Brownsploitation CATFIGHT! Vintage Bollywood beauties take out their claws…

“catbeast” film poster from thehotspotonline

Step aside…Tarantino…these kitties have claws…and though it may look like you’re time-warped into a blaxploitation flick…you have arrived at BROWNSPLOITATION numero uno in the truck-driver gormet cinematic crème de la crème of bad movies that feature the very best in Bollywood Bad Girls…so please to click and enjoy…catfight!

This catfight is from a Tamil Movie that uses Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon as a soundtrack to a fight sequence involving angry chicks in synthetic wigs, yellow bellbottoms and daisy dukes, bandit bandanas and a man in a cape and blue tights. They get to the part where the vocals are about to come in…rewind the tape…and play it again…

Mudfight with upskirt shots… from the C grade film Kamsin Haseena- 1992…death by arrow…too bad there’s no sound but definitely a brownsploitation worth a watch!

Buxom beauty in bellbottoms gives karate chops and kicks to evil femme girl with syringe in pink negligee…its from the Bollywood film Suraksha, 1979, …shaggadelic baby yeah…check out the heart-shaped chairs…film stars none other than Gun-master G-9 played by Mithun Chakraborthy (check out his disco dancing moves here) and the lovely Ranjeeta Kaur. Directed by Ravikant Nagaich

memsahib in her tacky blue underwear fights her psycho maidservant who is attacking her with a steak knife…by the end of it they’re wrestling in a bath tub and it looks more like the beginning “drama” sequence portion of one of those pirated “phoren” porn flicks that did the rounds in the 80’s like Debbie does Dallas. (if you look carefully you can see that the girls are giggling when they should be growling in the tub. ) From the D grade hindi movie Manovigyan –

Invasion of the Evil Twin Dacu Bitches…I think Tarantino needs to explore B-grade Bollywood bandit queen action…these chicks are straight out of Kill Bill…oh wait a minute…the stunt double is a man in a long wig…and the chick is actually not two but one person shot from two angles to make her appear like twins! (And that is one ugly man doing back-flips in a wig)

Ok and yes I may have gotten a little carried away doing searches so here are a few more clips for the super enthu:

This one is priceless…with plait pulling, scissor-locks-on-necks, ice-cream throwing antics…where Dimple Kapadia (Rani) plays a hooker who mistakes Menakshi Sheshadri (Julie) for a hooker encroaching on her territory…and decides to jump her- enjoy! Suraksha 1979 This is what your 20 year-old mom would look like in a catfight in 1965- the clip is from the film Himalay ki godh mein…check out how she beats the other girl’s head against the side of a dhol, squeeling…with Mala Sinha and Shashikala…Directed by Vijay Bhatt…and now here’s Hema Malini as Rajkumari Menakshi….doing some swashbuckling sword action in medieval costume in the film Kranti 1981 (year I was born) a period drama set in 1825 to 1875 AD…about the first revolutionaries battling the British…ok and now Hema Malini fights Sonia Sahni …. In red berets on a hill near a snake… no idea which film this is…ok and now some more vintage bollywood beauties in cone-shaped bras fighting over a man with a whistle whose dhoti gets ripped off….clip from Neel Kamal, 1968 directed by Ram Maheshwari ….another Catfight in Ahankar 1991 Bengali film by Shrikant Guha-Thakurta…..and here’s a Catfight between Zeenat Aman & Faryal from bollywood film Manoranjan 1974….boring but with zabardast and karadh slaps…and here’s a Catfight between Hemamalini & Bindu from Joshila 1973 directed by Yash Chopra…ok and this is a Catfight fight between Radhika and Silk Smita from Tamil movie Moondru Mugam…here’s a Random Cat-fight rolling down the mountain from and unknown film….and this one’s From 1975 Bollywood film Ponga Pundit…skip to the bit where the girls slap each other around in the pool…this Catfight is from Bollywood movie Daku Mangal Singh between 2 unknown actress….and another random Catfight from a southindian movie…and finally…more catfighting: bandit chicks in black do back-flips in Nepali film Basanti, 2000.

Ok so if you actually watched ALL of those clips then you are either a) truly bored, b) scrounging for material for your own blog, c) writing an academic essay on scopophilia and the male gaze in Indian cinema in which case I would “kindly ask you to see yourself to the door” and get a life or d) horny in a way which makes me wonder why you aren’t just looking for normal internet porn….

At which point my better half taps me on the shoulder, and says “Because guys think its hot- watching chicks fight.” He smiles knowingly at me, shrugs and walks away, pleased with himself as if he has illuminated my world with insight… “Excuse me? Eh?” …Please to explain? What is it about two girls punching each other that conjures up images of lesbian action? And what is it about lesbian action that guys find so compelling? I’m not sure I’ve met many straight girls who get off on watching gay porn…so…anyway… some mysteries are perhaps better left unsolved…

image from crossfire


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