Sardarji Beauty Contest: Mr. Singh International 2007

The guys who organized and supported this event have a strong point. In the Indian mass media a young Sikh man would have trouble finding an acting role in a mainstream film as a hero unless he took off his turban, cut his hair and shaved his face. Those who wear turbans and play Surds in films often provide the comic relief and these stereotypes of Sikh culture as being provincial, uneducated, festive and amusing, have certainly bruised many people’s nerves. Following 911 a lot of rage and violence was directed at Sikh communities living abroad, which was a burden they shared with anyone who had dark skin and a beard at the time; even Mexicans. And within the mainstream of Indian culture an increasing number of young people have opted for a more modern, cosmopolitan lifestyle, which is moving more and more away from traditional Sikh customs. In that light, I think it is excellent that initiatives like this one are being made on behalf of those who prefer to live their lives differently. But I have to say that, as someone who has a Sikh husband, it does make me cringe ever so slightly to see a proud Sikh man learn to put on Zoolander expressions on a run-way…but it must also be noted that they’re also the only male models I’ve ever seen that look like they could chop off your head while posing in a nice fitted suit. Anyway, enjoy watching “Mr. Singh International 2007”


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  1. wahe guru ji ka khalsa wahe guru ji ki fateh

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