Things have changed a bit since I was slacking off with friends around Delhi University Campus but a few things remain the same; they still serve bun/unda in the canteen, someone always tries to bum a cigarette, and people spend most of the time thinking up new words to abuse one another. Some of these words I hadn’t heard of before, though, so I thought I’d put some new and familiar terms up, in case you are a premature old foggy like me who needs a little update in the trendy vernacular of Delhi college types.

Apparently cliques have metastasized into little subcultures which fall mostly into the following categories; upwardly mobile yuppie puppies (the real go-getters), old school hippie rockers (Hendrix junkies who spend hours trying to invent vegetable bongs), Psi-heads (hippies that have evolved into ravers and are into psychedelics full on trance with all the hallucinogenic chemical accoutrements), and then the rest of the university oddballs; nerds, theatre-types, activists, and so on…but everyone uses the same slang, more or less…and these words are inherited from a mix of Dosco’s (Doon School Boys), Valley Girl Movies (like Mean Girls, Clueless and Buffy the Vampire Slayer), and international druggie culture in general. Anyway, read on, go on and be a “lend” and borrow some words.

Bajaod: To get totally stoned on pot, or yelled at by an authority figure. “That maal was too strong, man, I got totally Bajaod.” Or “My grandmom found my packet of ciggies and I got totally bajaod!”

Balls: Bullshit. “yeah yeah. Balls! I’m sure the cat ate all the hash as well you kunjoos bastard.”


Bi-aaatch: Californianized pronunciation of “bitch” as in “What a bi-aaaatch.”

Boner: a horny guy who is always trying to seduce the ladies. A player. “Watch out, that guy is a walking boner!”

Boom Shankar: An exclamation that is made before smoking a chillum in reverence to Shiva, the god who smokes hash and for whom hash is darshan…an offering to the gods of which you yourself partake as a sacred sacrament


Boom: an expression of respect used as a greeting and a goodbye only with fellow smokers of pot/hashish. “Hey Bro..Boom…what’s happening?”

Bra/Bro: Brother. “yeah, bro…see you later.”

Chit: Exhausted. Dead tired. “I’m totally chit.”

Choo: a Chillum. “Pack the choo? Its Italian.”

Charsi: someone who smokes a lot of pot or hash. “she’s a total charsi. Smokes before class even.”


Choot: Bastard. “He’s a bloody choot. Salle…..madher chod…”

Ciggie: A cigarette. “Can I bum a ciggie?”


Copped it: to die. “Too much booze. No air. No water. He copped it, na?”

Crazaeeee: Incredible, amazing, cool. “crazy” said with a long “a” and “eee” at the end. “That’s crazaeeeee. I can’t believe he said that to you.”

Cut Surd: A surd who had his hair cut over the course of time due to various factors including modernity and globalization, and racist pressures of the work force, particularly around 1984. “He’s a cut surd. Can’t you see the khalsa tattoo?”

Decent: ok. Reasonable. Good. “How did you do on your exams?………..Decent.”

Ditch: to bail out. To not meet someone or join in a project you said you would. “What the hell, man! Where is she?…..I think you got ditched.”

Dude: I think this was popularized after the Hollywood film “Dude Where’s my Car?” and “American Pie.” Basically it seems to have evolved to substitute “man” so instead of “yeah man….oh maaan….whatever man…” its “yeah dude….duuuuude….and whatever dude…”…..etc.

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Foolish: silly. Stupid. term of endearment used to chastise. “You Foolish! The dog licked that spoon before you used it!”

Fried: To be totally stoned, or spaced out, sometimes to do with hallucinogenic drugs and sometimes to do with excessive late night studying or cyber addiction. “I’m fried.”


Frieumzzzzz: Incohate expression used to expressive incohesiveness while stoned or otherwise chemically unbalanced…. “heh heh….Frieumzzzzzzzzzzz….pass the bong.”

For Sure: I agree. “We should meet up later….yeah. For sure.”

Fuck Buddies: couple that sleeps together. “for sure. They’re fuck buddies.”

Fuggered: Buggered. Screwed. “He got totally fuggered by the dean.”

Fuggly: Ugly. “Dumn fuggly slut.”

Full Power: exclamation that is made when either extremely stoned, tripping, listening to trance, or all of the above. “Fullpower!”

Gandu: Arsehole. “heh heh. Gandu.”

Going out: dating.going around together. Seeing eachother. “they’ve been going out for ages.”

Hij: (rhymes with ridge) An abbreviation for the word “Hijra” (transvestite eunuchs who sing and dance). If you are clapping your hands too loudly or behaving in an over the top manner then “Stop acting like such a hij” Personally, I like hijras and all people who act like them…


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Its all good: whatever. It doesn’t matter. Never mind. Who cares. “I failed two exams but its all good. Boom shiva!”

Kanjoos: Miserly. “Sooo…..kanjoos. He wont even lend me two bloody rupees!”

