Mango Mango Mango!

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Well I always thought that Karan Johar was our national fruit but it turns out that it is, in fact, the Mango. Why? Here’s a little history.

According to Frederick Noronha, “No tree in history (of India) has been given as many names as the mango tree – it has been called Vasantaduta (messenger of Spring), Madhuduta (messenger of fragrance), Kamang ( embodiment of Cupid), Kokilavasa (abode of cuckoos), and Kamavallabha ( the amorous).” Mango blossoms are used in the worship of Saraswati, the goddess of learning. Mangoes are also considered in India to be a symbol of life. In everyday life in India even to this day mango leaves are used to decorate the archways of the house when a wedding occurs or when a new house is constructed. Mango leaves are also used as decoration in celebrating the festivals of Ganesh Chathurthi and Vasant Panchami. Recently General Musharraf before going to the Agra Peace summit in 2001 sent Chaunsa mangoes to the Indian leaders – PM and Home Ministers.In 1965 Kumar Gandharva (famous Indian classical singer) created a special theme concert called “Geet Varsha” in Bombay and sang that:
— “Amarayaan ke birakhan ke pastan par patbhi janasi boodariya chamkay…”
” The rain drops glistening on the leaves of the Mango shine like fireflies.”

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In the house where I grew up I would look outside at twilight and see parrots populating the branches of the mango tree in our back garden. It didn’t seem so remarkable when I was a kid but looking back now it was an incredible sight. Looking into a history of mangos and mango trees I discovered that poets across the ages have written about them. But now, putting the poetry aside…here’s some random mango finds.

Indian Ladies Mango-Eating Competition:

Animated Story of Ganesh and the Perfect Mango:

Mango! One of many bizarre animations by Weebls-stuff


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