LMAO with the Laughter Yogi… “I am happy I am relaxed I am happy I am relaxed”

This clip is guaranteed to crack you up…I’ve actually seen these guys get together in parks in the early mornings, just bouncing about and laughing maniacally- why? Because its good for you! Apparently you dont need to be happy to laugh…you need to laugh to be happy…and every time I watch this guy jiggling around in his golden tunic it puts me in a good mood.

And not so funny…as a tad desperate…Ramesh the laughter yogi goes to perform on “America’s Got Talent” And check out Monty Python’s John Cleese as he checks out laughing yoga in Mumbai


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  1. […] if you haven’t seen this already I dare you to click HERE and take the laughter yogi challenge. I dare you not to laugh while watching this […]

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