Passive Murder in Sin City, Mumbai

image from link

This isn’t the first time its happened…but it really disgusts me each time I see it happen in the media…there was this girl who got stabbed by her boyfriend because her family refused his proposal of marriage because had a drinking problem. So naturally the guy decides that if he can’t have her…no one can. (never mind that she was pregnant with his unborn child) He grabs a knife, and in front of about fifty people in a public area, he begins to stab her over and over again. The amazing thing is that no one bothered to stop him even as he continued stabbing her to death. There are photographs of him stabbing her with people watching the show and some dude with his hands in his pockets. And what about the guy who took the photographs? I would have done better to have used his camera to whack this psycho on the head. But no…he decides he’s doing society or his bank account some service by snapping pics instead. It makes me so mad when I see this kind of thing happen over and over again. When I was living here before a young girl was stabbed near Gateway in 2005 with tons of people taking photographs of her being killed and no one helping out…and a little before that time a spastic little girl gets molested on a train by some drunk guy and everyone just sits and watches and does nothing. Some journalist saw that one happen and wrote about it in the news, saying he went home afterwards and “cried.” Yeah well he deserved to cry that pathetic coward of an insect….I know in a situation with some psycho hurting a little spastic girl or someone getting stabbed…despite being a chick who does not regularly carry a weapon with her I would have done SOMETHING. And in fact only one woman attempted to help out with the stabbing…as you can see in the picture below…that’s the girl and her lover and the guys with their hands in their pockets watching the show.


Her father is devastated, and has called Mumbai a “city of eunuchs”…check out the story here: mumbai news




  2. “Whoever sheds human blood, by humans shall their blood be shed; for in the image of God has God made mankind.
    Genesis 9:6

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