If Foucault was a Bodhisttava…thankas by Matti Pohjonen

Here are some tripped out Tibetan-style thankas by a mad Finnish cultural theorist/visual artist friend of mine- Matti Pohjonen- who drew these while we were all getting our brains fried on theory and overdosing on cups of coffee and adrenaline in London doing our various degrees in London University and trying to make sense of life, the universe, and everything. Ultimately we discovered the meaning of life…and realized it was utterly unimportant and consequently forgot it completely. What we are left with to remind us of those days of rainy depression and late night conversations about Buddhism and French Post-structuralism are some very trippy drawings here…there’s Foucault as a Bodhisattva sort of copulating with himself with a whip (kind of reminds me of Being John Malkovich)…and there’s Deleuze looking very…multiple-armed…and then some more conventional but no less excellently drawn…Tara Devi and another Tibetan angry looking deity that I don’t exactly recognize…anyways here’s to days of nonsense and musing…

Tara Devi:


Foucault the Bodi:


Blue God:


Deleuze Become Fire God:




  1. Swagger x 100 000. Dope as hell dude. if there’s any way of getting a print, esp the Tara Devi, im in.
    keep up the good work

  2. i had a vision of zizek as the tantric deity … in the middle of the paper section of city dump (cremation fields for ideaology), close to the paper burner … in the middle of the small swamp composed of the moulding pages of marx’s capital and the works of john’s smith ‘wealth of nations’, grows a lotus flower on top of which stands slavoy zizek as red wisdom, his right leg rised in perverted dance, he excudes sniffing sounds and is surrounded by the signs of the mantra ‘…and so on and so on’… his right hand holds a knife with which he cuts the balls of those in power … he’ wearing a garland of severed scrotums and standing on top of the bodies of powerful figures … his left hand holds the bowl with the red banner of victory … he inhales dark smoke and exhales light of marxism …

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