WASTED: Tales of the wasted desi…

In Cambridge some friends and I invented a new cocktail in our House bar (basically poured vodka, whisky, gin, rum, wine, coke, orange juice, beer, and other flavoured liquers into a toxic brew) and after drinking several pints worth of this strange liquor spent the evening pushing one another up and down the cobbled streets in shopping trolleys having a “serious” discussion about sending Stephen Hawking on motor-bike tour of Afghanistan. That was the night I understood why the British say they are “Trolleyed” when they get smashed.

Trolleyed NRI

CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG (The Notorious GURSH of youtube drinks like only a Punjabi Munda can…)

When I was studying in London me and my girlfriend got a hold of a bottle of absynthe which we thought was going to be just like drinking the stuff Toulouse Lautrec used to drink while hallucinating about green fairies and can can dancers. But this was the legal commercial stuff that doesn’t have wormwood in it and is basically just green 90 percent lethal alcohol. We drank the whole bottle between the two of us within an hour and ended up puking throughout the night. No Green Fairy. Just green vomit.

By Green Fairy


On Holi we were preparing some bhang lassi for a big family party at home and the really concentrated bhang (basically cooked and coagulated marijuana) was strained out of the milk and tossed on the floor. Our pet pug “Moti” ate it and began to trip out and hallucinate. He lost the ability to use his back legs or to walk in a straight line and so he was covered in bright pink holi colour and stuck in some sort of doggy psychedelic nightmare! The poor thing had to be carried around for two days and force fed water and food. Unfortunately the bhang lassi only had any effect on the dog!

By Bhang Lassi


When I first tripped I hallucinated a lot. I was sixteen years old and we were at some Goa Gil party in Delhi and after that we’d gone to a friend’s farmhouse. And the party was shut down by the cops so the music was shut down right around the time I was peaking so I was really fried. Then we went to another farmhouse and all I could see was the grass growing and growing and growing… so I was tripping on that for three hours. I thought I had lost it and I was going to stay like that forever.

By Garden Grower

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  1. what is he doing to that cow! lol.

  2. hhahahaahhahah!!u are the youtube queeeen!

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