Some Absolutely Terrible Snake Dances…

Definitely DO NOT CLICK on these. These are possibly some of the worst, most pathetic snake dances ever:

A disgusting remake of Nagina- 1990- with a repulsive pair of sleazy snakes dancing, frolicking, and making out…Sridevi must have really cringed when she saw this dude in blue eyeshadow and red sequined dhoti shorts kissing this greasy-faced snake-troll as she flutters her eyelashes…ugh.

A really desperate and shall we assume drunken desi Romeo somewhere in England decides to woo his lady love by recording himself imitating Sridevi’s snake dance from Nagina….

Gymnist Irina Kazakova…performs a snake dance…in which she actually seems to have willed herself into devolution…her bones apparently beginning to dissolve into what will eventually become a long, limbless mammal with anorexia in a grey leotard…but of course trust the lads who commented on youtube to find her sexy for this very reason “I want a girl like that in BED!!!imagine u can do practice the entire KAMASUTRA!!!”

Anyways see this double-jointed abomination if you must:


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