Khasi: impotent. “You khasi loser. Go bother someone else!”

Killed it: finished it, had fun, partied. “We went to that rave on Saturday. Yeah. We totally killed it.”

Killer: (often pronounced as keeeler) Excellent. Rad. Awesome. “That’s killer dude.”

Lend: A poser. A wannabe. A brown-noser. An ass-licker. “Don’t be such a lend!”

Like: A Californication that you add on as much as possible wherever possible. “I totally…like…fried…and like…he was like…totally taking my trip…and like….”


Local: mean remark that indicates someone is provincial or ignorant, often in response to an inability to pronounce an English word or say something grammatically correct. “Gawd..she’s so LOCAL.”

Loony: Crazy, Goofy. Mad. “Wheeee….I’m feeling so loony today…did you put something strange in the tea?”


Morrision: A guy who has long hair like Jim Morrison. Usually used as a cat-call. “Oye! Morrison!”

Munchies: feeling hungry. Often as a result of smoking pot. “Dude. I have the munchies.”


Na? : No one says “yaaar” anymore, yaar…But whenever you suggest or try to explain something in English you should end the sentence by adding “na?” For instance, “We should go to class, na?” and “But I don’t feel like going, na?”

Pippitypoppity: Another loopy expression to express that you are enjoying being deranged and generally drugged out. “Pippitypoppity! Pippitypoppity!”


Player: A Boner. “He’s nice but I heard he’s a player”

Pop it: To die. “you’re going to pop it if you aren’t careful.”

Psi-head: Someone who listens to psychedelic trance and does psychedelic drugs. Evolved from the word “dead-head” that denoted a hippie who listened to the Grateful Dead and also did psychedelics. “Your pupils are really dilated…oh…you must be a psi-head.”


Pussy: a wimp. “Whadda pussy…”

Rundi: Slut. Dirty bitch. “Rundi Salee…”

Sarky: Sarcastic. “no need to be sarky.”

Senti: Sentimental. “Don’t be so senti, its just a Disney Film!”

Seriously: An emphatic agreement. “That was so kunjoos! Seriously!”

Shady: Creepy. Dangerous. Unreliable. “That dealer looks damn shady.” “That meat curry looks damn shady”

Slimy or Slime: Creepy. Disgusting. “So slimy! Do you know what that guy said to me? He said he sees a little bit of himself inside of me and he wants to find out which bit! What a slime!”

Smashed: Drunk. “So take this wine and drink with me….slurp….let’s delay our misery..urp…..I am totally smashed…..lalalallaa….”

Taking (my/his/her/your) trip: giving someone a hard time. Teasing. “Arre, I’m just taking your trip, no need to get so senti!” “My gawd….the dean was totally taking my trip today…if I don’t get better attendance I’m going to get totally bajaod!”

Totally: add it on to almost every phrase to indicate someone was completely, absolutely… “totally hammered.” Or that you agree. “I think Shiney Ahuja looks like a real boner…. Yeah. Totally.”

Trippy shit: weird or unusual event, story, object. “That’s some trippy shit dude.”


Tulli: drunk. “Dekho, na? He’s totally tulli!”

Tweaked: Fried. “uh….what did you say?….I’m really…uh….tweaked…”

Vela: lazy. Doing nothing with your time. “I’m totally vela.”

What’s up Surdi?: A greeting that is generally only made between surds, kind of in the same way that “what’s up my nigga” is only said between African Americans and not by a white person unless he is a total lend. “Oye! What’s up Surdi? Chak de Phate!”

Wicked: cool. (slightly old school but still in circulation) “uncle chips…wicked! I’ve got the munchies…”

Zapped: fried. Spaced out. “I’ve been staring at a computer screen for fifteen hours. I’m totally zapped.”


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  1. duuuuude…that’s like so…totally….killer.

  2. Hey nice,
    maybe U want to add these, heard around Miranda House
    ” U Dog” normally associated with a ladies man
    “De man” means the man, hero
    “Curvy” Curves, unreal, story teller

  3. Asl “dang” instead of F*** in more polite crowds, well groomed n educated

  4. Thanks Dimpy…I’ll add these…send me more when you think of them…and now this completely fried blogger is going to collapse into dreams of stoned cats and alien hijras….

  5. what is Miranda house in delhi?

    • it’s one of the delhi university college, which is only for girls

  6. the best part is tht we actually use these words hahaha..boom dudes later

  7. Hahaha this is awesome. Loved it and yes the person above is right the phrases are very current. Atleast up until a coupla years ago

  8. “tota” is used for seccy nd decent gals, and “Bhasad” is also used in colleges for something going bizarre….

  9. “Feel” to have a strong desire for someone or something, it’s like manh! She’s a good friend but wo’feel’ ni aara!!

  10. Sahiiiii/ badhiya’ for everything you think is awesome ”sahiii car hai bey”

    “Bhai” used mostly by mens/boys like ”fir sab bhai log gaye the charsi maarne ko”

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