Punk Rock and Malayalam Gospel: What Finland has in Common with India

So I’m searching through youtube late at night and I think…what the hell…lets do a search for Finland and India…and what do I find?


She’s thinking, “this is such a pure culture…steeped in history and rich traditions…I am so happy I am able to cross the language barrier and partake of this universal experience of brotherly love…listen to our voices in harmony…”

The guy is thinking “Think holy thoughts think holy thoughts…Do not get woody near blond chic …think holy thoughts…The power of Christ compels me The Power of Christ compels me….”

You need to see the bit where the blue galaxy of stars starts shooting behind them…and don’t miss the studio fan which is blowing through their hair…

Then I randomly find clips of this famous punk rock star from Finland called Pelle Miljoona… headbanging his dreads in Manali…to one of his own hit songs Mä vaan pogoon… I just came back from a trip to Manali and Kasol…and there are pretty much two things there…green mountains and tourists. Oh yeah…and lots of trash in huge nasty rubbish heaps…but if you escape up to little guest houses on the hill you can actually get a sense of the untouched romance of the place that it all must have looked like in the 60’s and 70’s. And if you’re lucky you come across some old school Rastafarian punk rock hippie types like Pelle over here sitting in some coffee shop smoking chillums…usually stoned senseless…not usually headbanging like a maniac…wish I’d run into this guy… His biggest hit was in 1980 with Moottoritie on Kuuma (Highway Is Hot in English).

And here he is again playing a guitar in some seedy little restaurant in Delhi singing “I AM AN ANARCHIST I AM AN ANTICHRIST” while the waiter does a little jig! Punk rock is not dead!


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