I like to Pee on Rani Mukherjee…

Ok people…look what I found…

New Toilet for men

This new mens toilet theme we found in hyderabad multiplex this is something very exciting for mens who are using this toilets. they are playing with mens fantasies.

Err…fantasies did you say? Ahem…uh…Does peeing on Rani mukherjee really… “Do it” for ya?



Amazing Bathroom Towel for Men

This towel is designed by a Indian Designer . By wearing this towel you can feel fantasies.

Well…you can feel something anyway…how about…slightly worried…perhaps a “real” girlfriend might be useful…and not an imaginary one made out of a towel.


Images and quotes from gajab.com



  1. don’t do kie that she is my favourite(mind it)

  2. don’t do

  3. hello
    very good
    i come from iran

  4. Heyy you guys don’t u dare to do that i will kill u whoever do this. Keep in mind.

  5. I would love to see my sister Pallavi’s picture over the urinal. I love to piss on Pallavi’s face and fat ass 🙂

  6. You made several nice points there. I have done military services has started about the subject and located mainly folks will present exactly the same opinion with your blog.

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