Two Goofy Snake Charmer Commercials

Shah Rukh Khan plays snake-charmer flute to seduce pepsi-snake-bottles into dancing…the only thing I can’t figure out is why he’s dressed like Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean…but why?

A commercial for mentos candies…they appear to be laced with some sort of psychedelic instrument-mutating substance causing the snake charmer to play trippy sitar music on his snake charmer’s flute…the snake gets really enthu about the music and starts dancing…only thing is…snakes don’t have ears…so it really makes no difference what kind of music you play as long as you sway about back and forth because that’s what really hypnotizes them…trust me to expect realism from a candy advert. And it seems the Simpson’s “Apu” Indian accent is getting popularized over here now as well…Anyways enjoy…


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  1. any idea what the name of the music track from the mentos commercial is?? i’ve been searching for it for about a year now……..

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