Harry Potter’s evil Indian twin…

Harry Potter has a clone and his name is…Dhaval Dave…who actually looks disturbingly similar to Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe…except (at least in this photo) like Harry Potter with a grim hangover. Anyway, our Harry “putar” is getting hired for his lookalike looks for various shows and promotions and is going to Dubai to launch the final book of the series Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


p.s. I saw the new film and it totally surpassed my expectations. I recommend it highly to Potter fans and haters of bureaucrats in pink pillbox hats.




  2. wow dhaval i want to meet u

  3. great! indians have their own Harry Potter, why not? I like you guys! go ahead!

  4. incredible resemblence

  5. Psshh. Wannabe.

  6. what??? ewww gross… kill me…. mofo

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