Squirrel goes Nuts over Marijuana…Baba is his pusher!

Ok you know things are getting kind of squirrelly when a rodent prefers the weed to his usual fare of fruits and nuts….

image from squirrel

Now as per one “India-TV” report, there is a Sadhu / Baba named “Suraj Nath” in Ujjain city in Madhya Pradesh state of India who himself is addicted to “Bhang (marijuana)” & chews this in its coarse form daily many times. He lives over there in Ujjain under a tree & he has made an unusual friendship with a “Squirrel” living up that tree.


Strange thing is that his friend “Squirrel” is also addicted to Bhang (marijuana) which Sadhu shares with the Squirrel. Whenever, Baba Suraj Nath have an urge to chew Bhang (marijuana), he takes small quantity of it on his palm & calls the Squirrel from the tree. Addict Squirrel on hearing the call from Baba comes running down to the Baba & starts chewing the Bhang from his hand.


After eating good quantity of it, Squirrel goes out of control due to its effect & have a nice sleep. Everyday, Baba Suraj Nath offers this Bhang (marijuana) to the Squirrel many times & the little animal is so addicted to it that it likes Bhang more than food or fruits.

Read the rest at Weird Desi


“this summer… a man and a rodent embark on a journey of discovery together, two addicts, one plant…and a whole lot of nuts. Rated PG 13. Coming soon to a head shop near you. ” That’s a film I might watch. Especially if they got Snoop to play the sadhu…snoop.jpgand made Benecio Del Torro the squirrel…scary-squirrel.jpg and turn it into an animated sequel: “Fear and Loathing in Madhya Pradesh”fear-and.jpg….filled with fetish squirrelsnaughty-squirrel-2.jpg and light saber battles jedisquirrels-2.jpgand giant squirrels that mutate into butterflies…yeh…I might watch that one…



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