Bollywood/Lollywood Vampires Then and Now (Zinda Laash-1967 and Khooni Dracula-1992)

Lollywood Dracula…ZINDA LAASH
image from Zinda Laash

– This movie is only the second horror film (and first vampire film) to be made in Pakistan – “Lollywood’s”(the Pakistani film industry is based in the city of Lahore, therefor the name) own interpretation of Hammer ‘s classic Dracula – it even borrowed a bit of the 1957 Dracula’s musical score.
– The story more or less follows Bram Stoker ‘s novel – to underplay the supernatural and religious elements of Dracula’s identity, the vampire of “Zinda Laash” is given a mad scientist/Dr. Jekyll origin – and this is acknowledged in the film’s credits.
– The film was due to be banned outright (the government found it too “corruptive and evil”) until the producers pleaded with the local censors. The censors relented, but insisted that they would never allow a film of this nature to be released ever again! The movie opened on July 7th, 1967 to big crowds as curiosity levels had reached fever pitch as the film made history as the only local release to be awarded an “Adults Only” certificate. Quote from vampyres

Unfortunately the owner of the video doesn’t allow for embedding so you’ll have to click here and go to Youtube to check out the trailer. Trust me its a classic well worth watching.

And just by way of comparison to illustrate the fallen times of Desi Horror cinema, check out this trailer for an extremely low budget Bollywood film…Khooni Dracula…click and see it here. Its got a pretty catchy theme song….and if you click here you can see a clip from the movie where the monster gate crashes a party and starts dancing about….


Khooni Dracula is an utterly atrocious excuse of a movie that perfectly illustrates the level to which Bollywood Horror has plunged over the last decade or so. The movie’s production values are virtually nil with bit comedian Birbal being the only “star” name that anyone would have recognized – they couldn’t even afford an Anil Dhawan or a Navin Nischal or even a Deepak Parashar.To even attempt to explain the “plot” of this disaster of a movie is flattering it considerably, however for the record its basically about an evil fat uncle who rapes and then murders his maid having had a little too much to drink one dark stormy night. The blood that flows from the maids wounds somehow flows into the waiting mouth of Dracula who by coincidence is buried directly below her. This reawakens the ghastly rubber faced Dracula who proceeds to behave rather like a bottled genie in that he is now the slave of his murderous fat master. And so this heinous blimp sends his rubber-faced assassin to murder and rape upon his command. The film is basically a series of cheaply staged set pieces involving some dowdy women disrobing in order to have their beauty baths. Time and again some ugly, squat, plain Jane takes her clothes off – well almost as according to these movies, all desi women bathe with their clothes on – and the audience is treated to numerous shots of underwear and close ups of stretch marked bums and the like. Rubber face Dracula has a penchant for turning up when the nubile young things are disrobed and proceeds to feel them up heartily before plunging his rubber teeth into their leathery skin. (check out the rest of the review by Omar Khan at theHotspotOnline here)


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