One-Eyed Cats and Psycho Phone Dealers…the first week in Mumbai

image from bbc

Some highlights from the first week in Bombay…

Things are totally flooded up North. People are literally swimming in the streets. Or sitting in arm chairs up to their necks. We were staying in Wadala for a few days and got caught in the first rain storm…our ginormous umbrella got blown inside out and we were completely soaked and covered with mud and leaves by the time we got home. It was actually really fun…though probably not something you’d want to have to deal with every day on your way to work. Luckily we bought stronger umbrellas and found a place in South Bombay which is, at worst, a little muddy.

image from flickr

I guess when you live in a city for long enough, things like rain and mud can get irritating…and there are a lot of complaints going around about leaky roofs and not wanting to step out, etc. But I guess I’ve lived in this city for just long enough at one point to have been able to fall in love with its eccentricities and not let familiarity breed contempt. Now I’m back and I’m not leaving. Here are some of the discoveries from the first week back:

Colaba Cats…

1) My old drycleaner has a one-eyed pirate cat and two other ones that lounge around on his counter-top to avoid getting wet. I think he was sort of gratified that I found his Cyclops cat so cute because I would imagine some customers would have gotten a little freaked out. In this particular area of Bombay in Colaba you probably find one of the highest concentrations of cat-lovers…I’m not exactly sure why but, though most Indians don’t like cats and find them somehow evil and scary, this area, full of Parsi and Muslim families tends to have a cat on every corner, a cat mascot for just about every out-door shop, cats scrounging around the kebab shop and cats peeking out of high windows sneering at the rain.
images from here and here

Bad Good Bombay Films…

2) I saw a really crap film. No reaaally. This one was crap…but not really bad enough to be good. It was called “Awarapan” and it starred “Emraan Hashmi” who kind of specializes in Zoolander expressionszoolander.jpg with small digressions into looking like a lovelorn Romeo, Devdas style… the film was sort of like more of a romance between a man and his….god…I mean it was about this gangster who gets attracted to Muslim chicks who pray a lot…and I guess the director was trying to create this sort of islamic guilt experience kind of similar to Italian gangster catholic guilt…but the story was just all over the place and so was the acting…the highlight of it was where this villain gangster character screams “my name is Prince! And I am funky!” just before he dies.

The Fly Assassin…

3) so with the monsoon there are a lot of flies. And someone has managed to capitalize on the little sadist in everyone by designing a badminton racket that you can use to electrocute the flies. I was sitting in a Chinese noodle bar and this waiter was jumping around whacking those things! It was kind of a disgusting sound to hear those flies pop and zizzle while my noodles were getting fried and zizzled in the kitchen…kind of lost my appetite…but the disturbing thing is that it kind of looked fun…


Psycho killer Phone dealer

4) Ok so I’m at the local phone dealer, sitting in a posh shop surrounded by geeks in nice shirts when suddenly I notice that the innocent looking geek who is explaining my phone plan to me has very strange hands…now I’ve seen a lot of guys here and there over the years who thought it was cool to grow one long pinky finger-nail…but this guy had an entire hand full of claws! claws.gifAnd just before I was about to give this guy my home address and phone number I looked up I realized I was standing next to the cannibal killer psycho geek from Sin City (played by Elijah Wood). His hid his claws behind the desk and licked his lips. I backed away from the counter very slowly, and told him he could “eat me…errr…I mean…meet me later when I get the rest of my paperwork.”

image from geekroar


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