Piracy is a Crime? So are most things In Mumbai.

So I’m sorting through a stack of Mumbai’s finest pirated dvds that I’d looted from a hidden little shop that can only be found through word of mouth (you have to go in and around alley ways, through filthy corridors of an ancient building till you arrive at a sparkling little sanitized shop stuffed full of every latest release your criminal little heart could wish for). I pop one of the dvds into my laptop and once again I watch another anti-piracy trailer for the millionth time. piracy_its_a_crime_300jpeg-2.jpgI kind of feel bad for the guys who commissioned these adds because I don’t really see how helpful they’ve been in curbing the piracy problem. I mean the pirates who sold me this booty don’t even bother to delete the piracy advertisement at the beginning of each film. To top things off…some clever twit has gotten the idea of screening the preview of new films with parts of it randomly shown in black and white. When I first saw this while watching “The Fountain” I thought the film-maker was trying to use the “wizard of oz” technique of using both black and white and technicolour in the same film to communicate a dream sequence or something till I realized the irritating truth. While it was irritating it certainly did not deter me from watching the rest of the film. Haven’t these guys realized that we third-worlder types have been watching crappy, distorted, bad sound copies of pirated films with bizarre subtitles and with shadows of people’s heads coming in front of the camera since we could first stare at the tv? All they are doing is just managing to piss us off a little bit more. We’re still going to buy pirated stuff as long as it is sold. This is India for god sakes. “Piracy” is a crime. Yeah…well so are a lot of things…like peeing or spitting on public property, having late night parties, holding hands in public and getting a tattoo of the Indian flag on your butt. And pretty soon smoking in most bars is going to be a crime as well. As long as there are police and cheaper copies of movies…both shall be purchased. piracy-comp.jpgWell, actually, as broadband connections become more affordable and faster, even the pirates might be going out of business. I found it kind of funny that youtube has such a huge archive of anti-piracy advertisements uploaded. I guess films of the future are going to be either entirely free or else we’re going to have surveillance chips implanted in our eyeballs that electrocute us every time we look at something we haven’t “officially” purchased. Anyway, here’s a clip of “Piracy is a Crime”:


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  1. Hey

    Could you let me know of the place where you get the amazing dvd’s?

    I would be real grateful.

    I am from Kolkata and have not managed to find one such place in Mumbai



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