Raunchy Rain Dance to Appease the Gods…

FINALLY…the rain came to rescue us in Chandigarh

It was getting so unbelievably hot over here…you can’t imagine…I mean it was getting to the point of being SO hot that you could LITERALLY see mirages of an oasis appear on the surface of the sticky tar-coated streets…our brains were cooking in our skulls…air conditioners were breaking down upstairs, downstairs; there were major power fluctuations and of course the internet connection decided to help matters by shutting down for part of the week. It was getting hot…so hot that even with an air-conditioner blasting on your face you were on the verge of heat-stroke. We were becoming rabid monkeys, trapped in our hot brick cages…gulping down soft-drinks that seemed to go in but never quench the thirst…And then, mercifully…today the skies opened up and let down some cooling relief…and if this was just a tease…just a sample of waterworks not yet arrived…then I think I am literally going to sleep under the shower for the next few weeks…because I am losing my mind and it doesn’t know its way home…so in the hopes that the rain will stay and we will not return to the sweltering, maddening, soul-frying, heat…here is an offering of a (clearly virginal) sacrificial maiden from somewhere in Punjab/Pakistan doing a rain dance…to appease the appetites of Indra, Zeus, and whatever other divine sadists might be watching to see whether we are going to melt before they decide to let it rain.


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