Goodness Gracious Me and the Great Indian Train Experience…

Indian Train Stations are many things to many people…to some they are filled with the stench of people, noise, theft and bad toilets…to others they still carry the romance of the govt. of India piped santoor music playing on the speakers…the random philosophical conversations and card games played out with strange passengers…the comforting drone of the rattling tracks…the cigarette break near the public sink and mirror with the carriage door hanging open so the warm air comes rushing through from the farmlands and passing villages…the irritating wail of some ill behaved toddler and the belch of a two bit politician in his white kurta…sipping whisky out of cup he is pretending is full of chai…

Goodness Gracious Me
does Film Noir comedy sketch on Indian Train stations…

another Goodness Gracious me comedy sketch on Indian trains/British trains…complaints you ususually hear Brit. Tourists make about Indian trains…


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