, to my mind, began to seem more like the contents of his head, than an actual place.
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This was the real Dexter’s Laboratory…the one full of mathematical charts and plans to take the world by storm. He (DJ Fadereu) was working frenetically, tinkering away at his latest invention; a game that makes use of cell phones. As he has not yet publically launched the details of his project I can only post this as a teaser for things to come. Rest assured that more information will follow. What has been made public can be found at algomantra and sacredmediacow. Now I am home and it seems like I’ve just popped out of one of those “Back to the future films”…when you visit someone for tea on the front porch of their subjectivity…you emerge feeling like your sense of time has gone for a spin…your clock stops. Time to reset. I’ll look forward to the fruition of this curious experiment when I join Dr Frankenstein and his cellular monster on the day that he hits the juice and the electric current of his devious plan is activated.
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  1. I was watching waking life the other day and someone there said that there are two kinds of sufferers in this world. Those who suffer from a lack of life and those who suffer from an abundance of life. DJ Fadereu suffers from an abundance of life, in a world where people suffer from a lack of life. The question then – the film says – is what holds people back into lack and negativity? What prevents them from suffering from abundance, from affirmation, from soul destruction. The answer lies in another question – which of the two human emotions did you choose to embrace? Fear …. or laziness? The former is Fadereu the latter is … well … everybody else.

  2. Another quote from Waking Life, since we are on the subject: “The trick is to combine your waking rational abilities with the infinite possibilities of your dreams. If you can do that, you can do anything”

  3. What’dya mean I’ve embraced fear? Oh, you mean…like, I AM FEAR? Weren’t you supposed to have a doctrate in dat?

  4. I have found the ULTIMATE TRUTH:

    “For the fearless things you do, you pay for them in fear. It’s fear trade. Fear thee well!”

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